Jason Wright: Washington’s new nickname won’t be some “random . . . bird”

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Football Team
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How much longer will the Washington Football Team play as the Washington Football Team?

The team has thousands of submissions from fans, with Washington Red Tails and Washington Red Wolves among those to consider. It’s possible the Washington Football Team could become the permanent name, too.

Team president Jason Wright said this week that the WFT will keep its colors, but it does not appear they are close on choosing a name.

“A few things are starting to become clear,” Wright told 106.7 The Fan, via NBCSportsWashington.com. “No. 1: Burgundy and gold should never change, period. That is a core aspect of the identity of this team and we know it is important from all this research as well to make sure we don’t feel like an expansion club, and we’re tied to the history. We have to keep the burgundy and gold as a centerpiece to all of this.

“The other thing that we heard clearly is that something random would land poorly. We need something that’s connected to the history of the club or to the area or to something else that is meaningful to the fanbase already, meaningful to the area, etc. So picking some random-[expletive] bird mascot doesn’t feel like the right approach, at least from what we’ve seen so far.”

The Eagles, Seahawks, Cardinals, Falcons and Ravens already are taken anyway.

The team’s research has shown fans want a name that conveys “a sense of aggression, of boldness, of edginess” both on and off the field, Wright added.

The team is expected to choose its name sometime in 2021.

31 responses to “Jason Wright: Washington’s new nickname won’t be some “random . . . bird”

  1. Might as well go with ‘Hogs’. It’s got team history, will make a nice logo, and isn’t far off from what people call those in government who work in D.C. Perfect fit.

  2. I actually think Washington Football Team is pretty good as it is. It’s got an old school, no-nonsense vibe to it.

    Perhaps they could use a vintage-looking player with a leather helmet as the new mascot.

  3. The Hogs does not convey “a sense of aggression, of boldness, of edginess”. How about the Boar-skins…

  4. A Sentinel is a guard, a lookout, a person keeping watch. It’s often a soldier, but not always. This would be a perfect fit for Washington. They can do a burgundy/gold version of the uniforms from “The Replacements.”

  5. So I guess this means names like the Washington Congressionals are out of the question?

    I love calling the team the Washington Hogs. That’s not a name the owners will embrace unless fans push for it hard – really hard.

  6. The Hogs would harken back to the 80’s when they won 3 SBs with 3 different QBs, 3 different RBs, and only one WR, the great Art Monk, there for all three SBs. It was the famed Hogs who were the real power of those teams.

  7. The Washington Maroons, and they would not be the first pro sports team with that name. The Montreal Maroons won the Stanley Cup twice in the NHL in the 1920s and 30s.

  8. Washington Whatchamacallits?
    Washington Monuments?
    Washington Warthogs?
    Washington Warblers?
    Washington Woodpeckers?
    Washington Waterfowl?

    Lotsa good names to be had.

  9. I actually think they should just keep it the way it is..

    Why does it have to be a moniker?

  10. I would like them to keep the colors for sure and the name if it is changed from The Football Team, should include some of the Skins history while moving away from anything Native American.

    While everyone aware of the Hogs and the history and the area history here, I thought of a few out of the box names that I would not mind seeing and it could keep it close to what most are looking for.

    In the Hog department, a razorback hog is a pretty tough species.

    1.Washington Razorbacks or Razors “HTTR” still in
    play, Hog nickname, Red razor Hog as the logo.
    2.Washington RedRazors “HTTR” still in play, Hog
    nickname, Rolls with the old the fight song as
    well. Hail to the Redrazors or Razors, Hail
    Victory, Razors on the warpath fight for ole
    D.C. …. just an idea. Of course the Native
    American undertone of the song would have to
    go. Red Razor Hog as the logo.

    3. Washington Nation, you have the Capitals, and
    Nationals in Washington already and we prided
    ourselves once as Redskins Nation. The Cowboys
    self proclaim themselves as Americas team,
    well Washington could be the Nation. The rival
    of Americas team vs The Nation. Logo could be
    D.C. on the helmet in Gold.

    I dont dislike the Redwolves or the Football
    Team, I could live with either of those as well, but the Redtails, I know the history there but we are asking for trouble with a nickname as such.

    When ever the team unfortunately lost,we would hear, well they were sent home with a loss and Red tails for sure after that beating.

    Please Washington put more thought into this, and suggestions are just opinions. I could live with any of these other than Redtails.

    I do like the tie of Redrazors to the Hogs and past history however. The colors match the team and the Razorback hogs.

  11. The Washington Trumpsters! They are certainly bold and aggressive on and off the field. And the team has the gold color, beautiful Trumpian gold!

  12. Whatever they name themselves , thousands of fans won’t like it. Its gonna be awfully tough on this environment we live in these dsys.

  13. I always though the old logo was impressive, noble and stoic. It wasn’t comical like Cleveland or Atlanta. Though I know the wave is away from Native American imagery, I felt like Washington Americans with the same logo would work. And they may have gotten away with it 5 or 10 years ago. Now, probably not. But i still think Washington Americans could work but maybe not with Burgundy and Gold. Pigskins sounds good. Hogs could work. But at least in Baltimore, Philly and Seattle, it wasnt a ‘random’ bird.

  14. I think it is funny what Jason Wright said. Of course the Washington Capitals (Slapshot) and Nationals (Screech) have random bird mascots.

  15. I would either say the Washington Hogs or Washington Senators. Those names have a history in DC.

  16. I think the current uniform and team name are perfect. It has a casual respectfulness to it. Leave it!
    -Eagles fan

  17. I have come to like “Washington Football Team” – having no nickname is unique in-and-of itself. Agree that they need to keep the traditional colors.
    I do have a suggestion for the uniform though:
    The individual players’ number is in too many spots (front jersey, back jersey, left shoulder, right shoulder, left-side helmet, right-side helmet), and nowhere does the uniform include the team logo. I suggest to replace the player number on one side of the helmet with the team logo, and on the other side of the uniform replace the player number on the shoulder with the team logo.
    So on one side of the uniform the team logo is on the helmet and the player number is on the shoulder, and on the other side of the uniform the team logo is on the shoulder and the player number is on the helmet. I.e. location of the team logo switches between shoulder and helmet on the 2 sides of the uniform.
    Go Washington Football Team!

  18. I am not understanding the anti-Sentinel attitude on this message board. It is the best choice for a team name. Many sources have Sentinels as the favorite to be chosen, so get used to it.

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