Report: Chargers have spoken to Urban Meyer

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There’s been a lot of talk about Urban Meyer becoming the next head coach of the Jaguars, but it appears that may not be his only NFL option.

NFL Media reports that the Chargers and Meyer have spoken recently. The report adds that there has not been a formal interview at this point, but that Meyer’s desire to explore every option is part of the reason why things with the Jaguars remain open.

Moving onto an interview would suggest that the momentum that appeared to be pushing him to the Jaguars has hit a snag and that Meyer is a real option to take over in Justin Herbert‘s second season.

Meyer could also opt to pass on a chance to returning to coaching altogether and his ultimate decision will be watched closely by multiple teams.

34 responses to “Report: Chargers have spoken to Urban Meyer

  1. It’s by far the best oppurtunity for a HC there is and perhaps in many years. Quality and mostly young roster( better than a few that made the playoff) with virtually all the key positions filled, not a huge and powerful fanbase that have too high expectations.owner pretty bad but doesn’t appear to meddle too much with football side of it.

  2. Isn’t this the tried and true method of getting more money? “$9 million sounds nice but let me see if the Chargers will top it.”

  3. Remember that scene in the Office where Toby comes back and Michael doesn’t believe it so he goes and checks and it turns out Toby really is back? If we could do gifs here I’d post that.

  4. Urban sure loves all this attention. I just don’t understand why an NFL team would seriously consider a guy who runs a high school offense.

  5. “donterrelli says:
    Chip Kelly 2.0”

    As a fan of a team without a coach, I would throw a much bigger fit if we hired Urban Meyer than if we hired Chip Kelly.

    Chip Kelly gets fired, Urban quits.

  6. If it was over the phone or zoom or something, then its not serious. If he flew there then he may be shopping his wares. They have a QB and are an up and coming team too. Who knows

  7. No matter where Oscar Meyer goes, when the crap hits the fan, he will quit for medical reasons.

  8. California with a crushing tax burden, crazy government and LA’s brown haze with COVID running wild vs State tax free Florida, nice city in Jacksonville but some question as to wether they will be playing increasing games in London(if normal travel ever resumes)

  9. Everybody – and I mean everybody – says you have got to quit firing these coaches after just a couple of years on the job because the key to enduring success is stability and longevity. Yes, we must have long term stability, they all say. Yet here we are with owners drooling over giving multiple millions to a guy whose entire history as a coach is the opposite of stability and longevity. It’s truly amazing to watch second and third tier franchises stumble and bumble their way to everlasting mediocrity.

  10. I don’t get the hype for college coaches. The game is just very different in the pros and not just on the field.

    Even though it’s not a sexy proposition, you know what type of coaches have had a lot of success? Retreads. Especially those who were somewhat successful in their first stint, but didn’t win the SB (the pinnacle of their profession). Belichick, Carroll, Reid, even Kubiak. All retreads.

  11. I am sure the Urban Myers and his family already know where they want to be. He is now working that leverage. It is smart on his part and his agent. If he wants $12 Million, I am sure that’s what he will get it. The other owners won’t be happy about it, but the Kahns can afford it and will just have to deal with the other owners’ wrath next owners meeting. Myers and his agent are smart. By creating a market for his services and let the bidding wars set the price, they can dictate their demands (Money, full control..etc). I think he will eventually take the Jacksonville job not just because of his Florida ties, but also because of the carte blanche he will get in Jacksonville.

  12. I’m sorry but any job in Florida is much nicer than the Chargers HC. California has the highest state taxes in the nation and the worst governor in Newsome. Florida has zero state income taxes and more freedom.

  13. Not sure why NFL teams are trying to outbid each other to the tune of $12m a season for a college coach that has NEVER coached in the NFL. We’ve seen many “sure things” from college get to the NFL and can’t cut it because there is no coach worship like in college. There have been far more failures than successes (Jimmy Johnson, Pete Carroll). Saban, Spurrier, and many other elite college coaches have tried and failed to convince NFL lockers rooms to follow their lead.

  14. Let’s see…give a big chunk of your contract to the state of California or give zero to the state of Florida? No spreadsheet necessary.

  15. Florida’s cost of living is less and they have no state income taxe. So $11 million in California would be the same as $9 million in Florida. Not to mention the physical toll California traffic would inflict on Urban’s health 🙂

  16. It was a phone call because Spanos’ are too cheap to pay for a flight. That is all Urban needs to know unless he is willing to work for minimum wage for coaches. Not gonna happen, pretty funny.

  17. Doesn’t Urban want control? I don’t think he gets that in San Diego… Sorry, with the Chargers.

  18. The Chargers were one of the better teams in the NFL the second half of the season, and that was with a rookie QB’s who’s bound to improve a ton. It’s no mystery to me why the coach got fired, and it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with football. This team is already winning, and any new coach has a shot at going deep into the playoffs next year. It’s a hard job to pass up, if offered.

  19. johnnyjagfan says:
    January 13, 2021 at 11:58 am
    Jags have a better cap situation and the first pick. Chargers play in #RamsHouse.
    Jags also have owner that said he will have control over the final say in draft and the roster.

  20. This strikes me as a ploy to make sure the Jags give him the $$$ he wants. Or maybe he remembers how bad the NFL fans are in Northern Florida.

  21. In the NFL, player personnel is the most important measurements for a coaches success. Bad personnel, more losses. Good personnel, better chance for more wins.

  22. These comments are classic. Yeah, Urban Meyer is no Zac Taylor, Adam Gase, Vic Fangio, etc. GTFOH, Meyer is one of the top college coaches and obviously knows how to coach.

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