Eagles request interview with Kellen Moore

Washington Football Team v Dallas Cowboys
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Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore flirted with the Boise State head coaching job before agreeing to a new contract to remain in Dallas, but that extension apparently isn’t stopping others from thinking about hiring Moore.

Todd Archer of ESPN.com reports that the Eagles have requested an interview with Moore. It’s the first time Moore’s name has come up in conjunction with an NFL opening in this hiring cycle.

The Eagles allowed 513 yards and 37 points to the Cowboys in a 37-17 loss in Week 16, so, if nothing else, an interview would give them a chance to pick the brain of a divisional rival who just lit them up. Moore would have to agree to the interview for that to happen and there’s no word on if that will be the case.

Doug Pederson was fired this Monday and that left the Eagles a little behind other teams in the search for a head coach. They have interviewed Panthers offensive coordinator Joe Brady and requested interviews with Titans offensive coordinator Arthur Smith, 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh, Buccaneers defensive coordinator Todd Bowles, and Patriots inside linebackers coach Jerod Mayo. There has also been word of contact with Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley.

13 responses to “Eagles request interview with Kellen Moore

  1. This guy? what has he done? im quite sure he can run a offense but Head coach give him a little time.

  2. Pick his brain?? I don’t think he’ll be taking his Dallas playbook to an interview. Even if he did, Howie Roseman and Lurie don’t have the brainpower to to anything with it.

  3. secret double-agent move: take the interview, recommend they trade 2nd round pick to Cowboys for Ben Denucci

  4. Howie will do anything to try to spite the Cowboys and it rarely works out for them.

    Example (2018 draft): Witten had just retired for MNF and the Eagles had Ertz on the roster. Thinking the Cowboys desperately needed a TE, the Eagles traded up and selected Goedert ahead of the Cowboys. The Cowboys stayed put and selected Connor Williams. Goedert has been an ok pick. Williams was the only OL member to not miss time last year and may have a future at starting OT. Schultz, who was drafted in the 4th round, turned in a better year last year.

    Example (DeMarco Murray): Murray, coming off being the league leading rusher, was in a contract dispute with Dallas. Howie saw this as a chance to spite Dallas and gave Murray a massive contract (5yr; 40M – 20M guaranteed) even though he didn’t fit the offensive style and they had already signed Ryan Mathews to a large 3 year deal earlier in the offseason. The Cowboys picked up free agent McFadden. Murray had one rough year (702 yds; 3.6 AVG), and was cut after his first year. McFadden, while he didn’t start until the season was half over rushed over 1000 yards (1089, 4.6AVG) and selected Elliott the following year.

    The Cowboys live in Howie’s head rent free all year.

  5. Sad, pathetic attempt to divert attention from their dumpster fire. Kellen will see right through this garbage.

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