Russell Wilson was not in favor of Brian Schottenheimer’s firing

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The Seahawks fired offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer on Tuesday. Russell Wilson made clear Thursday he’s just the quarterback and would have preferred Schottenheimer’s return.

“I get paid a decent amount but coach [Pete Carroll] makes those decisions,” Wilson said, via Gregg Bell of The News Tribune.

Wilson answered “no” twice when asked if he was in favor of Schottenheimer’s departure after three seasons. The team cited “philosophical differences” as the reason for the firing.

“I think that it wasn’t my decision to change ‘Schotty,’” Wilson said. “But I think that coach Carroll made that decision. I think that I trust his decision. But at the same time, obviously Schotty and I have been so close. I mean, he’s going to be a tremendous coach somewhere else.

“But what I am in favor of is our football team getting better. If you ask me what’s really important it’s winning championships. That’s what I’m in favor of. I think what’s really critical is whatever decision — whether it’s the offensive coordinator or the guys that we sign or draft to every decision throughout the season, the offseason, everything else — the philosophy, the most important thing is it’s about this winning process, and doing everything we make sure we do that. That’s what I’m always of favor of, is winning. So coach Carroll decided it was time to make a change. Listen, he has been doing this a lot longer than I have. So you have to trust his decision.”

Wilson, though, wants a say in who the Seahawks hire to replace Schottenheimer.

“I think that’s super important,” Wilson said. “I think that coach Carroll and I, we have to be on the same wavelength. We’ve been able to talk obviously over the past three days, coach Carroll and I, about a lot of different things and everything else and really trying to figure out ‘OK, you know how far can we go? Where are we going? What’s the plan?’ and all that stuff. And so I think a lot of it is for me and coach to hopefully be able to partner on the thought process of the next person and really that person really to be able to help impact this football team, this organization, really be a great coach for us and help be a part of leading us to the promised land, obviously.”

The Seahawks averaged 34.3 points per game through the first eight games. They averaged 22.8 points the rest of the season.

After being an MVP candidate the first half of the season, Wilson averaged 223.5 passing yards per game and threw 16 touchdowns and eight interceptions in the final 10 games, including the wild-card loss.

20 responses to “Russell Wilson was not in favor of Brian Schottenheimer’s firing

  1. Not as/so self centered as earlier indicated. Sounds like he already has been giving input on the OC & direction over the past few days. It’s time for the front office to find the right guy. Keeping Russ in the loop as the interviews progress, would be okay. As long as Russ isn’t making the decision……and keeps it all in-house.

  2. Problem is Defenses figured you out in the second half of the season and Schotty NEVER adjusted. You basically ran around playing sandlot football and got destroyed. Having said that please hire an OC that can dial you in to get the ball out faster! You have Metcalf and Lockett, you SHOULD be lighting it up with those 2 receivers.

  3. Wilson is a legit qb. He’s also legitimately one of the fakest, most dislikeable players in the NFL.

  4. I get paid a decent amount he says. No Russ, you get paid a ridiculous amount. He’s starting to become less like able. Started off a team guy and not as much anymore

  5. I contrast Wilson’s remarks with the way Brady has approached similar events or questions: It’s always to the effect of, “That’s not my decision to make. I’m focused on the next game [or being the best quarterback I can be”.”

    Brady doesn’t cause drama, he avoids it. It seems the same can’t be said of Wilson at this point. Will he become more of a problem than an asset? Only time will tell, but he does seem to be trending that way.

  6. End of year conversation with the offensive coordinator must have ended in a disagreement on moving forward.

  7. did he really say he gets paid “a decent” amount of money? wow that’s insulting to about 99.999 percent of the rest of the population struggling to get by….

  8. Being that Carroll has emphasized a balanced attack more than once over the last fews years, it appears Schottenheimer merely was a scapegoat. Carroll has ultimate authority over playcalling and should have exercised it.

  9. Take a lesson from Tom Brady if you want to win championships instead of paying lip service. When Brady was in New England, he did not demand to be paid the most money and he has 6 rings on his fingers, and more MVP and Super Bowl MVP awards than you are likely to get for your entire career, Mr. shorty. Currently you have zero MVP award and zero SB MVP award. Even after becoming a free agent, Brady accepted $5 million less per season than you. That is how a quarterback can help his team win championships, by taking less money and letting the team afford better players in other positions. Brady is still in the playoffs, and your team is out. Why? because not only is Brady a better quarterback than you will ever be, but he is a lot less greedy than you are.

  10. Russ, if you played better, he wouldn’t have been fired. So it’s either your fault or his, and they can’t afford to fire you….

  11. Take a lesson from Tom Brady if you want to win championships instead of paying lip service.

    Partner with a great coach who is almost always one step ahead of the competition?

    Easier said than done.

    … and kids these days would rather be Mahomes. Not some fossil.

  12. Russell, you get paid a bunch of money, and you are the one who got Schottenheimer fired! Now you want a say in the next OC? Come on man!

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