No news on the 2021 Scouting Combine

NFL Combine - Day 5
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As of Sunday, it was expected that the fate of the 2021 Scouting Combine would be determined within the next week. Five days later, everyone remains in the dark.

One league source said that the NFL is currently determined to get through the current season before figuring out timing and logistics of the Scouting Combine. The source suggested, however, that the league office has the capacity to focus on both finishing the playoffs and figuring out the Scouting Combine.

“We are trying to plan and have no road map,” the source added regarding the source’s team.

Another source said that nothing is expected soon, based on other communications.

Some expect that, eventually, the league will delay the event and/or determine that there will be no on-field workouts. If the league also scraps Pro Day workouts, the players who currently are training for the various events of the Underwear Olympics are wasting time and incurring wholly unnecessary risk. (Also, the agents who are advancing the associated training fees are wasting money.)

So stay tuned for answers, even if it takes a while for answers to emerge.

8 responses to “No news on the 2021 Scouting Combine

  1. If its one offseason event the NFL could put in a “bubble environment” its the combine. What is it 7 days tops for the entire thing? C’mon. Get it done NFL.

  2. I suggest they scrap it already and focus on extended pro days.

    The whole problem with Covid is related to concentration/proximity of people and travel. Not to “on field” work. Its yet to be shown the virus has crossed the line of scrimmage one single time.

    Go see one school at a time and dont make the prospects travel. Have regional pro days for the smaller schools. Only a selected few representatives from each team may attend. Have NFL mandated officials overlook the testing to make sure its up to standard and not skewed.

    We all need to adapt, and we all need to have a plan. Its foolish to think its all going to get figured out on its own after the SuperBowl when the scouting season kicks off days later.

  3. Insure & pay all combine invites for both the participation period and 10-14 day quarantine period prior to the event. NFL has their event. Players are compensated for their time & possible injury. Fans get more of what most want. ROCKET SCIENCE!

    Field/drill staff are tested/quarantined prior.

    GMs, coaches & scouts are limited, socially distanced & COVID screened.

  4. Have all in attendance verified for having taken the covid vaccine. Have all in attendance supply a covid test result five days prior. Hold the combine at Disney Sports Complex in Orlando, quarantine all in attendance similar to NBA finals.

  5. It’s around 50 participants a day. NFL can continue the same testing protocols, and follow stringent distancing and mask protocols. Everyone, including team evaluators can watch online.

  6. Watch tape – the tape doesn’t lie. It’s double edge sword – It prevents teams from reaching due to 40 time but it also prevents kids from being noticed (more so for the smaller school kids)

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