Eric Bieniemy sees head coaching interviews “as an honor and a privilege”

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Eric Bieniemy may or may not get a head coaching job in this cycle, but he has had a chance to interview for one.

The Chiefs offensive coordinator spent the team’s bye week doing virtual interviews with just about every NFL franchise with a vacant head coaching job. The Texans since have requested permission to talk to Bieniemy when the Chiefs’ season ends.

“Let me just say this: It was an honor and a privilege, but that’s not what we’re here for,” Bieniemy said Thursday, via Dave Skretta of the Associated Press. “We’re here to talk about the Browns. We eliminate all distractions. At the end of my day, my focus and my attention is on the Browns. They’re a great team. They’re playing great ball. We’re looking forward to this challenge. I know our guys are fired up and excited. They refreshed and hit the reset button. Now, it’s time to go out there and produce.”

The Jaguars became the first team to fill their vacancy, hiring Urban Meyer on Thursday.

Of the six remaining teams looking for a head coach, only the Eagles haven’t interviewed or requested to interview Bieniemy.

“Listen, I think he’s top-notch,” Chiefs coach Andy Reid said. “At the risk of being redundant, I have not seen many guys that are as great a leader as he is of men, and in this business, that’s huge. You’re never going to have to worry about Eric, never — on the field, off the field. He’s going to be honest with you and straightforward, and then he knows the offense.”

14 responses to “Eric Bieniemy sees head coaching interviews “as an honor and a privilege”

  1. Im still miffed with the media crush on this guy?? What has he proven?? Nothing. He doesnt even manage the offense.

  2. I think the biggest thing working against him is that teams don’t want to wait until February to hire their guy. It also sets him back on putting together a staff. It’s like he’s too successful for his own good.

  3. You better off staying with Andy, for job security and a lot less of a headache. Ride that QB until the wheels fall off. Head coaches come and go quickly in the NFL. You might even get to replace Andy one day.

  4. One thing that hurts him is the hiring cycles. Bad teams don’t make the playoffs, but KC does, so desperate teams hire while he is not really available.

  5. He’s working for a coach who will be 63 this year and an all-pro quarterback who will 26 when the next season starts. And given the former’s rather unhealthy appearance, someone else will likely be the coach for a fair chunk of Mahomes’ prime.
    It might be better to be patient than being expected to work miracles in a bad situation that will deeply tarnish his reputation.

  6. He’s proven more than some of these other coaches who have gotten head coaching jobs have done. We already know the knock against him but people want to act like it doesn’t exist. I would like the Eagles to hire him and trade Carson Wentz and let Jalen Hurts be his franchise QB.

  7. i like the guy…always says the same things……stay focussed, work hard.
    not many other teams are going to have a mahomes, hill, and kelce on their team on day one. Chargers really the only decent team looking for a coach.

  8. There must be something about this guy that teams know and don’t like. I’m not saying he will be a good coach, but the obvious trend is to hire whatever coordinator has had a successful year. The fact that only the Eagles even requested an interview proves that the other teams know something about this guy and don’t like it.

  9. How does Gase gete hired twice before EB gets a single shot? Dude deserves a chance somewhere.

  10. “Of the six remaining teams looking for a head coach, only the Eagles HAVEN’T interviewed or requested to interview Bieniemy.”

    4 people have approved the comment saying there must be something wrong with EB because only the Eagles HAVE interviewed him.

  11. If you check on his past history you’ll see why no one is hiring him as a head coach

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