Falcons announce Arthur Smith as their head coach

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The Falcons have landed their new head coach.

The team announced the hiring of Arthur Smith on Friday afternoon. Reports on Friday morning pegged the former Titans offensive coordinator as the frontrunner for the job and the deal was wrapped up over the next few hours.

Smith spent the last two seasons in the coordinator role in Tennessee and oversaw an offense that took flight once Ryan Tannehill took over as the starting quarterback. Barring trades, he will have Matt Ryan at quarterback with Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley at wide receiver in Atlanta.

The Falcons are expected to hire Saints assistant G.M. Terry Fontenot as their new General Manager. He and Smith will be tasked with righting a ship that went off course over the last couple of years.

44 responses to “Falcons announce Arthur Smith as their head coach

  1. Where are the recycled former head coaches. None of the hires so far have any prior nfl head coaching experience. Two offensive coordinators and a college coach who quit once he got a headache

  2. I read he’s bringing the Bears passing game coordinator to run his offense. Matt Ryan must be excited.

  3. Terrible situation for Arthur Smith. The Falcons are going to be in cap hell with Ryan’s contract($41 cap hit for 2021) and the defense line needs major work. Granted Smith a smart offensive mind I just don’t like the fit as he will need a year or two get his vision in place.

  4. theitalianarmy says:
    January 15, 2021 at 5:28 pm
    Raheem Morris did a good job once he took over.

    Morris was 4-7 with the Falcons and 1-6 to end the season. I wouldn’t consider that a “good job” but hey, that’s just me.

  5. This guy is the actual playcaller who runs the entire offense, instead of being one of Reid’s lackey’s. Smith > LeFleur

  6. Eric wasnt hired for this job. Im sensing an upcoming disturbance in the force (even though Eric makes millions every year in his current job).

  7. We’ll see with this guy, totally unproven but everybody has to start somewhere.Good luck young man!

  8. patrickmahomesblockedme says:
    January 15, 2021 at 5:25 pm
    They hire this guy instead of EB???
    EB doesn’t call offensive plays as an OC. Arthur Smith did.

  9. Great QB’s get their coaches into the HOF. Bad QB’s get their coaches fired. Atlanta has a bad QB. This new coach better recognize that, or he’ll be an ex-coach soon.

  10. You know this guy coaches because he loves it. His father is the founder of Fed-Ex.
    He certainly could be doing something less stressful than coaching.

  11. As a Saints fan I’m loving their new HC.. Failcants never seem to surprise me with their mediocre moves haha

  12. I’ll get a ton of thumbs down for this one…but I would be a little cautious of hiring anyone who hasn’t been a play caller. No disrespect to EB. Matt Nagy’s on the hot seat, and he was in the same system. Arthur Smith is from a well known system, and had run the whole offense. He’s a safer bet.

    To the person who said Arthur Smith > Matt Lafleur… Lafleur is 26-6 in the regular season. That’s a historic start. And before you say he “well he has Aaron Rodgers” keep in mind how everyone was calling Rodgers “washed up” when McCarthy was there.

    Both Smith and EB are good candidates. Smith is safer, in my opinion.

  13. Sooooo Arthur Smith is the new HC of the Falcons. The Falcons are owned by Arthur Blank. Blank co-founded Home Depot. Home Depot used to sponsor a Joe Gibbs owned race car. Joe Gibbs used to coach the Washington Football Team. The Washington Football Team is part owned by Fredrick Smith. Fredrick Smith founded FedEx. FedEx sponsors a Joe Gibbs race car. Fredrick Smith is the father of Arthur Smith. It all ties together. And now you know… the rest of the story lol

  14. With Smith, back to basics and running the football. Gurley needs to be ready to run because Ryan will get more help.

  15. I have never met a Falcon fan my entire life and I don’t see this hire changing that.

  16. collectordude says:
    January 15, 2021 at 6:40 pm
    No Derrick Henry.


    But, he could poach the Titan’s RB coach, and this would all be an interesting dynamic if they bring back Todd Gurley.

  17. Was the new GM consulted on this before the offer was made? Seems backwards to hire the HC before the GM.

  18. >> This guy is the actual playcaller who runs the entire offense, instead of being one of Reid’s lackey’s. Smith > LeFleur

    Reid was one of Holmgren’s lackeys who never ran an offence. He turned out alright.

  19. One step closer to keeping Brandon Staley so i’m happy with the Falcons hire.

  20. It’s like these teams never learn. Why are teams STILL hiring coaches before GMs? It never works out well.

  21. If you hire the HC before the GM, the GM is a figurehead. Thanks for the extra 3rd round pic Failcons. Your new GM is a really smart guy, but Blank wont listen to him. Yawn, same old same old.

  22. @iberiasaint: As long as McKay is there, the Falcons will have two GMs & that’s a big part of their problem: the power structure.

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