Dolphins “excited” about the future with Tua Tagovailoa

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Not many are sold on Tua Tagovailoa as a franchise quarterback. At least not yet. But the only people who matter do believe in Tagovailoa and are placing their future in his hands.

Tagovailoa will get the chance to prove the Dolphins right.

“A lot of attention gets paid to Tua, but I thought he made a lot of improvement over the course of the season. I’m excited about the future with him,” Dolphins coach Brian Flores told Cameron Wolfe of ESPN on Thursday. “He’s a young player, talented player, bounced back from the hip. I think this is a big offseason for him. That Year 1 to Year 2 jump will be important like it is for all rookies.”

The Dolphins have the third overall choice, a pick they obtained from the Texans, prompting speculation about whether they might draft a quarterback in the first round for a second consecutive year. The Cardinals did that by drafting Josh Rosen 10th overall in 2018 and Kyler Murray first overall in 2019.

Dolphins General Manager Chris Grier attempted to quell any potential quarterback controversy, saying, “Tua, we’re very happy with. He’s our starting quarterback.”

Flores downplayed a story from earlier this week that some of Tagovailoa’s teammates have doubts about the rookie quarterback.

“Criticism comes with the territory in the NFL across the board,” Flores told Wolfe. “Our team did a good job ignoring that stuff. Anyone who saw the Dolphins this year saw we were a tight-knit group and I think that’s still the case. The idea that there is any kind of fracture is overblown. I thought there was a lot of support throughout the locker room.

“My message to the team has been to ignore the noise and the people inside the building are going to tell the truth to you. Without all the information, how do you make any determination about what’s going on?”

Tagovailoa went 6-3 as the team’s starter, completing 64.1 percent of his passes for 1,814 yards with 11 touchdowns and five interceptions.

“We learned that he’s healthy. He still has a lot of his mobility. He’s accurate,” Flores said. “In the Arizona game, he brings us back in the fourth quarter. He brought us back in the Kansas City game. He also didn’t play as well in other games. He had some bright spots and not so bright spots. That’s the life of a rookie. If he continues to learn, study, stay healthy, get stronger, work on his footwork and his eye progression and pick up where he left off then I think we’re going to be happy with his improvement.”

23 responses to “Dolphins “excited” about the future with Tua Tagovailoa

  1. They love him until the 1st game 2021. Then they will wish they had drafted a real QB at #3.

  2. A good product will sell itself.
    After 1 season under the belt, why do I feel like Dolphins management is trying to sell me on Tua?
    I know what I saw on that field this year. Padded stats isn’t going to change that.
    I hope i’m wrong about Tua, but if not, I hope Grier is smart enough to own a failed pick and move on, rather then double down and slowly kill the team.

  3. He should definitely get another year, but he has been timid on the field thus far. The team probably needs to move on from Fitzpatrick to make the team truly Tagovailoa’s.

  4. Tua wasn’t bad and he’s going to get better. Very few qb’s are great in their rookie year. Josh Allen wasn’t but he’s gotten better. Same with Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray. Give Tua some time to develop and more talent at the skill positions and he’ll improve. Dolphins should stay the course.

  5. Add Penei Sewell then some skill players like the NC running back and a wide receiver and watch him succeed.

  6. Tua does not look good at all and has no plays on tape that wow me. He was a bad pick and they need to move on. Most of his td’s were goal line fades. Rosen would have looked better this season if they kept him for the year. When a top 5 pick looks similar to an undrafted QB tuen it was a bad pick regardless. Move on.

  7. Either Grier is saying this over and over again because eventually even he will believe it or he feels he must do it to convince the non believers in his own building. The only other possibility is because he’s posturing with an eye on a Watson trade to get the best deal he can. To continue doing this will elevate pressure on Tua and eventually Flores.

  8. A player drafted 5th overall should be able to start and play well from day one. Tua does not fit this description.

  9. My ranking was Burrow > Herbert > Tua. I loved Herbert’s size and durability, but I didn’t think he would play this well with no Pre-Season. How about hiring that Chargers QB Coach for OC to replace Chan Gailey???

  10. Don’t worry folks!! DeVonta Smith and Najee Harris will do Wonders for Tua’s development!!

  11. We never got to see Tua in a game where Chan took the handcuffs off like he did for Ryan. We may be surprised if we get an OC that can play call to the QB’s tendencies.

  12. The Dolphins just need a couple of quick wide receivers and a progressive Offensive Coordinator to be a playoff team next season. Miami will most likely choose a high impact offensive player; DeVonta Smith from Alabama or Ja’Marr Chase from LSU with the number 3 pick in the draft.

  13. At least the front office is making more good decisions than bad, and the coaching staff are bringing players along well. That defense went from most points against to the least points against in a full year. Next year is huge though.

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