Mark Davis buys Las Vegas WNBA team

Oakland Raiders v Minnesota Vikings
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Raiders owner Mark Davis will soon own another Las Vegas pro sports team.

Davis has agreed to purchase the Las Vegas Aces, he announced today.

“I am excited to announce that I have entered into an agreement to purchase the Las Vegas franchise in the WNBA from MGM Resorts International. I will have more to say once I receive official approval from the WNBA Board of Governors and have had a chance to speak with the players, coaches and administrators of the team,” Davis said in a statement.

The Aces have been in Las Vegas since 2017 and were in the WNBA Finals last year. Davis has been a supporter of the Aces since the Raiders arrived in Las Vegas and has donated tickets to Aces games for children in the Las Vegas area.

20 responses to “Mark Davis buys Las Vegas WNBA team

  1. “…has donated tickets to Aces games for children in the Las Vegas area.”

    Because that’s the only way to get people to watch it.

  2. The guy who has to borrow money for relocation and building a stadium has the scratch to buy a WNBA team?

  3. The NBA is looking to expand so I am thinking someone is getting their foot in the door to bring a franchise to Las Vegas as well.

  4. Suddenly has a billion dollar NFL franchise and starts buying up other sports franchises. Good on you son of Al.

  5. Mark can afford another pro team….now if he would just spend some money and stop cutting his own hair…

  6. So do wealthy people have so many yes-men around them that nobody will say when they have a terrible haircut?

  7. bloodonhishands says:
    January 14, 2021 at 2:56 pm
    The guy who has to borrow money for relocation and building a stadium has the scratch to buy a WNBA team?

    Do you know how much a WNBA team costs? The highest paid player in the league only makes 100k a year. I’d be surprised if he paid more than what he pays Jon Gruden per year for the entire team.

  8. It’s difficult to even find the franchise values or sales figures for WNBA. They simply do not publicize the numbers, unlike other sports leagues when teams change hands.

    However, when you consider the Rooney family paid three bags of peanuts for the Steelers, Ford family paid one Lincoln Continental for the Lions, Steinbrenner paid four buckets of Double Bubble for the Yankees, it makes sense to buy into a league when franchises are less valuable.

    To my knowledge, no major-league professional sports team has been sold at a loss this century.

  9. Mark davis has more money than everyone here, so picking on his hairstyle is the one thing that makes everyone feel good about themselves. Not really that much different than Junior High School.

  10. It’s a smart investment. You buy low and sell high. The WNBA is on the rise (like it or not). Their viewership has actually gone up over the last couple of years. Particularly after the rise of #metoo & the Atlanta teams impact on the senate race in that state. I think LeBron James expressed interest buying that Atlanta team (possibly joking).

    Also, Vegas sports will be booming once things open back up. Hockey now football and they’re the only basketball in town.

  11. Well, sometimes when you gotta lot cash you buy stupid things. You should of stuck with hookers and blow.

  12. I really don’t get this purchase. I never heard of the team how lucrative could they be? 🤔

  13. you’d think the barber would just be like “no, i cannot do that…its an abomination”

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