Bills headed to AFC Championship Game for first time since 1993 season

Divisional Round - Baltimore Ravens v Buffalo Bills
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It wasn’t pretty. In fact, at times, it was downright ugly.

But Buffalo undoubtedly will consider Saturday’s 17-3 victory over the Ravens a thing of beauty. Indeed, the city is celebrating like it’s 1993.

That’s the last time the Bills made the AFC Championship Game.

Next Sunday, Buffalo will play either the Chiefs in Kansas City or the Browns at home.

The Bills gained only 220 yards as Josh Allen completed 23 of 37 passes for 206 yards and a touchdown. He threw a 3-yard scoring toss to Stefon Diggs, who went over 100 yards for the second consecutive game and the fifth time in six games.

Diggs caught eight passes for 106 yards.

The Bills allowed 340 yards but held Lamar Jackson to 34 rushing yards on nine carries and 162 passing yards before he left the game on the final play of the third quarter. Jackson was diagnosed with a concussion and did not return after hitting his head on the turf.

That left the Ravens’ comeback hopes in the hands of backup quarterback Tyler Huntley. Huntley drove the Ravens to the Buffalo 10-yard line, but with 2:46 remaining, his fourth-down pass fell incomplete.

The Ravens had five drives inside the Bills 30. They kicked one field goal, missed two field goals, threw a pick-six and turned it over on downs.

Taron Johnson played the part of hero for the Bills, returning a Jackson interception 101 yards for a back-breaking touchdown with 41 seconds remaining in the third quarter. The Ravens were 9 yards from a tying touchdown.

Johnson’s interception return tied for the longest in postseason history. Packers defensive back George Teague had a 101-yard interception return against the Lions in 1993.

Jerry Hughes had two sacks and another pressure on Jackson.

Kickers Tyler Bass and Justin Tucker each made one field goal and missed two field goals on a windy night.

80 responses to “Bills headed to AFC Championship Game for first time since 1993 season

  1. Kudos to the Bills. Great team and fan base. They deserve a ring. Hope they can get past KC/Clev. – Ravens fan.

  2. Baltimore’s defense kept them in it, if they only had a quarterback, it looks like there’s a quarterback controversy brewing with Tyler Huntley and Lamar the running back

  3. I feel bad for Ravens fans, because their head coach has hooked their cart, and their future, to a quarterback who’s gimmick doesn’t fly come playoff time. If you can’t consistently throw the ball well, and you can’t properly read defenses, then you’re going to be exposed in the playoffs when the competition is the cream of the crop. 3 straight years Lamar’s shortcomings have been on full display

  4. I’m so happy for Stefon Diggs. Escaping the dysfunctional Vikings is the most important thing for any great player, as MN is where talent goes to die.

  5. Congratulations to the Bills!……My team was done in last week by bad coaching and an old QB who’s time has past. With that being said, Baltimore must know by now that they truly do not have a quarterback. Don’t get me wrong, I’m an LJ fan. marvel at his athleticism. And he seems like a great young man. But once they fell behind in the game, everyone knew it was over.

  6. I can see it now …, a Bills -Browns matchup . A team that has never won a Super Bowl versus a team that has never made it to the Super Bowl. Josh vs Baker…..

  7. Bills better play better offensively in the AFC chpship. Their D was great but they have to run the ball better. I’d still be concerned that the offense not balance enough if I’m a Bills fan..

  8. I loved Diggs’ comments after the game.

    Direct comparison between Josh Allen and Kirk Cousins.

    But you’ll never get Vikings fans to see that their QB isn’t the best ever.

    They’re 100% in love with their Cousins.

  9. The Ravens need to understand that playing a running back at the QB position just won’t cut it in the NFL. He can rack up yards against poor defenses, but once you get to the playoffs, there are too many good defenses. They’ll keep getting wins in the regular season as long as their RB/QB stays healthy, but they won’t last in the playoffs.

  10. Ok, Ravens fans! What are your excuses for Lamar now? 3 points? You come up with every possible excuse every time Lamar plays yet another terrible playoff football game. Can’t wait for the continued delusion.
    Look, I’ll say it again for the 1000th time: Lamar is a bad QB. Incredible runner and scrambler. But in order to win in the playoffs you have to be able to throw the ball, with accuracy, and make the right reads.
    You can shout from the top of your lungs about how incredible and unstoppable he is. He’s 1-3, he played terribly yet again tonight, and his flaws are so obvious. Why can’t you admit it?
    You are never going to win a Super Bowl, let alone multiple playoff games, with a running back playing QB. Sorry.

  11. Well, so much for the ” one and done” everyone was expecting. Let’s face it guys, everyone wants to see KC/Buff. Oh and all you Titans fans, stop with the it should’ve been us garbage. This Bills team would’ve beat you worse than Baltimore.

  12. Hate that Jackson got hurt, ruined what otherwise was a decently back and forth game until the Bills were able to pull away in the 2nd half.

  13. I turned the game off at halftime to go outside and watch the grass grow.

  14. Looked pretty pretty from here. About as pretty as I would expect a game so windy that Justin Tucker misses two field goals in it to be

  15. was i watching a different game or wasnt it robert griffen who came in for jackson. also bass only
    missed 1 fg. maybe im wrong since ive been drinking

  16. Nice game Bills. Did what you had to do. Contained their run game and let Jackson throw to the turf. His best plays are busted plays. He has to work on his reads. Can’t be saved by a tight end and win the playoffs.

  17. All week Raven fan said They would run all over Buffalo..Bills can adapt that’s why their Dangerous plus Allen and Diggs are Beast!!!!

