Jack Easterby’s literal Hail Mary play has worked, so far

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Two weeks ago, Texans owner Cal McNair seemed to be ready to neuter at best and ostracize at worst Jack Easterby, the team’s executive V.P. of football operations. Then Easterby made a Hail Mary play, perhaps literally, to get McNair to change his mind.

The new report from SI.com touches on a rumor that has been making the rounds since the Texans went off the Korn Ferry board and hired Nick Caserio to become the team’s new General Manager. Easterby, as the rumor goes, persuaded McNair to pray with Easterby for wisdom in deciding on the new G.M. — fully aware that the new G.M. could end up freezing out or firing Easterby.

Here’s the key passage from the SI.com report: “Easterby had made a habit of asking coworkers to take his hand and pray for wisdom when making workplace decisions. He often did so with people who reported to him; some felt they had no choice but to oblige, even if this made them uncomfortable. McNair, though, strongly identifies with Easterby’s Christian faith. The two were among the last people to leave NRG Stadium the night of the season-ending loss. And, according to multiple members of the organization, with the biggest decision for the franchise’s future looming — who would lead the team moving forward — word spread throughout the building that Easterby and McNair prayed for enlightenment.”

The article later explains that Easterby and McNair have “prayed together regularly at team headquarters, reinforcing their bond.”

Easterby, a former chaplain who wears his faith like a neon zoot suit, apparently doesn’t always behave with the same forbearance and honesty that his religious beliefs would seemingly advocate. According to the new SI.com report, Easterby “told multiple people inside the building that he had sued, or planned to sue” SI.com for defamation, and that he had been given a list of all sources for the SI.com story.

“That is untrue,” Jenny Vrentas and Greg Bishop write. “SI has not been notified of any lawsuit nor disclosed the identity of any of its sources.”

Easterby, per the new SI.com report, also claims that the Kraft family, his former employer in New England, “is behind the negative press about him,” and that Easterby “has spread a story that the Krafts are investors in SI or had directly funded SI’s reporting.” (Easterby denied making that claim.)

“That is also untrue,” Vrentas and Bishop write. “SI has no financial relationship with the Krafts or any of their business ventures, including the Patriots.”

Easterby remains nervous about his status, and rightfully so. Easterby’s unchecked and, frankly, delusional ambitions (a league source tells PFT that he openly aspires to be the General Manager of a team) has contributed to the mess in which he now finds himself.

Per the SI.com report, Easterby asked several Texans players in recent days to support him publicly, or privately to people like Deshaun Watson. The plea has come “[o]ften through tears,” and Easterby has “shared accounts of his receiving death threats and his family’s having to relocate to a hotel.”

“I have called players to see how they’re doing and check in, per normal process,” Easterby told SI.com. “I have not asked anyone to speak to Cal or Deshaun on my behalf. I ask players to tell the truth when asked.”

If Easterby wants the truth, here it is: He shouldn’t be the executive V.P. of football operations, for any NFL team. The league has many other potential candidates for that type of position with far greater credentials, qualifications, and experience than Easterby. Every day that Easterby has that job, a truly worthy candidate necessarily is denied the opportunity to grow and to flourish in a position for which he or she is far better suited than Easterby.

Easterby, in our assessment, believed he could establish a foothold in the world of football with a thin and/or embellished resume. Then, with his personality and penchant for playing the “Man of God” card, he climbed and he climbed and he climbed. And as the old saying goes, the higher someone climbs a tree, the more exposed that person’s ass becomes.

35 responses to “Jack Easterby’s literal Hail Mary play has worked, so far

  1. I realize some of these trade offers from fans are trolls, but some of these from people thinking their offers are legit are quite hilarious. It’s gonna take a minimum of three 1sts and 2nds, and at this point Tua’s value is equal to a 2nd round pick.

  2. if i’m the houston team’s owner, i turn it up to 11 and withhold pay for conduct detrimental and let him sit on his couch for 6 or 10 games.

  3. You have to feel sorry for the Texans fans. This nonsense started with the Hopkins trade and went downhill from there. Now they are in peril of losing the franchise qb because of the onholy influence of a snake oil salesman.

  4. Watson is good but is anyone going to really trade 5 top picks and QB? I mean thats 7 players which likely still cost less than he does. This is difficult situation because Texans can’t get proper value and no team can really trade what he would be worth. Someone is going to lose if Watson is dealt, and given JE is the one who pushed for Hopkins to be traded, my guess is it is Houston.

  5. How long until Easterby thinks it’s a great idea to stick it to the Patriots by trading the trouble maker to them for a 3rd day pick? Please don’t do that, Mr. Easterby, it’d totally own Coach Belichick and MR. Kraft!

  6. Sounds like there’s a new football to exec since Bruce Allen was fired last year

  7. This is on the owner Cal McNair who has overseen the total deconstruction of the Texan’s organization. One fan favorite, Andre Johnson has made clear that Easterby needs to return to his Chaplin background. Watson has made the disfunction clear as well as his desire to leave. The team will soon jettison JJ Watt ostensibly for salary cap reasons hitting the trifecta! McNair has now become the poster boy for owners who need to go, supplanting Daniel Snyder, the Johnson brothers and the battling Bowlen children.

  8. Absolutely absurd. As far as I can tell, the Lord has zero scouting experience.

    If your boss or coworker or subordinate asks you to pray with him at work, you should sue the bejesus out of him.

