Jets hire Robert Saleh as head coach

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals
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The Jets have hired Robert Saleh as their new head coach, the team announced Thursday night. Saleh’s deal is for five years, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

Saleh, 41, will become the 20th head coach in franchise history. He replaces Adam Gase, whom the team fired Jan. 3 after two seasons.

He was considered the favorite for the job after the Jets flew him to town for a second interview Tuesday. Saleh initially had a virtual interview Jan. 8.

Saleh has served as the 49ers’ defensive coordinator since 2017.

He is expected to take 49ers passing game coordinator Mike LaFleur with him as his offensive coordinator, Schefter reports. LaFleur is the brother of Packers head coach Matt LaFleur.

The Jets also have held virtual interviews with Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, Panthers offensive coordinator Joe Brady, Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, Colts defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus, Saints secondary coach Aaron Glenn, former Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis, Titans offensive coordinator Arthur Smith and Rams defensive coordinator Brandon Staley.

Saleh also had interviews with the with the Falcons, Lions, Jaguars and Chargers in this coaching cycle.

90 responses to “Jets hire Robert Saleh as head coach

  1. Nothing against him but I think the Jets would have been better served with an offensive coach who could help develop the QB.
    Denver went with a defensive head coach and I think that has stunted the development of Locke.

  2. I truly wish him the best but good luck turning that dumpster fire around.

  3. Good luck with *that* ownership. I would have held out for a better team. The Lions once again blew it. Shocker!

  4. I feel sorry for him. He seems like a good coach. The Jets are a terrible team–from the top down. A good coach can’t make up for a terrible organization.

  5. I truly hope he can turn this team around. I think Saleh taking over will be a bigger loss for the niners but I’m hopeful he turns this team around quickly.

  6. How many Super Bowls Championships has Saleh been a part of as a coordinator, zero. What about Urban Meyer, Brandon Staley, Raheem Morris, Jason Garrett, Matt Eberflus, Joe Brady. Idk, but Eric Bienemy has.

  7. A surprisingly good hire by the Jets. The 49ers defence was better than it had any right to be after the devastating number of injuries to key players this past season. Saleh’s ability to work wonders with a patchwork roster will be severely tested here.

    May the football gods have mercy on his soul for the burden he just accepted.

  8. That could turn out to be a great hire, depending on how LaFleur works out running the offense.

  9. What a great hire!! Another smart move by Joe douglas. I know sample is small but man joe has been making great choices in trying to turn the Jets around

  10. Good luck over there! It feels like you will have a lot less to work with over there so you will probably need it.

  11. Great hire! Will bring a passion, energy, and enthusiasm that the Jets haven’t had since the glory days…

  12. Anything better than Toilet Bowles or Gase…guess this won’t work out like anything under Johnson family ownership (especially with Woody coming home).

  13. Lousy ownership, missing out on the top pick, a roster that needs a huge overhaul, and nothing but question marks at QB. What’s not to love?

  14. I think the Jets have an elite QB. That’s 90% of it right there. How in the world they got rid of two potential HOFers on defense, Leonard Williams and Jamaal Adams, I’ll never know. That’s shocking. Hopefully they’ve made some changes where guys like Williams and Adams would want to stay. I absolutely believe Robert Saleh can be a great NFL coach if given the proper talent. Don’t give Darnold away and watch him win a super bowl with another team. A lot of people were about to give up on Josh Allen a few months ago. Give these elite young QB’s a chance to mature, and it’s not easy on a team like the Jets. Hopefully change is coming. Be patient, and allow enough time for the new staff to build something. It usually doesn’t happen overnight.

  15. Time will tell, but I think Saleh is an excellent hire for the Jets. As a Bills fan, I was hoping they would screw this hiring process up, but IMO they didn’t. I think they got a great coach who has the potential to get the franchise moving in the right direction.

  16. Didn’t Woody say he wanted a coach that would coach the whole team? Well at least you get a draft pick Jets fans while Robert just signed up for career suicide. Everyone already knows this is a case of forced diversity that will end with Robert going out the door in 2 or 3 years, hopefully it won’t prevent him from getting another coaching opportunity in the future.

