Josh Gordon suspended indefinitely

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Last month, Seahawks wide receiver Josh Gordon was conditionally reinstated, and the team expected him back on the field before the season was over. That didn’t happen, and now it may never happen.

Gordon’s conditional reinstatement has been rescinded and he is now suspended indefinitely again, Field Yates of ESPN reports.

There has been no word on what, specifically, led Gordon to be re-suspended, but he reportedly did not meet all the terms of his conditional reinstatement.

Gordon is among the most talented wide receivers in football, but his struggles with substance abuse have derailed his career. He led the NFL in receiving yards in 2013, but in seven seasons since then, he has played in just 33 regular-season games while missing 79 games thanks to a series of lengthy suspensions. Gordon last played in December of 2019.

The 29-year-old Gordon has had a total of five suspensions during his NFL career.

104 responses to “Josh Gordon suspended indefinitely

  1. I’d worry for Josh when his ability to play football has passed, which isnt far away. Hope he gets himself fixed, still a young man

  2. Sad. Dude has serious issues. He simply can’t go any length of time without using. The hold it has on him is just too much.

  3. would sure be nice to know some/any detail of what he did (or failed to do)….otherwise, feels a little like they’re picking on him.

    esp since he’s never been accused of any violence or harm to others, and plenty of those guys get back on the field.

  4. Ok time to stop giving him chances in the NFL. I feel bad for him… clearly he can’t seem to deal with his demons. A career in the NFL should not be in his future. He can’t handle it.

  5. Well, this just isn’t fair at all. Like the old saying goes, everybody deserves a sixth chance.

  6. This is so ridiculous. Under the new CBA he wouldn’t be facing Goodell’s endless suspensions, but because he was suspended before it went into place Goodell gets to keep playing judge, jury, and executioner with him.

  7. Gordon is NOT among the most talented receivers in football. You have to actually play football in order to be a talented receiver. He could barely manage to crack the starting lineup in the last 7yrs. 154 catches in 43 starts in 7yrs isn’t very impressive at all.

  8. If Carson Wentz was consistently getting suspended after his break out year you could spend 7 years repeatedly saying he’s one of the “most talented players in football”, but you don’t because he kept playing.

    Gordon had one spectacular year. That’s it.

  9. How can he be “one of the most talented ” when he hasn’t really played in 3 years? One of the most talented career killers, I could buy that, but not receiver.

  10. Talent is great and all but there comes a time when it’s just not worth it anymore.

  11. Trying to play football with the issues he has can’t possibly help. I hope the guy gets it all together for his and his loved one’s sakes. Football is irrelevant in the big picture.

  12. This is tough.

    I’ve been a supporter of him for a long time, hoping he could overcome his troubles. I understand the demons.

    But at this point, I think Josh needs to look beyond football. He’s more than an athlete, and much more than an addict, and he needs to rediscover that.

  13. But can smoking marijuana really be termed “substance abuse” anymore? Could it ever be called that? Stuff is pretty much legal now.

  14. Gordon “is among the most talented wide receivers”? You mean was, as in he was among the most talented wide receivers back in 2013. That was 7 years ago. Since then the most receiving yards he has in a season is 737 yards and he did that 3 years ago with the help of Brady. He’s a shadow of himself. He’s missed 2015, 2016, and 2020. He’s an addict. He’s young and dumb. Can’t fix dumb.

  15. And thus ends another season of the 9 lives of Josh Gordon. I’d be totally good with it if they cancelled this show. It’s boring. Every season ends the same way.

  16. A very sad story. Addiction looks like hell. I hope this young man finds his way in life. To all who poops on him, You aint perfect either. I hate seeing young people blow their chance in life, but would never condemn them. Why, cause it could be you or me tomorrow. Don’t be arrogant. U aint that much better.


  18. Tyreek Hill broke a three year-old’s arm, Antonio Brown where do you start there, Jamis Winston, Ben Roethlisberger, Kareem Hunt, they are still playing. If Gordon’s suspension has anything to do with past or present marijuana use then this is wrong. I know they changed the rules now, but not sure if since he was already in the program the changes applied to him. IF this is for weed then the NFL is saying child abuse, domestic abuse, and rape are better than weed.

  19. .. this is B.S. A year from now he will be reinstated again. Who was the pitcher in baseball that had been suspended forever and came back again and again. Gordon is him. We LOVED him here in Cleveland he was a light in a stadium of darkness. And again and again he got suspended until they had to break him off. He is still young enough to possibly to still carry on but I think the buzz means more to him then the game. Dang. Such a waste of great talent.

  20. Why do we need NFL players to be as pure as fresh fallen snow? Who cares if he’s a drunken pot smoker?

  21. Graham Mooney says:
    January 15, 2021 at 5:30 pm

    Most famous athlete in history for being suspended.


    Well, actually…he’s not. There was a baseball player named Steve Howe who was suspended 7 times plus a lifetime ban.
    He got the lifetime ban repealed.
    Hall of Famer Paul Hounung is considerably more famous than Josh Gordon.
    There are dozens of other players who’ve been suspended who are bigger names than Josh Gordon.

  22. What makes all of you so certain it’s “just weed?” For it to have carried on like this for years now, I highly doubt that is all that’s involved.

