Report: Some Dolphins aren’t sold on Tua Tagovailoa

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Some outsiders believed in 2019 that the Dolphins were tanking for Tua. Some insiders now believe in 2021 that the Dolphins may be tanking with Tua.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports that multiple Dolphins have doubts about Tua Tagovailoa.

In response to last week’s claim from G.M. Chris Grier that Tua will be the starting quarterback in 2021, one unnamed player said: “I understand what they said. But I don’t understand why.”

Per Salguero, the three unnamed players said they hope Tagovailoa will improve, but they said that he wasn’t “outstanding” as a rookie.

Tagovailoa has a ceiling that he has yet to reach. Unfortunately for him, Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert — taken one spot after Tagovailoa — passed the eyeball test immediately. To the trained eye, the gap between Herbert and Tagovailoa already is immense.

Complicating matters for Tua is the fact that, when the going got tough, his head coach turned to Ryan Fitzpatrick.

What will happen in 2021? Will there by a veteran who serves a relief pitcher in a league where almost every other quarterback throws a complete game, every week? Will Tua improve, or will he stagnate?

The Dolphins hold the third pick in the draft. They must evaluate all top quarterbacks, in the event that they may be able to trade the selection to a team that wants to draft one. Maybe, in that process, they’ll decide that a much better quarterback than the one they have could be available at No. 3.

That could precisely be what the Dolphins do. Even if they’re thinking about a potential upgrade, there’s no reason at all to declare those intentions now.

91 responses to “Report: Some Dolphins aren’t sold on Tua Tagovailoa

  1. im not sold on tua, however, look what allen has done from year 1 to 3. lets be honest, tua has always been a higher prospect than allen too

  2. This is Armando Saguero starting crap because Flores doesn’t like him. Now Armando is in full Jim Acosta mode.

  3. Looks like it taken all he’s got to get the ball down the field. Think he is just a media darling.

  4. Did people forget the kid broke his hip? Of course he wasn’t 100% like every other QB in history coming off season ending injuries–Brady included. Yes pull a Chargers when they dumped Brees…NE would be thrilled to have him.

  5. He had a major injury a year agoand a jump from college to pro which is tough all but very few QB’s. Maybe relax a little and give him a chance.

  6. I’d rather listen to what Edwin Pope’s headstone has to say than read anything Salguero writes. He’s nothing but a negative nancy. It’s so easy to stir stuff up and say that “sources say.” What sources?? C’mon man~

  7. If some of the players don’t believe, that is a problem. But, he didn’t have a off season, pre-season and he was coming off of a major injury. Time will tell if he is a bust or not.

  8. Tua doesn’t have any decent skilled players outside of Parker. If Miami adds some more playmakers than he will be just fine.

  9. Several teams have this problem where the owner directs the team to draft the “flashy” player to generate excitement about the team but usually that player ends up being average at best.

  10. He’s better than Darnold and Daniel Jones – give the dude a chance to develop. Fins should sign a FA QB and maybe draft a guy mid round to push Tua

  11. The pre-draft smokescreens are starting early. “We just might take a qb here. I pinky swear.”

  12. Weird how some of the guys closest to Tua aren’t sold on him being a franchise QB when TV announcers consistently talked him up during games and made excuses for his shortcomings.

  13. Flores looks like a good coach but I don’t understand yanking Tua for Fitz like that. Why be in win-now mode with a rookie QB? Didn’t do him any favors by doing that. Either play him or sit him for the year, you can’t do both without messing with his (or other players) confidence in him. Dumb move.

  14. I dont really like changing the OC of an offense that looked fine with Fitzmagic – would’ve liked to see Tua with a full off-season & more recovery time for the hip.

