Ryan Pace: Whole offseason is about getting more out of quarterback position

Wild Card Round - Chicago Bears v New Orleans Saints
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After the Bears were eliminated from the playoffs last Sunday, quarterback Mitchell Trubisky said he could see himself back with the team in 2021.

It doesn’t sound like that’s going to work for the Bears. After Bears chairman George McCaskey announced on Wednesday that head coach Matt Nagy and General Manager Ryan Pace will return in 2021, he said that the team requires better production than they’ve gotten at quarterback.

When it was Pace’s turn to address the media, he said “everything is on the table” and that the quarterback position will be the focal point of the offseason.

“We definitely need more out of the position,” Pace said, via Andrew Siciliano of NFL Network. “We know that. What does that entail? That’s what this whole offseason is about.”

Pace didn’t specifically rule out a return for Trubisky, but looking for better production after watching Trubisky start 50 games over the last four seasons pretty much does that for him. The same may be true of Nick Foles, although there are financial implications from moving on from Foles that don’t exist for impending free agent Trubisky.

14 responses to “Ryan Pace: Whole offseason is about getting more out of quarterback position

  1. 1. Mike Glennon
    2. Mitch Trubisky
    3. Nick Foles

    Three clear reasons Pace is not the one to discuss getting more out of a QB.

  2. Follow the logic. Glennon and Foles, both brought in ostensibly with Nagy’s input, are tall, immobile passers with limited arm strength who are supposedly accurate and good decision makers if given enough time in the pocket. Trubisky, brought in before Nagy, is everything the opposite of those two. Translation, Pace is either taking Kyle Trask in the 1st round or is going to trade the 1st rounder to the Jets for Sam Darnold after they draft Justin Fields. Nagy has shown absolutely no ability to accommodate a mobile QB within his scheme so they are going to go the entire opposite direction this time around.

  3. Bears are a joke…they are going to let the guy who traded up one spot for bisky (while andy reid was laighing out loud) when Mahomes and Watson were on the board determine how to get better production out of the QB position? That is insanity…

  4. I’ll guess he tries to trade up into the top 5-7 to take a WR or the TE from FL. These guys love trading away years worth of capital to win the headline game.

  5. In Packer country, we hope the Bears, Lions, and Vikings keep on with their current policies. A little worried about Lions though as it looks like they are actually thinking about making some upgrades.

  6. Ownership better not let Pace trade the farm away for a re-tread QB. Bringing Nagy and Pace back one more year should come with some restrictions. They should not have full control of trades etc.. especially if it consists of future 1st round draft picks.

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