  18. But I said the Bills would lose to the Dolphins!!! I said they’d lose to the Colts!!!! I said they’d lose to the Ravens!!! I said Josh Allen was garbage!!!! I sure do talk a lot about a game I know nothing about!!!

  19. Happy for the Bills and the Bills Mafia. There are such a good team and fun to watch. I’m pulling for them to win it all this year. The fact remains that once you take away Lamar Jackson’s running yards, he’s not a very good QB. In a second round playoff game, Jackson went 14/24 162yds 1int, 9car 34yds. He’s a great gimmick QB, but as he ages and his speed decreases, the worse his play will get.

  20. as a life-long Bills fan, I can honestly say this team is just different…such an amazing season

  21. As much as some people considered the game ugly…

    It was exactly the game the Bills NEEDED to have happen to win.

    Contain Lamar Jackson, and throw the ball against a seriously good Ravens defense.

    Way to win, Buffalo!!!

    (also – Lamar – hope you heal quickly!)

  22. Does anyone else find that extremely loud horn they blow after every play annoying? Maybe they could save it for scoring plays, it’s too much!

  23. Congrads Bills. Tough game.

    Every defeat is a learning process. Lamar and Ravens can only get better and eventually reach promised land and win SB. Bad snaps, missed field goals, wasn’t Ravens day today.

    Don’t be too hard on Lamar. Most qbs never even make playoffs.

  24. Very happy to see the Bills back in the AFC Championship game.

    Even happier to see the Ravens eliminated.

  25. Watching this Bills team feels like rooting for “the good guys.” What a journey. These men are playing for each other and they earned it.

  26. Stefon Diggs is in the AFC Championship Game. It looks like that trade worked out pretty good for him.

  27. Honestly congrats to ALL the Bill’s fans

    Been a long time for them to have this happiness since the marv levy,Jim kelly, Thurman Thomas, Andre reed, Darry Talley, Bruce Smith, Steve tasker, don Beebe days.

    I’ll be rooting for them to win it all since my teams season is over

    -9ER fan

  28. Where are all the Josh Allen haters? You know, the ones who said he was a bust, wasn’t accurate, would be gone in 3 years and in most cases reside in Toronto or New England. Boom!

  29. So much for that MVP Lamar Jackson huh? 3 points? Oh, he looks good in the regular season, but when teams clamp down on him, he can’t pass. As a Brown’s fan, I hope he stays on the Ravens because they’re never gone win the big one.

  30. I’d rather lose to the Bills than any other franchise. Great team and deserving of representing the AFC. Wish them the best next week.

  31. You can’t win a superbowl with a running back being your quarterback. It’s been proven time and time again. Now that the defences know Lamar and Big Ben on a downward slide the division belongs to the Browns if they don’t implode……no dog in this fight.

  32. Just wanted to add, wind was a huge factor in the kicking and passing game.

    Surreal morning for Bills fans.

  33. We’re hoping for a Packers-Bills Super Bowl. Two cold weather open-air stadium clubs meeting in balmy Tampa.

  34. As much as I would like to see Andy Reid win back to back Superbowls, I would prefer, the Browns to upset the Chiefs and make it to the AFC Championship game.

    Bills vs. Browns for the AFC crown would be awesome!

  35. Couldn’t be happier for the bills, not a fan but it’s a great feel good story for the NFL. whomever passed on Josh Allen should be looking for a job, that kid has it all going for him and his team and Sean McDermott is a fantastic coach. After this year nice to see some new faces in the playoffs.

  36. The game was much closer than the score would suggest. The Bills will need to play much better football if they plan on adding something new to their trophy case. This one was a gift from the Ravens. Hopefully the Bills step it up next week.

  37. Bills passing offense struggled in the wind; if this game was played in better weather conditions I think they’d have put up 30 points and rolled the Ravens.

  38. I thought the miserable passing conditions would propell the Ravens. Tight game, Bilss get the turnover, game. Just a brutal INT

  39. seahawk12thman says:
    January 17, 2021 at 7:20 am
    As much as I would like to see Andy Reid win back to back Superbowls, I would prefer, the Browns to upset the Chiefs and make it to the AFC Championship game.

    Bills vs. Browns for the AFC crown would be awesome!


    Something even a Seahawk and Ram fan can agree on. lol

  40. Great win Bills, my Pats have been out of for several weeks (and more changes coming in offseason) but pulling for the Bills this postseason to represent AFC East. Fun team to watch, offense is clicking most games and defense really stepped up and surprised me in this one. Good luck the rest of the way

  41. Bills got control late in the third and didn’t let up. Lamar throwing the pick 6 iced it. He is not accurate at all as a passer. Josh looks like Tom Brady next to him.

  42. Would be hilarious to see a Bucs Bills SB with Brady putting the Bills down again for something like the 33rd time in his career.

  43. Finding the right QB can fix a lot of things. The Bills are light years away from the 2017 and 2019 teams that exited in the first round.

  44. Congrats to the Bills! But Josh Allen has to stop flopping. He got a needed flag but he embarrassed the officials, they will see it on tape and next time maybe he won’t get a legitimate call his way. Leave flopping for the NBA and soccer theaters where opponents are not supposed to hit each other. It looks ridiculous too.

  45. philmccracken says:
    January 16, 2021 at 11:29 pm
    I’m so happy for Stefon Diggs. Escaping the dysfunctional Vikings is the most important thing for any great player, as MN is where talent goes to die.

    If Vikings didn’t give Diggs a shot, he would’ve been long dead. Vikings is where players go to become super stars. And Diggs is already acting like a big head. Watch when they lose to the Chiefs, how his head will explode.

  46. Happy for Diggs too, plenty of Vikings fans rooting for him and this team. We told you he was a special player.

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