  15. Look at the game he had against the Raiders horrible defense, 22 passes for 95 yards and he was sacked three times

  16. Nothing against him or the dolphins but there’s just no zip on his throws. Arm strength can’t be coached.

  17. When he names the players he spoke about then I will pay attention. Bill or as they say ” talk is cheap ” Miami will do what they can to add talent to help Tua or any QB on this team. Bill

  18. Sound like maybe the Texans and Dolphins should get together and talk about a possible trade

  19. Sounds like some pretty solid teamates and whomever is such a lousy person to leak information if true.

  20. I’m thinking if this is tru…. they see an opportunity to get D.Jackson and want the team to make it happen..

  21. Zach Wilson is better than Tua on tape. Find me an Alabama QB that was ever good in the NFL?

  22. By all accounts, Tua has the right attitude and enough of a set of skills to become a winner. It might take him time to develop, but he’s got a decent shot, especially in a culture like the one Flores has established.

  23. prophessor4 says:
    January 13, 2021 at 12:52 pm
    im not sold on tua, however, look what allen has done from year 1 to 3. lets be honest, tua has always been a higher prospect than allen too


    In what universe was Tua a higher prospect than Allen?

  24. Tua was drafted ahead of Herbert. Sincerely please tell me what Tua does at a more elite level than Herbert. Tell me as the number five pick what Tua does at such an elite level (anything) that made him go at that spot? People just buy media hype so much. Trust what you see not what the talking heads tell you.

  25. Give the man a chance. Many QB’s have not done well in the first year, i.e., Ryan Tannehill, Josh Allen, John Elway, Troy Aikman, Terry Bradshaw, etc…Too high a draft pick to discard after only one year.

  26. Why is it always anonymous sources or unnamed players? Have some guts & show some integrity. If you have a problem, come out & say you have a problem & put your name on it.

  27. paupwarner says:
    January 13, 2021 at 1:41 pm
    Zach Wilson is better than Tua on tape. Find me an Alabama QB that was ever good in the NFL?

    Give me a break – Bart Starr, Joe Namath, Kenny Stabler…and all are SB winners as well.

  28. Find me an Alabama QB that was ever good in the NFL?


    Maybe Joe Namath, Kenny Stabler, Bart Starr? All in the Hall.

  29. Give Tua some credit, he had 2nd/3rd string skill players w/ still developing OL in some games. With full off season/training camp and less injury issues he’ll be fine. Fins will get him help in FA/Draft and in 2nd season will make big strides.

  30. Talk about pathetic. Anonymously disparaging a rookie QB? Is that what I just read. Flores needs to nip this right in the bud before it grows and infects his locker room.

  31. Can’t say he looked good, but shouldn’t judge a Qb too much from his rookie season especially when coming back from a serious injury. I wouldn’t have took him but when they decided to, they couldn’t have done so with high expectations for his rookie year.

  32. ” Now Armando is in full Jim Acosta mode. ”

    Seeing as Jim Acosta is good at his job, this statement is poor and is an admittance of the team you’re on.

  33. If you’re happy with average QB play then fine, Tua’s the man. Outside of very good accuracy nothing about his game is considered Elite. Size, meh. Arm strength, meh. Pocket awareness, meh.

  34. I’m not a Dolphins fan…but you cannot undercut a teammate…especially a young teammate….I’d be really interested which players spoke up…because they must think their job is secure no matter what….

  35. Any defensive players should keep their mouth shut after embarrassing the franchise with 56 points given up when it counted most against Buffalo. I’m sure Flores will make that point clear in any team meetings.

  36. what happened to year one and two not being great but year 3 is where the big step comes? not every qb is going to come in putting up great numbers….be patient

  37. The rare rookie QB comes in and is outstanding. Tua will be fine.

    He’s a great downfield thrower and he is not reckless.

  38. LOL, when are teams going to learn? Don’t draft QBs from Ohio St, Alabama, USC, Texas, or any of the Florida schools

  39. Those of you bringing up Namath, Starr, Stabler are bringing up QBS. from a long time ago . When the NFL was a running league .Those QBS may have been hall worthy back then but compare if their passing numbers to today’s QBS. none of them would last long at all in today’s NFL . Tua mSy of may not be a bust I’d give him 1more year .

  40. I think Tua looks timid in the pocket. I don’t mean he has to be a wild gunslinger like Brett Favre was and who took a lot of risks, but I do think he needs to be a bit more aggressive.

