Cal McNair: Scrutiny on Jack Easterby unjustified

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In addition to addressing quarterback Deshaun Watson‘s unhappiness with the organization on Friday, Texans owner Cal McNair also touched on a recent tweet from former Texans wideout Andre Johnson.

Johnson tweeted that Watson should stand his ground in a dispute with the team and said the Texans are known for wasting people’s careers. He also wrote that since executive vice president of football operations Jack Easterby walked “into the building nothing good has happened in/for the organization and for some reason someone can’t seem to see what’s going on.”

The someone would seem to be McNair, who said he last spoke to Johnson when he was part of the advisory group to select a new General Manager. That hire was Nick Caserio with many believing that Easterby was the driving force behind that appointment.

McNair said “we feel his passion” and that he has reached out to Johnson without getting in touch. He also said that there is too much attention being paid to Easterby.

“Jack was put into that role that the organization needed by me and that scrutiny on Jack is really unjustified because that’s not what he was brought here for and now we have Nick and this is what Nick was brought here for,” McNair said, via Mark Berman of “Nick is the G.M. and Jack will go into the role he was brought here for and what he grew into while he was here. Nick is in charge of the roster, personnel, contracts, all those things. Nick, not Jack. Nick’s the G.M.”

McNair said “we’re going through change and I accept everything hasn’t gone perfectly.” The scrutiny on Easterby, McNair, and the organization as a whole is likely to continue until there are tangible signs that the team has started moving in the right direction.

10 responses to “Cal McNair: Scrutiny on Jack Easterby unjustified

  1. 100% unjustififed. Easterby has a great track record and cleaned things up in Houston – which began by getting rid of Bill O’Brien. Why dont texan fans see this?

  2. “Jack will go into the role he was brought here for and what he grew into while he was here. ”

    Which is what exactly?

    I’m really blown away by the fact that all of these grown men in high level positions still have not been able to clearly say what Jack used to be does…

  3. translation: he’s my hire and i won’t let you talk bad about him because that’s a direct reflection on me and as the “owner” i am without fault.

  4. You are correct Mr. McNair….The scrutiny should be evenly split between Easterby and Cal McNair (for hiring Easterby and allowing him to persuade you).

  5. Remember that after they got rid of Bill O’Brien and Easterby was running the organization, the Texans fired the team PR person that was shocking because she was well regarded by just about everyone in the NFL and by Texan players – for some nebulous reasons that are still unclear – except that she did not follow the same far right wing politics of McNair and Easterby. There have also been media reports of Easterby fabricating aspects of his past career positions and responsibilities – something that many major US companies would fire an employee for doing. Easterby seems like a rather sketchy person.

  6. As a pats fan, Jack was a religious advisor. I may be an Irish catholic from MA, but I don’t care for religion. He was brought onboard after the Gernandez arrest. Guys like slater and D-Mac, captains and redeploy religious, were big fans of Jack.

    In terms of running an organization!? He’s about as qualified as I am to be a navy seal. Yea, I’m a navy guy, but I’m not cut out for being a frog. Jack is a football guy, but he isn’t cut out for running a football operation

  7. Easterby used the faith commonality to ingratiate himself to McNair, who is a trusting guy. Once that was done, he inflated his ability and resume, and then it was time to do anything he could to retain the new power and title he falsely acquired while separating McNair from those that could have more influence than him. It seems there’s a faction in Houston that intimately knows this and a faction that Easterby is trying to manipulate to refute it at the same time.

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