  9. “Easterby, a former chaplain who wears his faith like a neon zoot suit, apparently doesn’t always behave with the same forbearance and honesty that his religious beliefs would seemingly advocate. ”

    I would not be surprised if he was running a mega church one day, using the tax free status to gain tens of millions for his personal gain like so many other mega churches all in the name of “religion”

  10. This is the guy to preach at a mega church about poverty, then slip out the side door onto his private jet.

  11. Easterby isn’t the only one in Houston that believes he is qualified for a position he has no experience in.
    Where did Deshaun Watson receive his training and experience to assist in hiring the highest level positions for a professional football team? I thought he was just a good football player, who, really, has just finished his rookie contract.
    Deshaun’s wish, Eric Bienemy, has a few red flags over his career, that generally doesn’t get mentioned. There is a reason he isn’t the hot prospect that teams are willing to stake their future on.

  12. The Hail Mary is the best play in all of sports.

    “So you’re saying there’s a chance?” is the most used line in sports.

    Now I now why this Easterby character is such a rub.

    This is pure entertainment — GAME OF ENDZONES!

  13. I believe in God and there are certainly a lot of people who are Holier then me. I try to do my best every day and to respect everyone. Pray to be a better person, for forgiveness for what I have done wrong in my life and to cure people who are sick or to relief suffering of other people. It seems wrong to me pray to benefit one’s self and to have someone pray with you to make your football team better.

  14. There are very few men less trustworthy than the ones that called themselves “Man of God “.

  15. and people are crying about Deshaun Watson wanting out…smh

    sounds like a complete clown show in the front office

  16. Funny that their prayer group “directs” football decisions. What a mess and no wonder players want out. When you have to politic and shed tears to get people to pity you, there is no way you will ever get the respect of the players.

  17. Like him or hate him, it sure doesn’t sound like McNair is lettering Easterby go anytime soon.

  18. Religion in the workplace isn’t usually a good idea..unless you work in a church.
    However, I don’t blame Watson for wanting out of that circus. Don’t blame him at all.
    This Easterby character seems to have a lot of dubious traits…questionable work resume, making religion a big factor in a workplace.
    Who knows, maybe McNair confessed something to Easterby, thinking of him as a priest and Easterby has incriminating information about McNair.

  19. I’d hire someone who already has wisdom, not somebody that feels the need to ask God for wisdom. What if the team loses? Do they blame God? This is just too weird. I mean, I hear some stories about people who claim to be Christians, but they don’t seem to have the slightest similarities to Jesus Christ. Isn’t Deshaun Watson a Christian? Why would he want out of this organization? Things don’t seem to be adding up, but at least it’s entertaining. The other three teams in the division must be smiling at all this stuff. It sounds like it’s going to be a three horse race for the foreseeable future. Maybe that’s God’s plan, after all.

  20. Why isn’t it 100% obvious to Cal McNair that a zero-qualification con man who had a role that was simply invented with the Patriots (“character coach” – not even one thing to do with football) shouldn’t be “Executive VP of Football Operations?” I don’t just mean for an NFL team, but even for a high school team.
    Easterby sensed an easy mark and moved right in on it. He knew it was his chance to leapfrog a number of the achievement rungs without achieving or gaining the actual qualifications. He sensed he could con his way through.

    Historically, once people start to question the “long-con” as things just don’t add up and people compare notes, the subject makes a move. He’d already weeded out those that could challenge his authority. The Caserio hire (through Easterby and accommodated by McNair) was necessary for the perp to save himself yet again. It was his only play. That, and let’s “pray on it”. Alone. Easterby is very careful (like any cultist) to keep people away from the subject while he works on him some more. The long con man just has to get some people to question others, to recount things the way he wants them to. To use emotion, religious constructs—anything. It’s the subtle art form of the sociopath.

    It’s so obvious this guy is a charlatan to everyone but McNair because Easterby has earwhiged himself into this suggestible man (using religion) and now controls him, Svengali-like. Every move he’s made has been carefully and methodically calculated for one purpose: personal gain.

    Houston has to put an end to this bad movie. Why they’ve let it go this long without a massive intervention and ousting just shows the total disarray of the organization.

  21. What’s the old phrase?…

    You can fool some of the people some of the time. But you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

    That’s what I think of every time I see this guys name in a story.

  22. Easterby sounds like a more religious version of Trump, another snake oil salesman who lies and tells people what they want to hear, getting the weak of mind (in this case McNair) to listen to him.

  23. Everything that comes out of NE is toxic….. remember Charlie Weis?

  24. “Rasputin Jack” needs to go. Unfortunately, we’re short on freezing rivers here in Texas.
    And that would still leave the problem of Czar Cal. Doubt we can scare up any Bolsheviks around here.

  25. There can be legitimate complaints about the performance of the Texans, their drama and Easterby’s role in it (and his qualifications or lack thereof). However I’m fairly disgusted with all of the shots taken at him due to his faith.

    Does anyone out here making any of these ugly assumptions and accusations about Easterby actually know him – or even anyone who knows anyone who knows him? All I read is a report of a rumor from an anonymous source about of all things 2 people who are open about their faith praying together. There are a lot of nasty accusations out here – con man, Rasputin, scumbag and sociopath – and many of them seem to be more motivated by his overt faith than anything else. I think that’s sad.

  26. This is all on McNair, he should have fired BOB 3 years ago. They would still have D Hop, their QB would be happy and they would be competitive. The only reason the Texans won their Division when BOB was in charge is because the AFC south was a mess.

  27. McNar is obviously brainwashed by Rasputin Easterby. As a Bears fan I am extremely unhappy with the repeated “…love our culture…” and essentially celebrating a 6 game losing streak to back into an expanded playoffs
    It pales in comparison to the maelstrom bin Houston. I feel so much better about my Bears fandom thank you Houston

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