Rumors spread that Urban Meyer is close to taking the Jacksonville Jaguars job

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It’s no secret that the Jaguars coaching job is Urban Meyer’s if he wants it. There’s a growing sense in league circles that he does.

Rumors are spreading late Tuesday/early Wednesday that Meyer is close to taking the job, and that if he does he’d likely retain interim G.M. Trent Baalke.

This is a window into word that’s making the rounds in league circles, specifically among coaches. It’s not a report that Meyer has taken the job. It’s a head’s up, a peeling back of the curtain, insight into the chatter that’s currently making the rounds.

It’s clear that the Jaguars have essentially shut down their search as they speak with Meyer. They interviewed Titans offensive coordinator Arthur Smith on Sunday night, but the request was made before they interviewed Meyer on Friday. There’s no real cost to going through with it; if nothing else, they had a chance to pick the brain of a guy who, if he doesn’t leave the Titans, will remain in the division next year.

The Jaguars have done nothing to push back on the perception/reality that Meyer has become the team’s first choice for the job, even as reports have spread that Meyer has made calls to potential staff members and General Managers.

As of Monday, the feeling was he’d wait until after Ohio State played in the National Championship to finalize things. And, like so many other situations of this nature (and as a team like the Colts well knows), it’s not done until it’s done.

39 responses to “Rumors spread that Urban Meyer is close to taking the Jacksonville Jaguars job

  1. It’s a risky move because if they do not immediately improve, he might leave before contract is up. Fortunately, Jacksonville
    is a small market and the media scrutiny will not be as intense. Has a long way to go to change up that roster. Huge deal for Meyer to get Trevor Lawrence. Has Jimmy Johnson type expectations with that pairing…might be too much.

  2. “Yeah…The wife is looking forward to doing lots of shopping in London several times a year. Oh you want us to move there permanently? Well that’s going cost you $14 million per year.”

  3. It’s one of those years where there’s a Peyton Manning, John Elway, Terry Bradshaw, Troy Aikman type QB coming out of college, and the team that drafts him is very likely to win multiple Super Bowls. If Urban Meyer was ever planning to give the NFL a shot, he’ll never have a better opportunity.

  4. Man, if your a Gator Fan wouldn’t you be steaming?? he took a leave of absensce, then came back, then claimed health issues again….MIRACULOUSLY

  5. Urban Meyer probably told them “Why don’t you just call me John Gruden Sr”.

    10 years, 150 mil or get out of my face.

  6. Shad is rich, give him a Job Gruden type contract.
    See how that works out for you Shad.

  7. Can’t help but think Urban is making a mistake. Lots of people don’t like him for a variety of reasons. I always did. He’s a great college coach. Great. He wins wherever he goes. This ain’t college.

  8. See, Jacksonville doesn’t think they can hire an assistant on a good team. So they’re taking what they have, and getting the best they can. Good for them, work with the cards you’re dealt.

  9. Anyone else have the feeling that “City Bog” is going to seem to do really well for 2 years or so and then leave them hanging after that?

  10. The Biggest mistake the Jaguars could ever make outside of Blake Bortles.

    Prove me wrong, but continued failure on the horizon and beyond.

  11. Jcolli311 says:
    January 13, 2021 at 7:04 am
    Nick Saban, Steve Spurrier- and soon to add Urban Meyer to the list…

    Bill Walsh, Jimmy Johnson, Pete Carroll…

  12. 1) It is possible for someone to have health issues or think they need to retire and change their mind. It will probably happen at some point in all our lives.

    2) Even if he did just want to get out of Florida or Ohio State, so what? This happens every single year in March Madness. Whatever coach leads his team on a cinderella run immediately bolts for a bigger job. Considering most of those players have to stay in school he’s screwing them over. Conversely, it is not like Florida or Ohio State would ever struggle to attract a good coach.

  13. Wait, so if hired he might retain the interim GM, or was talking to possibly GM candidates? Since when does the coach hire the GM? Who knows? Maybe that is a better way to do it, but it certainly stood out to me in the piece above as something out of the ordinary.

  14. This sounds like a hire to make a splash rather than to win games.

    Maybe I’m wrong and Meyer can make the transition to the pro game, but I can’t believe there aren’t better (and less expensive) options.

  15. Throwing a dash of cold water on the echo chamber here. He has won at every stop he’s made, and his offense practically was the blueprint for what they’re running in the NFL today — spread the field with an athletic quarterback and fast players on the perimeter. I don’t like how he left two programs and the extent to which he overlooked character concerns in his pursuit of on-the-field glory, but if any coach has what it takes to win in the cutthroat NFL, you could do a lot worse.

  16. Leave of absence for unspecified health reasons around week 9 with him “retiring” over the offseason only to have the health issues magically disappear again.

  17. It’s impossible to say if this is a good or bad idea. Coaches coming from college don’t usually do well. We’ll see. And we’ll see if having Lawrence makes a difference to him.

  18. I read on another site that the Jags are getting frustrated with him as he’s on the fence about going pro and is hesitating on making the commitment and the jump from college to pro

    No surprise there – it’s not the first time he’s done this – typical Urban Meyer. I hope the Jags look elsewhere – I think taking him on would be a big mistake.


  19. i hope for my Jags they don not hire this clown. 2 years he will have “health issues” and retire for the 4th time with a boatload of money.

  20. “1) It is possible for someone to have health issues or think they need to retire and change their mind. It will probably happen at some point in all our lives.”

    BUT… it doesn’t usually happen to the same person multiple times with the issue totally disappearing until the next time it’s a convenient excuse. He coached his last game for Florida, instantly took a studio job at ESPN halfway across the country from his home, AND accepted the Ohio State job all in 2011. (Not much time for any sort of “recovery” in there.) Then in 2018 it was suddenly back and he “retired” again but now in 2021 he’s perfectly fine again.

  21. This is nothing more than a ploy to attract people to buy tickets. Without a doubt every Gator fan will buy tickets so they can relive (in their minds) the glory years of when Meyer’s days at Gainesville. I’m sure Lawrence is going to love playing in Meyer’s offense which calls for the RPO fifty times a game. Lawrence wouldn’t last one game before getting injured and then they’d start losing and Meyer would quit, citing his health issues. Shahid the Khan is getting desperate to sell tickets. Maybe they’ll sign Tebow to play QB too. Or since he’s from UF, Meyer could draft Trask.

  22. He strikes me as a grifter, and he is going to take the job so avoid state income tax. No other reason. Jags will continue to reside in the pit of misery because Meyer is a fraud.

  23. I say this as an Urban fan—he will flop in the NFL. His health problems will get worse. Just a bad move all around.

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