Shad Khan: We need to be a coach-centric team

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Jaguars owner Shad Khan has his head coach in Urban Meyer, but the team has yet to hire a General Manager.

From his comments at Meyer’s introductory press conference, Khan hired Meyer first because he wants a team centered around the head coach. Khan declined to specify who will have final say over the 53-man roster, but he made it clear Meyer’s voice and opinions will carry a lot of weight.

“Moving forward, I think the issue of roster control, it’s more technical or symbolic,” Khan said. “My whole aspect — and this started really about 15 months ago — [is] that we need to be a coach-centric team in our organization, where the head coach really has to lead the kind of players he wants, the kind of team we need to be. And the General Manager, myself, we have to support that vision. And somehow, someway that had been lost. And the idea here is more about transparency, collaboration, teamwork, and accountability.

Khan added that he and Meyer have discussed the G.M. role and who it should be, and the hope is that they’ll be able to hire someone in the next week or so.

Both Meyer and the G.M. will report directly to Khan.

“Everybody in the organization, we’re going to be carrying out, obviously, Urban’s vision of the team for the kind of players we want,” Khan said.

10 responses to “Shad Khan: We need to be a coach-centric team

  1. People ask these stupid questions of who has final say when you see who got hired firs. There’s your answer. It’s the same nonsense that happened when Gruden went back to the Raiders. Obviously, the GM will not have authority there.

  2. “Both Meyer and the G.M. will report directly to Khan.”

    This was the Browns’ model with Hue and Sashi. It led to a power struggle, essentially a shmoozing contest, with the wrong guy winning.

    Hopefully the jags can avoid that sort of thing. Sounds like Khan already knows he will give benefit of the doubt to Meyer, so maybe that will preemptively nip this sort of problem in the bud. Looks like the arrow is pointing up in Jacksonville with the hire and the draft capital.

  3. Sounds to me like Khan is making it an owner-centric team. When you have a clueless owner that’s bad.

  4. Coach-centric teams usually implode. Rare guys like Belichick do exist, but it’s not a good idea to think you’ve found one. This is even more the case with college coaches coming into the NFL. It’s more likely you end up with a Chip Kelly or Lou Holtz who totally flames out.

  5. This is the result of having had an incompetent GM (Dave Caldwell) who could not draft anyone decent except “no brainer” picks plus Tom “My way or the highway” Coughlin running the organization and poor HC Doug Marrone left holding the bag trying to win with a roster of shmoes who couldn’t make it on any other NFL roster.

    These changes are long due and I’m excited for the future of the Jaguars.

  6. What a unique and groundbreaking idea.
    Hey! I just realized that the championship trophy is named for a coach. I wonder if Vince Lombardi would approve of a “coach-centric” team concept?

  7. Ok, but he wedged Tom Coughlin in there. Had you networked or talked to people? You would’ve known he doesn’t relate or connect to the “current” NFL player, AND he shouldn’t really have been interacting with players – meaning his piss people off quotient is high. A coach-centric team = like college? Jags Fans. I hope your owner realizes that his philsophy/thoughts/pontifications don’t match when applied to the business of professional football.

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