Bears Chairman: Coaches warned Anthony Miller that CJ Gardner-Johnson is “a punk”

Wild Card Round - Chicago Bears v New Orleans Saints
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In both of this year’s Bears-Saints games, Saints cornerback CJ Gardner-Johnson talked trash to a Bears wide receiver, only to have that receiver ejected for punching him. Bears Chairman George McCaskey had some strong words for Gardner-Johnson, and for his own player’s inability to prevent Gardner-Johnson from getting under his skin.

McCaskey said on WMVP-AM that after Gardner-Johnson baited Bears receiver Javon Wims into an ejection in the regular season, the Bears’ coaching staff warned the players that Gardner-Johnson would try to bait them in the playoff rematch. And McCaskey is frustrated that Anthony Miller let himself get baited anyway.

“I have a bigger problem with Anthony’s ejection because they sat him down and they told him, ‘Listen, watch out for this player. He’s a punk. He’s going to try to get under your skin. And with Darnell Mooney out, we really need you to be in this game and help this team,’” McCaskey said, via the Chicago Sun-Times. “And Anthony had the benefit of having seen Javon’s experience. I think they need to be evaluated separately. I’ve got a bigger problem with Anthony’s ejection than I do Javon’s.”

Asked if Miller will return to the Bears next year, McCaskey said, “That’s not up to me.”

44 responses to “Bears Chairman: Coaches warned Anthony Miller that CJ Gardner-Johnson is “a punk”

  1. I have a bigger problem of Wims whiffing on a sure TD that was likely Trubisky’s best pass of the year. Not that it really matters….

  2. With Robinson possibly (likely) moving on in free agency, the Bears unfortunately lack the depth at the position to make an example out of Miller. He’s still on his rookie deal too so it’s not a big investment to keep him. He showed some nice hands (aside from the one that balled up into a fist) in the last couple games and has upside if he can get his mind right. Have to give him another chance.

  3. Typical Saints defense. Payton pinned it all on Gregg Williams but it is the culture he creates. I know these guys shouldn’t let him get under their skin, but honestly everyone has their limit.

  4. A real nice “culture” George and the gang have built there. On top of of a roster full of players who can’t throw, catch, block, cover or tackle, they apparently don’t listen to their coaches either. Agents of FAs will be advising their clients to stay far away from Chicago — and they should.

  5. I actually love the idea that players can play a mental game with opponents — and it worked! LOL. Good job, CJ! Stupid Bears.

  6. For someone who knows so little about the NFL, football, and the Bears in particular (as evidenced by the presser 2 days ago) for him to chime in on this issue just shows how out of touch he is with his own fan base.

    It was a silly thing for Miller to do but even sillier for McCaskey to chime in on the subject.

  7. Honest and on point, a refreshing truth from management that you usually don’t see. Nice. GODell and his goons(which includes many from NFLPA btw) will probably fine the Bears chairman now. Smh.

  8. There’s so much trash talking that happens on the field, Gardner-Johnson just seems good at it. Calling him a punk is a bit much. He’s just good at that mental aspect of the game, and the Bears receivers obviously aren’t.

  9. Every year after the combine it gets reported that during the sit down meeting some teams ask offensive questions. Now we can see why. Sports is as much about mental strength as it is physical talent.

  10. You need to be disciplined if you want to win. Let the scoreboard do your talking for you.

    If Miller hasn’t learned by now to shut out what unimportant people (like opposing players) around him are saying he will never be great.

  11. From what I saw in that playoff game, admittedly the only Bears game I watched, Bears have elite talent at all positions but they play sloppy and lack discipline. I think with better coaching, the team could go far. I’ve watched Trubisky since his high school days in Mentor, Ohio and he is an elite player but he is being destroyed by poor coaching. Guy who lost calling out a DB doing his job now that is a punk move to me.

  12. How pathetically soft is the entire bears organization? Seriously, if I’m a bears fan i’m just embarrassed right now. Gardner Johnson seems to be a pretty good DB who talks a lot of smack on the field. He’s def not the only one but he has rattled the entire bears team from their receivers, to their coaches, and now to their chairman. From Monsters of the Midwest to Marshmellows of the Midwest.

  13. Weird to hear the Chairman of the organization talking about this. That seems like something way out of his normal realm.

  14. This league has a HUGE history of players talking smack and getting in the heads of opponents. A better player wouldn’t let it get to him and just play the game. Sounds like the person here that is the punk may not be CJ GJ.He’s just following in the footsteps of other great trash talkers that let their words impact the game as much as their play.

  15. George McMediocre is in over his head commenting on anything football related…. Retaining Pace and Nagy (and Phillips). LOL…..

  16. As such an upstanding person, how can you root for the Vikings who had a bounty program?
    ragnarthegreat says:
    January 15, 2021 at 8:30 am
    Typical Saints defense. Payton pinned it all on Gregg Williams but it is the culture he creates. I know these guys shouldn’t let him get under their skin, but honestly everyone has their limit.

  17. All of the blame falls on the coaching staff. They should have cut Wims when he got suspended to send a clear message to the team.

  18. two different bears players got ejected for punching the same guy in two different games but the coach does mothing about it. speaks volumes.

  19. How is CJ a punk…for trash talking? I mean, EVERY player trash talks on the field. Maybe get a little composer and not act like a punk and punch/push a player.

  20. NHL fans are familiar with what CJ Gardner-Johnsonis doing. It happens in many NHL games. Talk trash….poke, prod, even take a few shots….it’s the retaliation that usually gets called. Get the guy to lose his mind and take penalties or get ejected.

    It works.

    While I’m not a fan of what CJ Gardner-Johnson does, it’s quite effective. Other players need to ignore him, or if they can’t, then they need to return the favor with their own trash talk.

  21. I actually put the lose on the shoulders of the OC and the head coach. When Trub was allowed to pass deep he did pretty good. This run the ball or pass screens to make sure Trub doesnt screw up kept the pressure off NO Defense. Surprised they didnt fall asleep in the game.
    No NO did not look good, they looked ripe for the picking and the Bears did not pull the trigger.

  22. Ha, that’s pretty funny. That’s the same exact thing I said about Anthony Miller coming out of college. That’s why I wasn’t surprised when he got tossed. Go back and watch tape of Miller in college, and see what you think.

  23. Gardner-Johnson also got socked by his own teammate Michael Thomas. He must be a good trash talker-the modern day Cortland Finnegan.

  24. I still wonder what he’s saying cause the man has been punched three times this season. Twice by the Bears and once by Michael Thomas, his own teammatel

  25. 90% of NFL players talk trash most of the game. If you’re good enough at it to get players tossed, more power to you. He got one Saints player, his team mate Michael Thomas, and two Bears players ejected. It only works if he’s playing effectively, though. He’s a pretty good player who is getting better.

  26. Even Brady called CGJ a few expletives in game 1. You can hear it on youtube. Brady was crying for a flag (clean defensive play of course) and 22 told him to knock it off. I can’t repeat what happened next but you could hear it on the broadcast.

  27. McCaskey is lost on the fact that there is more good news at the Jags site when they went 1 and 15 than at the Bears site and who went 8 & 8.

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