As Ravens plan to part ways with Mark Ingram, he’ll be a healthy scratch tonight

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Mark Ingram‘s time with the Ravens is, as a practical matter, over.

Yes, he’s still on the team. Yes, he’d possibly play again this year if a rash of injuries forced him into the lineup.

But if there was any doubt about his future, there should be none now. Adam Schefter of reports that Ingram will be a healthy scratch for tonight’s playoff game against the Bills.

“Ingram is fully healthy and is said to understand that this is a business decision for Baltimore due to salary-cap considerations,” Schefter says.

The business decision is this: Ingram has a base salary of $5 million in 2021. Surely, he’ll be cut before that number hits the cap on March 17.

Under the 2020 CBA, if Ingram were to suffer a serious injury that would prevent him from playing for the Ravens or anyone else in 2021, he’d be entitled to $2 million. Also under the CBA, the first $1.2 million of that payment would count against the salary cap. (The other $800,000 would be treated as player benefit costs.)

Thus, the Ravens are trying to avoid an unnecessary cap charge in 2021 of $1.2 million by putting Ingram on the field again. With J.K. Dobbins and Gus Edwards getting it done at the tailback position, it’s a no-brainer for a team that is poised to part way with Ingram, anyway.

Then again, it’s only $1.2 million dollars. If the Ravens saw real value in playing Ingram as they pursue a championship, they would. Clearly, they don’t.

In 2020, Ingram had a career-low 72 carries and a career-low 299 rushing yards. With 7,324 rushing yards since entering the league in 2011, Ingram ranks 60th on the all-time rushing list, with more yardage than Hall of Famer Leroy Kelly, DeMarco Murray, Curt Warner, Robert Smith, Hall of Famer John Henry Johnson, and Arian Foster.

12 responses to “As Ravens plan to part ways with Mark Ingram, he’ll be a healthy scratch tonight

  1. Sad, but inevitable. Respect to Ingram for understanding the situation and treating it like a professional. I hope he gets a starting job wherever he ends up.

  2. Would be ironic if he was to get a Super Bowl ring in a year when he did not contribute much. Seems to be a stand up guy, no complaining on social media and such. Good for him.

  3. It’s what ends up happening to older rbs. He doesnt contribute to special teams so Hill will be active instead.

  4. Evidently a very good teammate and person – was still legit in 2019 before the calf injury – drafting Dobbins spelled the end for him with the Ravens – the only question is why it took the Ravens 2/3 of a season to make the switch

  5. Really though? A playoff game, and you’re worried about $1.2M! You won’t have to pay the full $5M if he gets hurt. Props to him for being professional, but this is why Baltimore is looked at as one of the “shadier” organizations.

  6. You play your healthy best else the game is rigged. Nice work, Baltimore. Vegas loves you for the heads up.

  7. Ingram hasnt been playing for weeks now – reason being he is the third best RB on the team

  8. Loved him as a saint for years. Always an excellent player,teammate, and person. Hated to see him part from the saints, but in retrospect it appears saints made a wise and timely choice. Saints should let him return at retirement time.

  9. In addition to the money it’s a numbers/players dressed thing also. They need depth at other positions and dressing a 4th RB who doesn’t play special teams makes no sense.

    Loved Ingram as a Raven,. That injury last year seemed to do him in sadly.

  10. Man, seeing Arian Foster’s name reminded me of how much of a stud he was when healthy. And only for those few short years. Guy could do anything but the game wore him down. Hard to believe Ingram has more yards?!?

  11. wasn’t he the guy that couldn’t shut his mouth about how great Lamar was…MOUTH SHUT…thanks.

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