Lamar Jackson leaves game to be checked for a concussion

Divisional Round - Baltimore Ravens v Buffalo Bills
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Lamar Jackson headed to the locker room after taking a high-low hit on the final play of the third quarter.

Center Patrick Mekari, who has had a problem with shotgun snaps all night, sent a snap over Jackson’s head. As Jackson scrambled to pick up the ball and attempt to throw it away, he took a low hit from Tremaine Edmunds and a high hit from Trent Murphy.

Jackson, who was flagged for grounding at his own 2-yard line, remained on his back in the end zone after the play.

After being attended to on the field, Jackson ran down the tunnel and into the locker room.

He is being checked for a concussion, according to the team.

Tyler Huntley has replaced Jackson.

Huntley began the season as the team’s fourth quarterback, but Robert Griffin III and Trace McSorley are both out with injuries.

The Bills lead 17-3.

29 responses to “Lamar Jackson leaves game to be checked for a concussion

  1. I hope he is ok. Independent of how I feel about him as a QB the dude is an athlete.

  2. Jacky Jackson was exposed BIG TIME tonight. As long as he is a Raven, the Browns are in the drivers seat in the AFC North.

  3. Makes no difference. Ravens already exposed and getting wrecked. This should be the end of LJ and that High School offense in the future.

  4. By the way, just wait until the Ravens fans start making excuses about how they would have won with Lamar. It can never be his fault.
    The whopping 3 points, the awful pick again, missing receivers everywhere as usual… I guess it’s time to say it again for the 1000th time: Lamar is never going to win a Super Bowl or even a couple of playoff games because he’s inaccurate and makes bad reads and is a turnover machine in tough games.

  5. Lamar Jackson an NFL MVP? It’s still hard to believe. Lamar is not the answer in Baltimore. And how about JOSH ALLEN!!

  6. Some of these Lamar insults are just ridiculous.
    Tough game against a tight team.
    Bills fan.

  7. Talk about privledge. Can we get black privledge with athletes? Or is that just talent. Unlike coaching. Who we have to interview a minority candidate. Can we get a group that says half players have to be white?

  8. I see a lot of people crying about Lamar apologists, yet no one actually making a single excuse… some people are bitter even in victory and it’s wild

  9. Knew it, last week was their Superbowl, had to beat the titans and they forgot there are more games. Typical john harbaugh even said it was the best win ever.

  10. Not hating on Jackson, but it appears he played his SB last weekend (and he really earned that one, because his running is the thing that kept them and wont them that game).

    But now patterns can be seen by opposing teams. Both in behavior and play calling…..

  11. Not a Baltimqore fan. But if he did not throw that pick and subsequently get knocked out it could have been VERY interesting.

  12. Game was sloppy on both sides. Ravens played then even but for the two missed field goals and that stupid pick six. Jackson has a nice long off season to think about his year in sports. LOL

  13. douggiehowzzzer says:
    January 16, 2021 at 10:47 pm
    Jacky Jackson was exposed BIG TIME tonight. As long as he is a Raven, the Browns are in the drivers seat in the AFC North.

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    Fun fact: The Browns got swept by Lamar this season.

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