Colts plan to meet with Philip Rivers in about a month

Wild Card Round - Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills
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Colts head coach Frank Reich said multiple times this year that he expected quarterback Philip Rivers to spend more than one season with the team, but nothing’s been set in stone at this point.

Rivers is out of contract and said after last Saturday’s loss to the Bills that “it’s not that easy” to make a call about returning for an 18th season. The Colts’ offseason plans will be influenced by that decision and General Manager Chris Ballard laid out the current timetable for conversations with the quarterback.

“Do I think Philip can still play? Absolutely,” Ballard said, via Stephen Holder of “He’s going to take some time, and we’re going to take some time. We’ll meet again in about a month.”

Rivers turned in a better season than he had with the Chargers in 2019 and Reich has expressed the same view as Ballard when it comes to his ability to do the job, but there’s still much to work out when it comes to a second season in Indianapolis.

26 responses to “Colts plan to meet with Philip Rivers in about a month

  1. A very good player. HOF candidate, But can anyone really see him winning a SB? Neither can I.

  2. Chargers QB1 always. Wishing Phil nothing but the best, think he has a little more in the tank.

  3. Rivers will be tired of his kids by then and wants to come back. He earned another year.

  4. Was finally clicking well with Hilton towards the end of the season, rookie RB looks good. Upgrade and TE and a bigger WR would make them better.

  5. Big colts fan. I don’t see the need for a return, certainly at $25m. I think Brisette just needs air time. Start him, by week 5 he’d be polished enough to churn a winning season. Just look at how they utilized him — as a closer on PR mistakes. Imagine the kid handling all 3 downs prior.

  6. He can do it one more year. That running game will be better. Their WR group will be better next year. Jax, Houston should bet sub 500 teams. There’s no reason to think they couldn’t supplant Tennessee.

  7. I hope Rivers plays another year but if his heart just isn’t in it and wants to spend more time with his family I totally get it. It ain’t like he needs the money folks.

  8. The Colts should find out as soon as possible. If you need a QB it’s best to know that right away, as you don’t want to be wasting your window with this good roster.

  9. Mid-season he really looked done, but he turned it around and started pushing the ball downfield. He played really well in that playoff game. If they score on that 4th down at the end of the half or if the kicker doesn’t miss the FG to start the 2nd half, they could be heading to KC this weekend.

  10. Why come back. Cannot beat the Titans, and the Jags are going to improve immensely. Third place in the AFC South not worth 25 million.
    Phil, you earned a rest. Have a great life.

  11. I think he could have won a couple titles if he was drafted by NYG or Steelers instead of Chargers. I don’t think he was often the reason the Chargers didn’t make it.

  12. I thank Rivers for his contributions this past season, but I don’t think this would be the direction to go, and I’m not convinced Brissett is the answer. They should build on what they’ve achieved with a promising (aka younger) QB.

  13. Not sure how to feel. I was very pleased with what he did. Minus the few gunslinger moments that his style will cause. Is there anybody better in the draft for this year? Prob not. Is there cheaper? Probably. I don’t see a free agent I’d rather have. I definitely don’t want to give up the farm for a Watson. If he says he wants to play give a go. But, unfortunately you can never see the sand in the hourglass. Big question is what to do about Brissett. Rivers walks gotta sign him. Not sure what we have in Eason.

  14. Just read somebody recommending Winston? Not sure how to feel about that. He can make the throws. Not sure about his character or work ethic fitting with what the Colts are doing.

  15. Seems reasonable. It takes about a month for one of hos float passes to hit the ground. Seriously. You aint winning anything with this dud.

  16. He seemed to have a decent season. Good, not great. The Colts appeared to be a formidable playoff team and maybe should have won their playoff game.

    I think he plays again if given the chance (he will). Hell, he is not even in his 40s yet. That is the new prime for NFL qbs. And his kids are hungry.

  17. INDY is in a SuperBowl window RIGHT NOW. Unfortunately it won’t be with Rivers. There will be so many QB’s moving around next season that certainly they can upgrade. It’s not Wentz. Pederson wanted Hurtz so there’s your answer there. One of the VEGAS QB’s, one of the DALL QB’s, & one of the CHI QB’s. Newton will become available & probably hit Detroit which will send Jimmy G back to NE, with Matt Ryan landing in SF because he knows & excels in the Shannahan system, & finally we come full circle with the PERFECT FIT of Stafford landing in INDY.

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