Stefon Diggs: I feel like I fit this mold in Buffalo

Wild Card Round - Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills
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Wide receiver Stefon Diggs and quarterback Josh Allen have looked like a match made in football heaven throughout the 2020 season.

Diggs led the league with 127 receptions and 1,535 yards in 2020 — setting franchise records in both categories.

Given his production, it makes sense he’s enjoyed his time with Buffalo since arriving through an offseason trade. But the wide receiver said Wednesday going into the building every day feels less like work and more like enjoyable time he gets to spend with people he cares about.

“It’s just part of being around the right system for you, the right situation for you,” Diggs said in his press conference. “Not to say that any situation is bad for players, but as far as being able to grow in a situation, and grow with some guys and something that’s in the best interest of yourself and your career, I feel like it’s been perfect here.”

Diggs feels that way not only about the Bills organization, but also about the Buffalo community at large.

“I feel like I kind of fit this mold. People don’t always fit their surroundings or fit their community and I kind of feel like I fit as far as my passion for football and their passion for football and everybody being on the same accord,” Diggs said. “So I’d say, I hope I’ve found my second home and I will say they’ve welcomed me with open arms.”

As long as Diggs keeps playing like he has in 2020 and the Bills keep winning, Buffalo will undoubtedly continue to embrace the wide receiver.

14 responses to “Stefon Diggs: I feel like I fit this mold in Buffalo

  1. I’m glad Diggs is having fun this season. It’s a far cry from when he was skipping practice and demanding a trade last year.

  2. Stefon, It’s not just that you fit the mold, but the mold fits you. You were made to play this game and you are as responsible as anyone for bringing the Bills to a new level. Allen too.

    …and this from a Pats fan…

  3. Keep putting up wins and numbers like that we will name a street after you maybe even a town, diggsville right around the corner from Allentown

  4. January 13, 2021 at 3:38 pm
    That’s fine for this season, but we all know Diggs’ mood when it gets cloudy.


    We haven’t seen the sun here in Buffalo since like August. His mood has seemed pretty great in the cloudy weather since then.

  5. Have Viking fans considered what Diggs is saying? Sounds like Diggs was a round peg in Minny’s square hole. No one wants to work in an environment that doesn’t fit.
    It was a good deal for both teams.

  6. He’s happy now. Let’s see if he’s sad later, like he ended up being in Minnesota.

  7. I see the words but what I understand him saying is; “I didn’t like playing with Kirk Cousins.”

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