Reports: Urban Meyer finalizing deal with Jaguars

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Urban Meyer became the focus of the Jaguars head coaching search before they officially fired Doug Marrone earlier this month and it looks like the pursuit is nearing the finish line.

According to multiple reports, Meyer and the Jaguars are finalizing a deal for him to become the franchise’s sixth full-time head coach. Those reports indicate confidence that a deal will be done on Thursday.

Meyer was last on the sideline with Ohio State during the 2018 season and cited health reasons when he stepped down after winning the Rose Bowl. Meyer cited the same reasons when gave up the head coaching job at Florida after the 2010 season.

The Jaguars’ pursuit of Meyer suggests they’re not overly concerned about his health hindering him in a return to the sideline and are more interested in the success Meyer had at both schools. He won two national titles at Florida and another at Ohio State. Including stints at Utah and Bowling Green, Meyer has a 187-32 record as a college coach.

Jacksonville’s never had that kind of success, but the hope is that Meyer, the No. 1 overall draft pick, and a ton of cap space can lead to better days.

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  1. LOL, they’ll swap picks with the Jets, Fields will go to Jax and Lawrence will wind up in NY after all.

  2. Two years tops. If the franchise isn’t trending in the right direction, he’ll have health issues come up. Worse yet, pull a Nick Saban, but I don’t think he’d go that route.

  3. A Shad and his money are soon parted. As soon as the contract is signed old Urban will start feeling the first early symptoms of his mysterious recurring illness which usually tales a couple of years ( of wealth accumulation) to debilitate him.

  4. If and that is a big if, he pulls this off and takes them to several Super Bowls he will go down as one of the greatest of all time on both levels. One thing I am glad to see is that the owners are finally starting to pay the coaches decent. It is hard for someone in charge to tell others who make more than you what to do and expect them to listen.

  5. Risky, yes? Every coaching hire is risky. As a Jags fan, if this guy comes in, wins a super bowl and leaves after 3 years because his heart flutters, so be it. Something has to change in Jax. On a grand scale.

  6. Very strange development to those folks who think football at this level is a religion rather than just another job.

  7. his so-called legacy at Ohio State is going to take a huge hit depending on who he takes that is currently working for Ryan Day. In my humble opinion the guys a fraud

  8. We are about to find out how he really feels about Haskins. Best Ohio ST. QB ever? Is he sure about that?

  9. A high profile coach actually wants to coach Jacksonville? They usually wind up with a coach who is not in any great demand.

    He’ll definitely renew interest, going back to his stomping grounds.

    He belonged in the NFL, anyway. He only has to put together a team and not worry about grades, kids who are homesick or want to transfer, etc.

  10. I think he’s going to do well. One thing about Meyer, he goes into only advantageous situations. He’ll have a chance to build this team from the ground up including the QB, and the guy is very good at identifying assistant coaches and talent.

  11. He could draft Lawrence and sign Haskins if he feels Haskins has talent. Haskins needs an attitude change mostly.

  12. Saban, Spurrier, Kelley, Holtz…the list goes on and on and Meyer will be on it in three years.

  13. Jags draft well but then trade them away. If that trend doesn’t end then they might aswell get the cheapest HC option,which i doubt Meyer is. If it does then could be Jags taking over the division that for quite a while now has been not much between 1st and worst.

  14. Urban Meyer will go down in history alongside Jimmy Johnson, as a coach who won in both college and pro. That’s elite company. The NFL is a QB league. Jimmy had first ballot HOF QB Troy Aikman, and Meyer will get a first ballot HOFer Trevor Lawrence. Steve Spurrier and Nick Saban were two of the greatest coaches of all time, college or pro, but they didn’t have HOF QB’s when they went to the NFL, so they weren’t nearly as successful. Bill Belichick is known as the GOAT, but as soon as he lost his HOF QB, he missed the playoffs. Andy Reid has been coaching for decades, never won a super bowl, but as soon as he acquired a HOF QB, he won a super bowl. Not nuclear science folks. Expect Urban Meyer to succeed, big time.

  15. No NFL coaching experience.

    Other than Jimmy Johnson, how many college coaches came in without some NFL experience and had success??

  16. He has experience working with highly-paid players at Ohio State, so he’ll do just fine in the actual pros.

  17. The “health issues “ surely have been discussed internally to the Jags’ satisfaction. The hire is one that I find interesting & look forward to see how he does. I suspect Saban will be watching closely, too.

  18. Huge risk for the Jags. Saw a list of the college QBs Meyer coached who had decent NFL careers. The only name on it is Alex Smith. None of his Florida or OSU QBs amounted to anything. Now Jacksonville is trusting him to develop the #1 draft pick.

  19. Meyer takes breaks from coaching when the manure starts to get high around his shoes.
    At Florida, it was because of all the players having criminal issues. At Ohio State , it was the stink of the way he handled the situation with his assistant coach.
    He hasn’t had any controversy for a couple of years now so the coast is clear.

  20. I’d rather Doug Pederson by a wide margin. Meyer will be like the typical Jacksonville fan, disappointed when they don’t win with 73-6 scores. After a year or two of that he’ll be walking around holding his chest and moaning like Fred Sanford.

  21. He might do well. As for the “you don’t recruit in the NFL” comments… in this day and age of star players going bonkers and forcing a trade… this argument loses some weight.

  22. Might end like Nick Saban or may end like Jimmy Johnson. Main issue is how well he jives with younger players, and getting the buy in early with his team and has had first hand knowledge of incoming draft picks … his main challenge will be with losing early, but Lawrence, cap space and the bounty of picks he has will get him off to a good start.

  23. Meyer is a grifter and bails as soon as he sees the stacked deck collapsing out of his favor. He’s not going to have a winning season in the NFL.

  24. If the guy was successful in college, he MIGHT find a way to do it in the NFL. I like this hire better than some rerun failed NFL coach. I’m guessing his staff will have some familiar names on it. Also it doesn’t matter how much he costs, it’s not cap money and the owner will spend to the cap on players. For their sake I hope they don’t give him full roster control.

  25. And…Urban Meyer continues to be a hypocritical garbage human being. How this clown continues to fool people is Trumpian.

  26. kemp13 says:
    January 14, 2021 at 12:31 pm
    Huge risk for the Jags. Saw a list of the college QBs Meyer coached who had decent NFL careers. The only name on it is Alex Smith. None of his Florida or OSU QBs amounted to anything. Now Jacksonville is trusting him to develop the #1 draft pick.

    I’d argue that Meyer’s college QBs were really more athletes than QBs. The NFL didn’t do so well with that type, but today’s NFL is different than even 5 years ago when it comes to that. They pick the best guy and develop the system to cater.

  27. Alot of question marks here. Meyer has coached a lot of head cases aaron hernandez, the pouncey brothers, and covering for that wife beater of an assistant. He is able to get out trouble but a bad combo of millionaires who are headcases.

  28. “ Coming to the NFL, I certainly didn’t think it would be to have 5-11 seasons. It’s probably time for me to ease on out a little bit. . . . I think I’m out of coaching for a good year or so. Who knows what will happen after that? I’ll see if anything comes along.”

    – Spurrier when he resigned in 2003
    – Meyer when he resigns in 2023

  29. He likely won’t have any “health” issues coaching in the NFL, because NFL coaches don’t have to worry about NCAA recruiting violations.

  30. This will at least (maybe) put butts in seats for the first part of the 2021 season similar to Chip Kelly in Philadelphia but the guy has a reputation for cutting and running from jobs with “health issues” when he gets bored (or if he feels his reputation is in trouble.) so who do you think they’ll hire in 2023?

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