Report: Anthony Miller not expected to be suspended for throwing punch

Wild Card Round - Chicago Bears v New Orleans Saints
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Bears wide receiver Anthony Miller was thrown out of last Sunday’s loss to the Saints for throwing a punch at safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson, but he is not expected to miss any more game action as a result of that decision.

Patrick Finley of the Chicago Sun-Times reports that Miller is not expected to be suspended by the league. With the Bears eliminated from the playoffs, any suspension would take effect at the start of the 2021 season. Miller is expected to be fined.

That’s a different reaction to the one the league had when Miller’s teammate Javon Wims punched Gardner-Johnson during a regular season game. Wims was suspended and head coach Matt Nagy said after last Sunday’s loss that the team had spent time warning players not to take the bait from Gardner-Johnson.

“We spent some time on Wednesday morning as a team,” Nagy said, via the team’s website. “We spent time literally showing and explaining a particular player’s actions in games and teaching it. . . . We’ve all got to understand we’ve got to be stronger and we can’t have that happen, and we’ve got to understand that. That’s two times that that happened, and we just can’t have it.”

Miller caught 49 passes for 485 yards and two touchdowns in the regular season. He caught two passes for 22 yards against the Saints before his ejection.

9 responses to “Report: Anthony Miller not expected to be suspended for throwing punch

  1. What about an Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty on C.J. Gardner-Johnson? In case the referees forgot – it’s called taunting. Apparently Johnson keeps getting a pass while those who retaliate get penalized. I realize the officials often only see the retaliation. Whose fault is this? Seems like officiating is failing in this aspect. A player should never throw a punch (dumb for several reasons) but a player who keeps prompting it should be looked at a little closer.

  2. two different bears players ejected for throwing punches but coach does nothing about it. nice example there.

  3. The Bears are in a pickle with him. He was another guy Ryan Pace traded up for and hasn’t panned out. He has undeniable talent and could be a star on a team with a legit offense, a real QB and a culture of discipline. If the Bears let him go that could very likely happen but I don’t see him progressing much further as long as Nagy is at the helm in Chicago.

  4. Agree with bassplucker on this one. Bears have a storied history of jettisoning “underperforming” players only to see them make plays for other teams. I suspect the same will happen with Miller and Robinson.
    Let’s be reminded that Miller was ejected by an officiating crew that that failed to recognize a legitimate catch (four toe touches) or a botched TD (Brees) among other questionable calls.

  5. I really want to know what Gardner-Johnson’s tricks are. Please someone tell me what he says and does!

  6. Won’t need to suspend him, he won’t be with the team next year.

    Another Pace miss. I don’t want to say bust, he’s done *something* but trading up, around and sideways for players and not being a home run, I’d call a miss.

    Am I wrong?

  7. C.J. Gardner-Johnson must be a major smack-talker because isn’t that the third time this season that someone has punched him?

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