Nick Saban says Bill O’Brien having dual NFL role “probably impossible”

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Alabama has not made the hiring of Bill O’Brien official yet, but head coach Nick Saban sounds as if it’s a done deal.

O’Brien is expected to get back into coaching in Tuscaloosa as the national champions’ new offensive coordinator, replacing Steve Sarkisian. Sarkisian left to become head coach at the University of Texas.

The Texans fired O’Brien as General Manager and head coach in October after an 0-4 start. O’Brien, hired as head coach before the 2014 season, went 52-48 in Houston.

“I think he did a really good job in Houston when he was the head coach,” Saban told Brandon Kyle Scott of Houston’s Sports Radio 610. “I think when he became the General Manager, maybe things didn’t go exactly how he would’ve liked, trying to have both roles. Having been a head coach in that league, I know how difficult it is to do both of those things, probably impossible.”

“So based on the body of work up until [becoming G.M.], I think he’s an outstanding coach and a really good person. He’s got a great family, and I think he’ll do a great job with our players here. I’ve always tried to have the best knowledge and experience I can for our players and their development, and I certainly think he can contribute to that in a very positive way.”

10 responses to “Nick Saban says Bill O’Brien having dual NFL role “probably impossible”

  1. Billy was fine for us in foxborough as WR coach then as OC. His ego got too big in Houston. He couldn’t manage both times, and put them in hell for years to come. Hopefully caserio can get them leveled out.

    He should do fine in Tuscaloosa considering Belichick and Sagan are best friends. Billy knows what will he expected of him. Plus, he did recruit while at PSU, albeit for 2 seasons.

  2. Fortunately for Bama, they have the talent to execute O’Brien’s patented “inside run on first down, inside run on second down, play action on third down” offense.

  3. It’s a good thing college teams don’t have draft picks to trade or Bill would dump every one of them for new vending machines in the team locker room.

  4. I’m sure from a time standpoint it’s difficult enough as is. You have to manage the occasional diva on field, and even worse, deal with their agents off the field, that alone makes it nearly impossible.

  5. I agree with Saban. BoB was in no way a top-tier coach, but he was an adequate one. Then when he became GM, the wheels really started to fall off.

  6. can he destroy everything nick saban has built?
    have you consulted watson?
    Can you turn an entire legacy and a great institution into a garbage dump?
    If I was an Alabama fan I’d scratch my head

  7. O’Brien is an egomaniacal control freak. Of course he wanted to run everything himself. He probably didn’t even want coaches to handle the defense & special teams.
    He’s most likely going to try & tell Saban how to run his team and undermine him. His ego is out of control.

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