Tom Brady: Drew Brees is a lot younger than me

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The first time Tom Brady took on Drew Brees, Brees threw for 293 yards for Purdue, but Brady threw for 250 yards and Michigan won 38-12. That was in 1999, when Brees was a junior and Brady was a senior. And Brady still recognizes that he’s the elder quarterback.

When Brady’s Buccaneers play Brees’ Saints on Sunday, their combined age of 85 will make them the oldest starting quarterbacks playing against each other in NFL history. But Brady turned 43 in August, while Brees turns 42 today.

“He’s a lot younger than me. He’s 18 months younger than me — 18 months ago, I felt a lot better,” Brady said.

Brady and Brees may be meeting for the last time on Sunday. Savor it. Nothing lasts forever, even if these two quarterbacks’ careers feel like they’re coming close.

8 responses to “Tom Brady: Drew Brees is a lot younger than me

  1. Both QBs’ careers “feel like they’re coming to a close”? I can’t agree with that. Brees, yes. While he’s still a very good QB, he’s throwing shorter passes and he’s made noises himself about this possibly being his last season.

    On the other hand, Brady seems rejuvenated. His yardage, TD, 20+ and 40+-yard passing stats are great. Sometimes when I’m watching I feel like it’s the old days with Randy Moss. Brady’s ability to avoid disabling injury is still his superpower. 2020 is not only not his last season, I doubt 2021 is either. The guy is addicted to football and he’s willing to put in crazy amounts of work and make sacrifices to stay in the game. Sure, he’s way closer to the end of his career than the beginning, but we’ll be watching him for awhile yet.

  2. “18 months ago, I felt much better.”

    As a Patriots fan, I can assure you…so did I.

  3. I will not miss this game Sunday, this may be it for one or both. Great careers & HOF’ers….never been a fan of either but high respects to their success & longevity.

  4. Man are we lucky as NFL fans to see greats such as these 2 battle – it wont last for ever. And this is (one reason) why the NFL is leaps and bounds better than the NBA.

  5. Say what you want about the guy…he finds motivation. It may seems ridiculous to most of us, but winning at the game we are here for affords him gravitas.

  6. Brady’s going to be hilarious when he retires and hits the talk show circuit. I can see him popping into the Comedy Store and doing a surprise standup set.

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