  17. Poor guy. He had a potentially promising HC career to look forward to. By the time the Jets are done with him he’ll be a run down coach who takes a MLB coaching job for two seasons in an effort to revitalize himself.

  18. Nice hire. I still wouldn’t give up on Darnold just yet. I can see the Jets winning at least six games next season especially with Gase gone.

  19. These have to be very difficult decisions for guys like Saleh. Yes the goal should be to get a head coaching gig. But you can argue that he would have more success & likely raise his stock by staying another 1-2 seasons in SF…..WINNING. Poccibly winning the division, the conference & a great chance to return to the SuperBowl.

    Keep in mind SF has a tremendous offense via the run game which keeps SF’s defensive players on the sideline staying fresh. And SF has hit on nearly every early round defensive player. It’s insane how much top tier talent on defense kept being lost to injury. And at the moment the NYJ do not have that depth on defense. Jamal Adams couldn’t wait to leave.

    Not sure this works out unless they can upgrade on Darnold at QB or get the best possible offensive coaches around him, as well as better weapons & a legit offensive line. Crowder & Mims should help, possibly Herndon too but Perriman looks to be a bust. Need a RB desperately maybe Mostert follows too.

    Being a BUFFALO fan….the NYJ are going nowhere until the next regime tries it all over again in 4-5 seasons.

  20. Glad Saleh has left the Niners and so far we’ve kept Staley. Be interesting to see how this one works out, if he’s as animated as a HC as he’s been as a DC the Jets may give him a stroke in the next few years. I wish them well.

  21. What an amazing hire! Just like every other head coach hiring since the beginning of time.

  22. It looks like they might have gotten the right guy and a leader. Good job Joe Douglas.

    Hope springs eternal for the long, long suffering Jet fans.

    Four first rounders in the next two drafts and a GM who has actually picked some successes in the past and now an HC who has also had significant success pulling a team out of the mud. The ingredients are in the kitchen. Hopefully they will make something worthwhile out of them.

    I am sure the Johnson brothers had zero to do with making the pick otherwise we would have gotten another Gase or Kotite.

  23. I think Saleh is a good coach. Hopefully the Jets FO gives him the help he needs to be successful.

  24. They could’ve brought back Rich Kotite and it would’ve been an improvement. Saleh is a good choice.

  25. Excuse my ignorance but have Defensive coordinators worked out? I’m genuinely curious to know if any successful head coaches were previous defensive coordinators, besides Belichick.

  26. Yeahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Great hire. Would have been happy with him, Daboll, Smith, or Martindale. Like very much that he has a plan for offense already. Nicely done, Joe D.!

  27. cheeseburger says:
    January 13, 2021 at 10:28 am

    Jets Joe Douglas will hire Robert Saleh as head coach & Doug Pederson as offensive coordinator & Assistant head coach.

  28. The pieces are there for a really good defense and maybe the offense will show up with some better coaching.

    Congrats to Saleh on the promotion!

  29. I think this will work out well. The Jets won a few games at the end of the season and the players confidence should be good. I even heard that Quinnen Williams is actually a good player now. Quinnen is not mentioned much in the news. I hope the Jets get better since it’s good to watch competitive football games.

  30. This is good for the Jets, a Vin Diesel type leader, if he doesn’t change the culture, just cancel the organization at this point. Good luck to all!

  31. Detroit should have tried harder to get their native son back to their city as head coach of the Lions,consider this another huge loss for the Motor City losers.he and Mike Lefleur will bring to the Jets a new dynamic offense that has been so successful in Green Bay and LA move by the Jets.

  32. Pete Carroll, Mike Tomlin, Ron Rivera, Mike Vrabel were all defensive coordinators as well. Good hire by the Jets. Let’s see what their new OC thinks of Sam Darnold.

