Sean McVay: I thought Jared Goff handled last week really well

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Jared Goff was disappointed when he learned he wouldn’t start the Rams’ wild-card matchup with the Seahawks last week, though he and head coach Sean McVay were able to talk it out.

McVay had a variety of reasons for making that choice, but was pleased with the way Goff handled himself to lead Los Angeles to victory.

“Jared and I had great conversations last week,” McVay said in his Thursday press conference. “I thought he handled last week really well. I mean, you think about the circumstances that he dealt with, coming off the thumb surgery, going against a defense of that caliber, not getting really any reps during the course of the week. Then you’re thrust into the game in the first quarter and do a great job of having a clean slate with the turnovers. He prepared himself this week as if he was ready to go.”

Last Saturday’s game was the first all year the Rams have played without a giveaway.

Goff is set to reclaim his role as QB1 on Saturday in Green Bay. According to McVay, Goff has looked more like himself as he gets further removed from the surgery to repair his broken thumb.

“I think he’s throwing the ball really well this week,” McVay said. “And really, I think probably a more approbate way of articulating it was, I thought there were some throws that he’s typically fairly automatic on, that maybe he missed. Now whether that was a result of the thumb injury or not, he’s the one that would probably be able to better answer that. But I do know this, when you watch him throw last week to this week, it is definitely trending in the right direction that’s more in alignment and really, it looks like the Jared that we’re accustomed to who has always been a natural thrower of the football.

“You can see he’s able to drive intermediate-deeper breaks and can definitely throw the football down the field. So, I don’t think you’re limited in any type of throw, based on what we’ve evaluated this week, which is a real positive.”

That’s a good thing for Los Angeles’ offense, which will likely need to put up significant points to compete with a Green Bay team that finished leading the league in scoring.

6 responses to “Sean McVay: I thought Jared Goff handled last week really well

  1. I don’t know much about Goff other than he has a reputation for fumbling, which is likely due to his small size 9 hands, and he’s had significant surgery on his throwing thumb, and he has a poor win-loss record in cold weather games. He’s the guy I want in there, all right.

  2. I have never known another fan base that focuses more on a mans hand size than packer fan, what’s that all about.

  3. What fan base focus? Hand size is a measurable component of the NFL Combine! Why might that be? Because people who make the determinations for a living think it’s important? Might that be the reason? Ya think?

    “His grip strength has got to be fantastic,” Falcons coach Dan Quinn said. “I totally thought the same thing. During the game, I said, ‘That’s amazing that the ball did not come out.’” Rodgers never mentioned his actual hand size, but they were measured at 10⅛ inches at the 2005 NFL combine before he was drafted.”

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