Tom Brady: Bucs have come a long way since last time we played Saints

NFL: NOV 08 Saints at Buccaneers
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The last time the Buccaneers faced the Saints, New Orleans won a 38-3 blowout. When they play again on Sunday, Tom Brady says, it’s going to be a different Buccaneers team.

“I think we’ve certainly come a long way,” Brady said, via the team’s website. “I think we’re just going to keep improving. The more we’re together, the more we’re talking about football, the more we’re trying to be on the same page, the better it is.”

Brady knows the Saints will be a tough opponent.

“We’ve got a big test this weekend [against] one of the great teams in the NFL, consistently been one of the great teams for a long time. We’re going to have to go play a great football game,” Brady said.

They have to be a lot better this time than they were in Week Nine. They could hardly be any worse.

28 responses to “Tom Brady: Bucs have come a long way since last time we played Saints

  1. And the Saints have remained exactly the same, or actively working towards getting worse?

  2. Brady knows of what he speaks. Doesn’t mean they will win. Given how bad the Bucs D looked against a practice squad QB and a weak Washington offense, New Orleans should dominate.

  3. Well you certainly need to prove you can beat a team with a winning record. Because you have only done that once this year.

  4. Gotta love both those Hall of Fame QB’s, or at least SHOULD for all they’ve done for the NFL. I hope Brady and the Bucs pull it out, and if Godwin can CATCH THE BALL this week they’ll have a shot at it, and if he keeps dropping passes hitting him in the hands then it will be a longgggg night for the Bucs. Go Brady!

  5. As a Saints fan, I do expect this game to be much closer. We played almost perfectly week 9, which is obviously tough to replicate, and the offense is still trying to find its form after being banged up all year. But the Saints match up well against the Bucs (Saints DL vs Bucs OL, Lattimore vs Mike Evans, Saints TEs vs Bucs LBs, Saints OTs vs Barrett and JPP, etc), so it should be a good game.

  6. Well you certainly need to prove you can beat a team with a winning record. Because you have only done that once this year.

    If there is one person in the history of sports that doesn’t have to prove anything, its Tom Brady (and Michael Jordan). He’s proven enough. On the other hand, Brees needs to prove he can win meaningful playoff games.

  7. brees has a whole lot better coach than the GOAT does. pulling for brady but great as he is he’s only offense. payton too smart for ariens. if brady loses I want brees and payton to win the whole thing.

  8. Bucs defense can’t stop the Saints offense. Of course I pray that I’m wrong. They should grab Matt Patricia as defense coach next year. They could upgrade their offense coach too but the fountain of coaches, the Patriots, are all drained and dried out.

  9. Heavy weight qb matchup. No dog in the fight, but Brady usually wins these games. Rooting for a great game. May the best team win and hopefully, no game changing bad calls by the refs.

  10. Tom Brady sounds more hopeful than confident, more optimistic rather than certain. That subtle doubt now, will be overbearing Sunday.

  11. In the Bill B. vs. Tom B. sweepstakes, does this finally put to rest the question of who needed whom the most?

  12. The yearly Saints collapse is going to be so enjoyable this weekend. Payton is such a punk, even Brees and Cam Jordan can’t make the team likable.

  13. If it wasn’t for Brady the Bucs would not have made the playoffs and I am not a Brady fan. It’s all Brady with a little help from BA. BA would still have gone 8-8 without Brady

  14. 300 yards 3 touchdowns and 2 picks is the kind of performance he will most likely have this weekend. Bucs have improved but I also know Saints defense is in Brady’s head.

  15. Gonna be a close game. And I’ll always take Brady over anyone in a close playoff game. The only wrinkle could be that Brady gives the Bucs the lead with a couple minutes left and the defense blows it.

  16. It’s going to be a great game. Mainly because its a division rivalry. But to say the Bucs are a different team is just hyperbole but ole Florio and Brady and bucs fans. The team is 6-2 in their last 8 games. Every win has come against a team with a losing record in that span and their 2 losses are against the only teams with winning records. Would it shock me if the bucs won? No. Would it shock me if the saints blew them out? no.

  17. I think the Saints win a close game but not much has changed in Tampa. They were 2 errant throws away from losing to a team with a QB who spent half the season in a classroom and playing FF.

  18. Lol. Tom’s just trying to Belichick them here.
    Saints have regressed since last time they played.
    Brady’s on his way to the NFCCG, don’t be fooled.
    Gonna be fun to watch.

  19. Those games were in the regular season. This is a postseason game. Expect Brees to choke just like he did the last two seasons.

  20. Seems to me that the Saints are looking at this game the same way the Patriots looked at the Jets about ten years back. Pats beat the Jets easily, twice during the regular season, including their second matchup which was a 45-3 blowout. Pats and their superior coach then went out and lost to the Jets in the divisional round, and it wasn’t particularly close.

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