Urban Meyer becomes Jaguars coach

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It’s official.

The Jaguars’ search for a new coach focused on Urban Meyer. He has accepted the job.

The team announced the hire on Thursday.

“This is a great day for Jacksonville and Jaguars fans everything,” owner Shad Khan said in a statement. “Urban Meyer is who we want and need, a leader, winner and champion who demands excellence and produces resulted. While Urban already enjoys a legacy in the game of football that few will ever match, his passion for the opportunity in front of him here in Jacksonville is powerful and unmistakable. I am proud to name Urban Meyer the new head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars.”

Meyer, 56, has no NFL coaching experience in a career that began in 1985. He was, however, wildly successful at the college level.

Whether that success becomes duplicated at the NFL level remains to be seen. Many already wonder whether he’ll become the next Nick Saban, an impeccable college coach who quickly realizes that the pro game presents much greater parity and much stiffer challenges when it comes to putting together a great team.

Meyer becomes the seventh coach in franchise history. Only one — Tom Coughlin — finished his tenure with a winning record.

72 responses to “Urban Meyer becomes Jaguars coach

  1. I know Jimmy Johnson & Pete Carroll get lumped in together as successful college to NFL coaches but I feel like Johnson & Carroll belong to different eras. Both great coaches but I in today’s world I think it would be harder for these great college coaches to succeed than maybe in the past.

    Being a top flight college coach today depends WAY more on your ability to recruit kids then actually coach. That is why I would never say that Nick Saban is the best college coach of all time. Now Nick Saban is hands down the best recruiter college football has ever seen but does that make him the best at coaching football… I would have to say no.

    It will be interesting to see if Urban Meyer can succeed at coaching without getting the equivalent of a full first round of talent every year like he did in college. Saying all that I do not hate the hire and when you have been as bad as the Jags have been why the heck not?

  2. Not sure how well this one is going to turn out. He’s been out of the game for a while. I think it’s going to be close to the results of Gruden.

  3. Some college coaches do very well in the NFL. I can think of a few:
    Bill Walsh
    Tom Coughlin
    Pete Carroll
    Dick Vermeil
    Jimmy Johnson

  4. I think we heard the college coach argument when Pete Carroll was hired. That seemed to work out a decade and a super bowl later.

  5. Compare him to other available options and Marrone. Much better leader. He is intriguing and I think he’ll do pretty well. He will have the QB and the cap space to compete in years 2-5.

  6. As someone who follows the Jets, does this mean there is a sliver of hope the Jags take Fields instead of Trevor Lawrence?

  7. Not sure urban will be any good but the Jags will at the least be slightly interesting to follow this year for what….the first time in their history? More interesting teams is good for the league and its fans.

  8. Might make it 2 years if he’s lucky. Once things get tough, time to focus on the family and health time. Seen it multiple times before.

  9. Nothing will change with this guy. Jag’s will be 2-14 maybe 3-13 and he will quit in 2 years with a bunch of money, nice work if you can get it.

  10. Jacksonville whiffed on this one. They should have moved quickly to hire Doug Pederson.

  11. The lack of NFL experience is going to be tough. Rarely do great college coaches translate into great NFL coaches. Ask Steve Spurrier.

  12. It seems odd to me that Urban has never even been a coordinator at any level. The jags would have been better off marrying a young coordinator with Lawrence and growing together..ie Kilff and Murray. I guess only time will tell. They gotta do something to take the stink off this rutterless franchise.

  13. He’s the best available commodity right now on the market. I give this hire a huge thumbs up 👍…I just hope the Jags protected themselves with an opt out clause should he want to step away from coaching due to health reasons

  14. Even if he does have success it’s hard to tell how long he will be there. With two health related retirements under his belt with none of those issues technically being resolved where they won’t still effect him it seems to be less about will he be successful or not but will it matter either way after a year or two. I am sure he’s pondered that situation more than any of us, but it seems to be the most glaring issue overall.

  15. If being HC at Ohio State and Florida gave Meyer health issues, then being HC of the Jaguars may put him under. Especially when Khan said last week that he will keep control of the roster himself – a la Jerry Jones.

  16. He will sign a 8-year, $100M contract then resign after two seasons for health reasons so he will be making $50M/yr.

  17. This was a hire done for one reason .. to sell tickets
    Not a bad business strategy … but maybe not the best football strategy
    We shall see ..

  18. This is either going to be the beginning of a beautiful era for a long-moribund franchise, or it’s going to be the genesis of a beautiful disaster. Either way, it’s less boring than another year of Doug Marrone.