  23. News of another suspension doesn’t surprise me at all, what’s mind-boggling is that a team actually signs him expecting a return on investment

  24. One never knows but Josh can’t handle the requirements of being an nfl player. By all accounts he apparently does well when not connected to the nfl. The browns bent over backwards to help him and he should have never been reinstated. Hopefully with the burden of no nfl he can get his life back on track.

  25. guy gets suspended for smoking weed while child, women, and animal abusers like hunt, Clark, cook, hill, brown, Peterson and others are allowed to play and make millions. anyone else notice anything wrong here?

  26. Hope he beats his demons … NFL isn’t going to be a option for him now but he could still make a decent living in the XFL if that happens.

  27. This is whàt happens when you give young players a lot of money from the start. Some have stable environment some don’t. Some end up shooting themselves in the leg in a club some have alcohol issues some drugs.The Nfl knows the ones who have a stable base and the ones that dont.They need to have a support system for the ones that don’t. Aldon Smith was lucky enough to hay Jay Glazier step in and help him and seems to have beaten his demons. Not all have a place to go but a bunch of so called friends who want a free ride to a good ty. It’s a shame we see so much god given talent wasted. It happens in all sports and it’s a shame. Look at Kyre in the Nba the guy has played on great teams but has issued. Who is helping him ?

  28. Tired of seeing this loser get chance after chance! The light never went on for you butterball good riddance!

  29. kneeryan says:
    January 15, 2021 at 6:03 pm
    Tyreek Hill broke a three year-old’s arm…

    No, he did not. The facts are available. Look them up.

  30. People need to stop acting like this is for weed. It’s obviously more than weed. Hopefully he starts to make better decisions. He had the talent to be something special and he let the demons control what could have been a special career.

  31. He isn’t being helped by getting banned for life and then given 9 more chances. Please get some help young man for good this time. He’s still young and can be rehabilitated.

  32. He’ll be living under an overpass next to JaMarcus Russell within 2 years. Sad. I truly hope he gets help and moves forward once he’s out of the NFL for good.

  33. It’s sad – both because he hasn’t been able to fix this and because no one is able to effectively help him. Perhaps he has physical damage to his CNS that will only be revealed post-mortem, as has been the unfortunate explanation for other ‘unexplained behavior’. This may be a case of trying to determine which came first.

  34. How dare he smoke pot when the nfl provides opiates on demand. He should take up a more nfl like hobby like beating women and then he wouldnt have so many issues.

  35. It has to be more than just weed. In any case,it’s really sad that at just 29 years old,Josh Gordon is probably washed up in what could have been a great career. I know people who are addicts,and it’s a horrible thing to see what it does to a person. I hope that someday Gordon gets his act together before it’s too late. It’s already too late for football.

  36. He will be back after a year suspension. The NFL loves this guy. They will never ban him permanently.

  37. dtroxallday says it best to me. This guy is always the talk of the town but has done nothing since 2013? (thought it was 2015 off the top of my head). Everyone still wants to keep talking about him like an elite receiver but when it comes down to it, he had a great year and has been screwing it up ever since.

    And no this isn’t about Goodell. It is about JG and teams’ blindness to that fact. I mean seriously…dude is 29 years old and if (*coughs*) when they let him back he might still qualify for the rookie wage scale.

  38. Why does everyone make this about weed. Yes Gordon smokes, but that’s not his issue. He takes other substances, he’s got an issue with staying sober, it’s not weed that doesn’t do this to you. NFL doesn’t even care about weed anymore, half the league probably smokes in the offseason. This guy needs help or just needs to do something else, I can’t see him getting any more chances at all.

  39. Threw a career away for weed yeah no big deal really but really you couldn’t stop for maybe a few years damn! You would have enough money to sit on your butt and smoke the rest of your life c’mon man.

  40. I believe it was Benjamin Franklin, who wrote in a 1789 letter that “in this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death, taxes and Josh Gordon suspended.”

  41. I don’t know what’s more stupid, him continually getting suspended for weed, or that the NFL really cares if a guy smokes weed. It’s easy to take shots at Gordon. But the NFL is a multi-billion dollar business that thinks nothing of giving guys the needle at halftime so they can finish a game and dispenses painkillers like a giant PEZ dispenser. And then they come down on a guy for something as benign as pot? Always liked the line in Tombstone, “My hypocrisy only goes so far”. Clearly, the NFL would beg to differ.

  42. Plenty of guys smoke pot in the league and probably use worse drugs than that.. I’d imagine plenty smoke before games too. Seems like Josh Gordon has become the poster child for substance abuse. I can’t help but feel for him to some degree. Losing family, especially a brother, would be unimaginably painful.

  43. It’s really none of my business, so I’ll dive right in!
    If JG is being suspended indefinitely for weed, IMHO, he should be allowed to play in states where Marijuana is legal. If he and a team came to an agreement, more power to the kid, and the team. If he performed, more power to him for being employed and living life on his terms. It’s completely on him to continue seeking treatment. Happy Saturday! Go Bruins!

  44. He should be done in the NFL for good. If he was in the real world, no company would ever hire him again, but because he has god-given talent, teams continue to give him millions just to watch him fail.

  45. If he really wanted to play in the NFL he would abide by the terms of his deal.when dope becomes more important than money you got a mental condition so just smoke up and be somebody,have another joint.

  46. This guy has not had off the field issues, if this is simply for positive weed tests it’s truly sad.

  47. I don’t know what substances he’s abusing. If he’s just smoking pot then the players union is guilty of malpractice.

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