  33. Good for the Jets. Saleh is much more than a “rah-rah” screaming on the sidelines coach. They have a young roster, the second most draft capital to add more young talent, and the second most cap space heading into a year when more players are going to be available in free agency than any past year, thanks to the cap plummeting.

    They went 7-9 last year with Gase as their head coach. Then they lost their starting QB for much of this year and their best defensive player (CJ Mosely, not Jamal Adams) opted out. I think the way they played in December proves they are much closer to that 7-9 team than their 2-14 record would suggest.

    They play in a competitive division, so I’m not going to predict playoffs next year, but this is certainly a huge step in the right direction.

  34. I think very highly of Saleh, but if I were the Jets and were planning to use the #2 pick on a quarterback, I’d probably have gone with an offensive-minded head coach with the idea that the two could be joined at the hip for a long time and the quarterback could continuously grow in the same system.

    He’s still a hire I think their fans should be happy with though. I’d have been pleased if my Eagles hired him.

  35. How is this a huge loss for the Lions right now? Saleh has no record as a HC. Sure, he may turn out great but he also may turn out to be a bust. Saleh is just another guy who has to prove himself. And this whole thing about having to absolutely hire a native son is ridiculous. Being a native son doesn’t guarantee absolute success. It makes a nice story but nice stories don’t win championships.

  36. Excuse my ignorance but have Defensive coordinators worked out? I’m genuinely curious to know if any successful head coaches were previous defensive coordinators, besides Belichick.

    Jimmy Johnson.. prob more of a general, but technically a defensive guy

  37. I really liked Saleh as HC for many teams. The Jets not one of them. IF, and it’s a big IF, he is given the tools to compete he can build and lead this team. If not well I hope somebody else gives him a chance and looks at his stint with the Jets as just a footnote on his resume.

  38. PhD says:
    Good luck with *that* ownership. The Lions once again blew it.

    Yes, because if the Lions are known for anything it’s THEIR great ownership.
    I guess if Robert Saleh were smart he would have run away from *that* ownership so he could work for the Ford family, known for its decades of great hires and a case full of Lombardi Trophies.

  39. Who knows. The beard left New England as a D genius and failed. Sean McDermott had been very good. It’s hit or miss with coaches. It won’t mean a thing if he can’t turn darnold around. Right now he’s the 4 th best in the division. But he hasn’t had a chance to screw things up yet so unlike Gase who was 4th, he has the potential to over take Flores in a year or two

  40. They can bring in Robert Saleh, Bill Belechick, Bill Parcells, Chuck Noll or Tom Landry. No coach can be successful if the team is almost devoid of talent. Years of mismanagement, bad scouting, bad drafting and bad free agent moves have destroyed the Jets. There are many reasons why the Jets will not be on Sunday Night football next year.

  41. Good luck to him but as a 49ers fan I think the defense was more dependent on Nick Bosa than Robert Saleh. Smart of him to bring LeFleur with him, since it’s not in the division I have no hard feelings. We’ll see if they trade the pick and keep Darnold and add talent or if they take a different QB.

  42. Could this indicate a possibility that NE finishes last in thr division within the next three years?

  43. Keep it simple:

    Keep Darnold.
    Give him a offensive line that can pass block.
    Get him some outside weapons.
    Reap the benefits.

  44. I’ll guess Wade Phillips to become DC? I know Saleh’s a defensive guy but he still needs a DC and he could use the experience.

  45. I got so tired of seeing this guy on the sidelines over and over every time the 49ers were on national TV. Won’t have to worry about it this year…on the Thursday night when they’re on I’ll just go to bingo.

  46. While I’m happy for Saleh, as a Niners fan I’m upset that we lose a great DC and a great passing game coordinator, LaFleur.

    I wish them the best. Maybe we’ll get to see a competitive Jets. It’s been a looooong time since that happened.

  47. All of these head coaching candidates are a crap shoot but he seems like a solid choice. Hope he works out and the Jets have a nice stretch of sustained success.

  48. One of the worst owners in the league, as evidenced by the hiring of Gase in the first place. They may have gotten it right with this one, but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

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