  41. The backup looked like Joe Montana compared to Tua, so it’s not a shock that the guys on the field saw the same thing

  42. Salguero likes the attention. He is always creating stories because then he gets some national attention. This one is truly not fair.
    I say get Tua some weapons. A wide receiver, a running back, big ole offense lineman, a kick butt offensive coordinator and then see what he’s made out of.

  43. Salguero has always been someone with a bone to pick. There are probably a few Dolphins players who are salty about missing the playoffs and think Fitzpatrick would have gotten them there if he had played more.

    The guy is a rookie coming off a serious injury. He also did not exactly have the typical off-season to get ready.

    I’d be inclined to cut Tua some slack for another year or two.

  44. paupwarner says:
    January 13, 2021 at 1:41 pm
    Zach Wilson is better than Tua on tape. Find me an Alabama QB that was ever good in the NFL?

    Stabler wasn’t bad

  45. redclaw1314 says:
    Tua was a rookie who didn’t have much of a training camp. C’mon man.

    So was Justin Herbert.

  46. He has already sustained serious ankle and hip injuries in college. The hits will be much more vicious in the NFL. He’s too delicate for the NFL.

  47. I am not sold on Tua either. Weak armed QB’s aren’t in high demand in the NFL. I am an unnamed American.

  48. It seems to me like it’s way too early to judge Tua. He’s had uneven play, which I think we can all agree on. But the sample size is still small. He’s coming off a major injury. Too soon to make a call on his potential.

    It also seems extremely unfair that his coaching staff has played QB carousel in such a cavalier manner.
    Flores gets a good deal of credit for his team wildly exceeding expectations, but I would honestly give him a failing grade for his handling of the QB position this season.

  49. not sold on tua, however, look what allen has done from year 1 to 3. lets be honest, tua has always been a higher prospect than allen too

    He was never a better prospect bc of his skill set. It was his college production. His skill set doesn’t come in the same stratosphere as josh Allen. But to you’re point, if he is willing to accept what are his faults, work his butt off to improve then maybe he can do what Allen did. Allen improved better than any qb probably in league history.

    But currently, tua looks more like captain check
    Down than josh Allen

  50. I think in a weird way having the third pick is a bit of a curse for the Dolphins. Every other team that just missed out on the playoffs would be fine with sitting at 18 or whatever and taking a player to support their rookie QB.

    Now it’s like welllll they couuuuld just draft his replacement.

  51. Nothing like a guy on a team that’s been a near dumpster fire for years not being sold on a rookie. It’d be funny if those dudes got traded with him for Watson

  52. smokingafatone says:
    January 13, 2021 at 4:29 pm
    Those of you bringing up Namath, Starr, Stabler are bringing up QBS. from a long time ago . When the NFL was a running league .Those QBS may have been hall worthy back then but compare if their passing numbers to today’s QBS. none of them would last long at all in today’s NFL . Tua mSy of may not be a bust I’d give him 1more year .
    And Tua wouldn’t last long back then when there we no rules against knocking a QB’s head off. Did you even watch football this year? Tell me again how many times Tua was pulled out of a game after being named the starter. No doubt he would’ve been pulled the last game as well had Fitz been available. Five yard dump offs will not win you games.

  53. Fields and Lawrence are better prospects than Tua at this point, but i would still stick with Tua and using thia draft to get him some help. You can always draft someone next season if he doesnt pan out.

  54. This isn’t some hot take, hes a rookie who struggled. Does no one remember Hill said earlier this yr he thought Mahomes was bad his rookie year too(although that was just practice)? This isn’t to say Tua is Mahomes but just that a veteran not being sold on a rookie who struggled isnt some big surprise.

  55. Were the anonymous ones frustrated with him some of the replacement-level receivers who can’t get consistent separation, the matadors on the o-line or defensive players who got lit up for 56 points with a playoff berth on the line?

  56. Build a team around Tua and see how he is with weapons and protection. No point being too critical at this stage, it’s way too early. If he’s not the article we hoped for when all the pieces are in place, then fine, be critical. As for the players who are undermining the programme and Tua by saying what they are saying , they need to shut up or leave. There’s no place for that on any team.

