Adrian Peterson is ordered to pay nearly $8.3 million in loan default case

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Lions running back Adrian Peterson has made plenty of money. He currently owes plenty of money.

Via Michael Rothstein of, a court has ordered to pay almost $8.3 million to a Pennsylvania loan company. Peterson defaulted on a loan in 2016.

Peterson initially owed $5.2 million, plus interest. He failed to repay the money by March 1, 2017. He was sued in 2018. Interest has accrued daily, at 16 percent or $2,207.12 per day. The rate will drop to nine-percent, reflecting the statutory post-judgment interest law in New York.

Peterson, according to Danial Kaplan of, neither attended the hearing nor sent counsel on his behalf.

Peterson could eventually declare bankruptcy, selling off non-protected assets in order to pay off as much of the debt as possible.

14 responses to “Adrian Peterson is ordered to pay nearly $8.3 million in loan default case

  1. So your saying AP is looking for a long term deal.

    All kidding aside Miami could benefit from having him on the roster next year.

    Gaskin is a very solid backup quality RB. Breida won’t be back, Ahmed has potential to be another quality backup.

  2. Not to be funny, but he’s still got more in the tank obviously, he would be better suited going to a team where he will get at least a lion share of carries!

    10 a game isn’t bad, he can pop out that 100 if he’s needed for the spot start, he still has the ability

  3. He took out a 16% interest loan? Wow.. he must’ve really needed the money and had bad credit.

  4. Just read about a 29 year old NHL player in the middle of a 7 year, $49M deal…. and also in the middle of bankruptcy proceedings.

    It really does blow your mind how much money these guys mishandle or otherwise set ablaze.

  5. This guy has made a ton of money and he’s going to end his playing career with nothing. #smh

  6. Wondering what that loan had for collateral? No legal representation? What’s wrong here? Sounds like a mess.

  7. The NFL has a program that addresses sound finances for the young guys as they come in. Guess some veterans somehow forget over time. The failure to represent himself at the hearing and accepting a default judgement implies he had nothing to argue and all is legit. So very sad when you have the world by the a** for your lifetime and still find a way to blow it.

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