Patrick Mahomes takes notice of OBJ tweet predicting Browns win

Atlanta Falcons v Kansas City Chiefs
Getty Images

Last week, “the Browns is the Browns” helped catapult Cleveland to a playoff win over the Steelers. This week, Chiefs receiver Sammy Watkins provided a watered-down equivalent — but it’s still more than enough for the Browns to use as a rallying cry.

The Browns aren’t blameless in the bulletin-board material game. Receiver Odell Beckham Jr., who hasn’t played in weeks due to a knee injury, tweeted this: “Don’t be surprised this weekend when they win….just throwin it out there now.”

Again, when it comes to motivation, it’s a far cry from “the Browns is the Browns.” However, it was enough to get Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes to “like” it. Which likely means he doesn’t literally like it, that he’s using it to ward off complacency that would come from being a double-digit favorite against a team that rolls into Kansas City with nothing to lose.

The Chiefs perform at their best when fully focused and engaged. It’s surely harder to get fully focused and engaged on a team like the Browns. Mahomes is trying, thanks to motivation provided by a guy who won’t be playing in the game.