  57. “Find me an Alabama QB that was ever good in the NFL?”

    It’s been awhile but Bama had some great NFL QBs.
    NFL Hall of Famers
    Bart Starr
    Joe Namath
    Ken Stabler

    Pro Bowler
    Harry Gilmer

    2nd tier
    Richard Todd
    Jeff Rutledge

    3d tier
    Scott Hunter
    Steve Sloan

  58. People are so quick to judge. What happened to giving a rookie a few years to grow ? Now if a rookie doesnt throw for 30 td’s or that they’re criticised. One reason Hebert (and he is good dont get me wrong) had loads of yards and td’s is because his team trailed often.

    Robert Griffin was outstanding his rookie year, now see where he is. I’m no Dolphins fan but as a rookie Tua did well. In the pre free agency years QB’s ‘could’ have a bad season and still be the starter, remember Marino had a year of i think 28 td’s and 23 ints. If that was now he would be benched.

    Give Tua another training camp and more time and he should improve. But shame for players/fans to write him off after one season

  59. The player is not wrong but needs to keep it out of the media. There is a time and a place and this was not it. I hope Flores finds the player and educates them on this.

  60. Whoever it was that said arm strength can’t be coached has never done a web search for “arm strength and conditioning” there are many programs out there that teach arm strength. As a former high school baseball coach I used the Jaeger arm strength program for our players with great success, several of my students went on to play Division 1 college baseball but when they came to me in high school or in the youth programs I coached a lot of them had noodle arms. Some of these guy also played QB and it helped them improve their velocity and distance.

    Tua already has the accuracy, with an offseason in any of these arm strength programs you will see a big difference.

    Look at Jim McMahon from the Chicago Bears, before the 1985 season he was skinny, had to run around in the shower just to get wet. But during the offseason he did weight training and conditioning training to improve his overall strength along with his arm strength. That worked out pretty well.

  61. Look at what Tua did in Alabama when he had Devonta Smith to throw to, and then go draft Smith at #3. Plus Travis Etienne might be available with the other 1st round draft choice. Now those are some weapons to work with!

  62. I watched Tua every Saturday at Alabama. Let him get an OC that will let him push the ball down the field. Give him a full off season and a true number one receiver and running back (Devonta Smith/Allen Robinson/Ja’Marr Chase & Najee Harris/Aaron Jones).

  63. First – NFL teams don’t care about “media hype”. They have too much of a financial interest in drafting guys that will help their team win. If Miami hadn’t drafted Tua they would’ve been criticized for it and someone else would’ve drafted him high.

    And haven’t we learned our lessons yet about judging QBs too soon? Remember Mariota and Winston were “sure things”. Goff was a bust in his rookie year (when he didn’t play). QBs need time to develop and shouldn’t be judged on 10 games.

    This is also a major issue with drafting a QB in the 1st round – sitting him and letting him develop is a tough to do (although it should be done more). There’s huge pressure from ownership and fans to see what the shiny, new toy can do, even when it’s clearly not in the best interest of the team or the player.

    Lastly, it would be really strange if we start to see teams bailing on 1st round QBs this quickly. It’s such a waste of draft capital, why even take a QB that high if you won’t stand behind your pick and develop them? Miami would’ve been better off drafting the best non-QB and just letting Fitz be their guy for a couple of years.

  64. Those of you bringing up Namath, Starr, Stabler are bringing up QBS. from a long time ago . When the NFL was a running league .Those QBS may have been hall worthy back then but compare if their passing numbers to today’s QBS

    Players of yesteryear wouldn’t have benefited from todays training techniques? Better, refined coaching? Softened rules? (to put it mildly!)

    Your statement also discounts their pride and desire to succeed.

    There isn’t a better example of that than Starr, THE definition of field general, playing for a maniac coach, and all he did was lead his teams to 5 Titles, and the only 3-peat in the Super Bowl era.

    I don’t understand how or why people are so dismissive of that generations of players.

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