Urban Meyer hire puts even more pressure on Texans to get it right

Denver Broncos v Houston Texans
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As if the Texans didn’t already have enough problems, they now have one of the greatest college football coaches of all time in their division.

With the Jaguars hiring Urban Meyer to coach the team, Mike Vrabel already in Tennessee, and Frank Reich in Indianapolis, the AFC South now has three excellent coaches — assuming Meyer’s college success translates to the NFL.

The Texans, meanwhile, continue to stumble through a search process that has seen the team request an interview with Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy after the completion of the bye week, requiring them to wait until Kansas City’s playoff run ends before even talking to him.

The Texans also will be dealing with the likely arrival of Trevor Lawrence in the division, and potentially a new Colts quarterback like Carson Wentz. The Texans need to make a good hire at head coach or they could languish in a division that produced a pair of playoff teams in 2020.

19 responses to “Urban Meyer hire puts even more pressure on Texans to get it right

  1. Nah…urban will choke away the jags. Texans have nothing to worry about with urb. He will have an excuse to leave in 2 years anyway. Guy is overrated and not nfl smart.

  2. Urban Meyer being hired is a long shot. Nothing in his resume indicates he can coach in the NFL and it sure doesn’t mean anything to the Texans. They have enough pressure on themselves to get it right.

  3. Great college coaches haven’t done so well in the NFL, unless they had a HOF QB. Urban Meyer will have a HOF QB, so he’ll win big. No sense in waiting. Jump on the Jags’ bandwagon early. Go out and get some gear! Have they started selling Lawrence jerseys yet.

  4. Not sure Meyer had his pick of teams, but no way I would pass up on Herbert with the Chargers to roll the dice on an unproven QB like Lawrence. Chargers job seems way more attractive to me, nice new stadium, looks like a heck of a QB in Herbert, and a solid roster especially on the front 7 on defense and skill players on offense. just my 2 cents.

  5. Since Jack Easterby is running things in Houston, they are 100% guaranteed to screw the Head Coaching hire. If they think Jim Caldwell is a great hire or Leslie Frazier is one also, LOL!!! They need to hire Biennemy, or Saleh, or Brandon Staley. FIRE EASTERBY!!!

  6. so they have to fear the possibility of Carson Wentz, Urban Meyer who has never coached in the NFL and two other coaches who are good but have never won SB as a coach before…that dosen’t sound so bad to me…

  7. The Texans problem is its entitled quarterback. Can they find a large enough binky for Watson? That’s the most important question in their immediate future

  8. Just because Jax hired Meyer doesn’t mean he’ll have success. History is full of plenty of successful college coaches who couldn’t cut it in the pros.

  9. Don’t know how much money the Jags were giving him. In addition, no state taxes vs one of highest tax rates in the country in Cali. He just might found a quick lick. Two years for millions and no state taxes, then hit the road

  10. This is great if you are in the division. Yes this is a flashy hire but I would be more scared a young coach who is hungry armed with a young talented QB and lots of draft picks.

  11. meyer has a history of burning out even at the college level. steve superior didn’t last long in the bigs either. regardless of meyer’s success or lack thereof in the pros, that back-stabbing preacher in houston doesn’t have a clue. if he stays completely out of casserio’s way, they’ll have a talented roster, but preacher can’t do that.

  12. @raiderdan

    Yeah I’d rather have Herbert than roll the dice on a rookie, but it’s all about the Benjamins.

    LA Chargers coach pays a 13.5% state tax rate.
    JAX Jaguars coach pays a 0.00% state income tax rate.

  13. Jax much nicer place than LA to live. No state income tax saves about a mil a year at his pay grade.

  14. Excellent? Two good NFL coaches and an excellent college coach. I get the point you’re try to make but Meyer could end up being another Spurrier or Saban in the NFL, or even worse another Petrino. Vrabel and Reich are certainly playoff coaches but can they take those teams to a Super Bowl, particularly with all the other talented AFC teams, players and coaches?

    The Texans certainly need to find the right coach but let’s not classify an unproven Meyer and a solid to pretty good Vrabel and Reich with the same label coaches like Chuck Knoll, Vince Lombardi, Don Shula, Bill Walsh, Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick deserve. These guys are excellent coaches, the three you mentioned aren’t even close. Maybe one day?

  15. If a pro coach needed to recruit and there was no salary cap, yeah, the Texans should be worried. One of Urb’s biggest skills is recruiting high school players for his college team. That’s not worth a cup of coffee in the NFL.

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