Report: Anthony Lynn is a candidate for Seahawks offensive coordinator position

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There was talk last week that former Chargers coach Anthony Lynn could become a candidate for one of the various head-coaching openings elsewhere. That has yet to come to fruition.

Here’s what has: NFL Media reports that Lynn has spoken with Seahawks coach Pete Carroll about becoming the team’s new offensive coordinator.

Lynn, who would essentially be working for free in 2021 because of his buyout with the Chargers (they’d get a credit for whatever he earns in Seattle), has yet to decide what he wants to do.

A running backs coach from 2003 through 2015, Lynn became the offensive coordinator in Buffalo early in the 2016 season, after Greg Roman was fired. The Chargers hired Lynn to be the team’s head coach after that season ended.

11 responses to “Report: Anthony Lynn is a candidate for Seahawks offensive coordinator position

  1. I’m assuming even the die-hard Wilson haters must think this a rather bad idea.
    It’s one thing to be annoyed by the pretentiousness of ‘letting Russ cook,’ but then there’s hiring a chef who can’t even make toast without burning it…

  2. Russell Wilson will not approve of Anthony Lynn. Lynn believes strongly in establishing the run and winning games via ball control all while minimizing risk. He was a great fit for Buffalo’s OC as he had the linemen to make the run game work very well.

  3. I could see it. Carroll was the DC on the 9ers when Lynn was a RB. Lynn also has featured heavy RB attacks as OC/HC. I assume Carroll would approve. The nonsense with Rus having input is so stupid.

  4. Do they get draft picks for this? Im confused by the rule regarding skin color. Honest question.

  5. Maybe I’m wrong but I’m gathering Carroll wants to to run the ground and pound offense and Russ wants to sling it because that’s what today’s league is about. Passing stats make the money and Wilson knows this. Things are going to get interesting in Seattle and it won’t be pretty.

  6. All the speculation about a disgruntled Russell has been blown out of proportion and baseless. Russ has been in the loop on the direction needed to take the team forward. Lynn is a good coach & one that will help the run game become efficient/effective. He also would work well with Russell in play action improvements & protections during the passing game. I’m actually hoping they all get together to see if this might be the direction needed to improve. Guess, time will tell.

  7. At the end of the day, every NFL team needs the players to compete for/in the playoffs. Seattle’s offensive line will need to be reconstructed…it is crazy to compare the Packers and Bills o-line play to the Seahawks…Seattle had trouble all day long with the Rams….

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