  19. Why? How does anything he HAD translate to the pros? These aren’t 5 star recruits at Jax. Good for my Colts. Now I’m hoping for houston to trade Watson and hire grigson and gase.

  20. I will be surprised if he can make the adjustment from coaching people who are playing for a chance to get to the nfl to guys who are already there and making millions.

  21. Tom Coughlins first collage head coaching job came in college before being picked up by the Jaguars and he did fine. I’m just as skeptical about Meyer but I don’t think him being a successful college coach is a bad thing.

  22. @ranger at 9305 – it may work for 1 year but if they go 2-14 and 3-13 in consecutive years, attendance will die again. Even when the Jags were winning a few years ago, they had trouble selling tickets. That is why a section of the stadium is covered up – don’t even try to sell all the available seats in the stadium. That is also why the Jags “volunteer” to play London games – they draw more stadium fans in London than in Jacksonville.

  23. This hire was designed to boost interest and attendance in the Jags. At some point the Jags will have to start being competitive, and start winning. In the end nothing else maters.

  24. Urban must get bored easily. He’ll be in Jax for two forgettable seasons and then retire again for “health reasons” and take his $30 million with him.

  25. Tebow says no, but why not come back in a Taysom Hill role with your old pal coach Meyer?

    Also over/under on Urban’s departure for health/family reasons: Game 11, year 2.

  26. Johnson seems like an exception. Carroll was a NFL coach and had a winning record before he was a college coach. Coughlin was an NFL assistant before he went to BC. Harbaugh was a QB in the NFL and Qb coach. Meyer has no experience NFL wise. How did Kelly and Spurrier do? They also seem to be giving him a lot of control. I mean guys like Sean Payton and Mike Tomlin don’t have that. This seems like a bad hire. Why not look at Pederson or some OC that wants to be glued to Lawrence. Meyer looks more like a hire on name.

  27. If I’m Trevor Lawrence I think about returning to Clemson. The Jags are going to stink. Meyer’s a great college recruiter, that’s not what NFL players want ask Nick Saban. I’m pulling a John Elway, Eli Manning.

  28. mlhgh77 says:

    After Blake Bortles and Justin Blackmon this is the biggest blunder in their history

    To be fair drafting Blackmon wasn’t a blunder. He was a good player. He just couldn’t stay off the suspended list. Luke Joeckel on the other hand was a blunder. So was Blaine Gabbert.

    However, this is far and away worse than those draft day blunders. This is just mind-boggling stupid.

  29. I hope he does well for Jacksonville’s fans – but it is a big jump and so many haven’t been able to pull it off.

  30. He won’t be there long, but he will win a Super Bowl in 3 or 4 years, make no mistake about it. Especially with Trevor Lawrence. 9-7 next year, legit AFC contender immediately thereafter. I can’t stand Urban Meyer, but he is unmistakably a top tier coach. Instant success everywhere he goes: Bowling Green, Utah, took both Florida and Ohio State out of the dumpster to National Titles instantly. He will own the AFC very quickly.

  31. Only Pete Caroll is able to win Superbowl coming from college to pro. Meyer won’t make able to, not even close.

  32. I don’t understand this hire. He’s not going to sell tickets & players won’t be lining up to sign with JAX. NCAA & NFL are just two different monsters. The talent won’t come together for a good 3-5 seasons, & that’s assuming Lawrence goes #1. But the JAGS are just so far from competing especially within their own division. This hire does NOTHING for JAX. They need 3 straight drafts where they nail them all & sign the proper FA’s.

    And hey….it is what it is, when things are not working in Meyer’s favor, the stress is too overwhelming for him. BAD HIRE. They needed a young offensive-minded coach who can work with the QB. McDanials?

  33. This isn’t going to go well. If CFB was too much stress the NFL is going to chew him up and spit him out. Done in under 3 years.

  34. Who has the over/under on how many years it will be until he quits on another team citing his health?

  35. Meyer either knows the game on the field or he doesn’t. Time will tell but this was purely business and was a smart move.

  36. “It had to be perfect for me to coach again”, until I get another migraine and play the family card again.

  37. “Ill be surprised if he’s still there in 5 years.”

    I’ll be surprised if his successor is still there in 5 years.

  38. Tom Coughlins first collage head coaching job came in college before being picked up by the Jaguars and he did fine.

    Coughlin spent 7 years at the pro level before coaching BC

  39. They needed a young offensive-minded coach who can work with the QB. McDanials?

    He’d quit sooner than Meyer..

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