Lamar Jackson ruled out with concussion

Divisional Round - Baltimore Ravens v Buffalo Bills
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It is up to Tyler Huntley to bring the Ravens back if they are to come back.

Lamar Jackson has been ruled out with a concussion. He will not return tonight.

The Ravens trail 17-3.

Center Patrick Mekari sent a snap over Jackson’s head on the final play of the third quarter. As Jackson scrambled to pick up the ball and attempt to throw it away, he took hits from both Tremaine Edmunds and Trent Murphy. Jackson’s head hit the turf in the end zone as he landed.

Jackson, who was flagged for grounding at his own 2-yard line, remained on his back in the end zone after the play. After being attended to on the field, Jackson ran down the tunnel and into the locker room.

He finished his night with 34 rushing yards on nine carries and 162 passing yards and an interception. The interception was the back-breaker, with Taron Johnson returning it 101 yards for a touchdown.

39 responses to “Lamar Jackson ruled out with concussion

  1. So tired of made up concussion thing. As a kid, I remember hitting my head so hard at least half a dozen times, couldn’t sEE STRAIGHT, was woozy for days at a time. And no repercussions from it.

  2. First off, I hope is ok. Player health matters.
    That being said, can’t wait to see how Ravens fans spin this one. It can never be Lamar’s fault. No matter how inaccurate he is, how many receivers he misses, how many bad reads he makes, and how many killer turnovers he makes in playoff games… somehow everyone else is just “hating” on Lamar.
    You can’t win in the playoffs without a QB who can throw. Gimmick running QBs don’t have sustained success in the NFL. He won’t ever win a Super Bowl.

  3. Tough game by both teams, and tough environment for Throwing the football. Too bad Huntley could’nt have started, he seemed better equipped in these conditions to do so then their RB…….or QB is it, Iforget.

  4. Can’t wait to hear the Ravens media putting a new diaper on Lamar. He’s a baby, a choker, and throws into triple coverage. Gonna laugh when he gets the $100mill contract.

  5. charliewaffles2020 says:
    January 16, 2021 at 10:57 pm
    (Crazy nonsense about concussions being harmless) And no repercussions from it.
    Lucky you. Most of us aren’t that lucky. Kinda doubt the “no repercussions” part though.

  6. As huge of a Bills fan that I am, that was a soul crushing shot watching Lamar walk down the tunnel knowing he wouldn’t be able to come back and try and win his team the game.

    My heart breaks for the guy.

  7. Don’t ever want to see someone hurt. But Huntley played better. I don’t know why Baltimore didn’t try to take it deep enough. They let Buffalo just stack it up front and chase.

  8. Let’s hope he recovers. But with that said, he didn’t throw very well tonight. He can’t just run his way to the Super Bowl. Teams can predict that and the Bills weren’t the only ones this year that stopped it. The coaching is there. But the relying on the QB run won’t take them to the Super Bowl (let alone win it)

  9. Excuse train pulled out early. Didn’t he have a thumb injury right before the game? Ravens will never win, nor will any other team, with an inaccurate QB. Plain and simple.

  10. Wasn’t Lamar fought it was the offensive line and especially the center had a bad night

  11. Mean while Huntley looked just like Jackson. They should play both of em. Get the cheese because here comes harbaugh with some whine.

  12. Let’s be honest Lemar was terrible tonight, Roman gets a lot of credit and maybe rightfully so for what they have done there the last couple of year but if he cannot come up with a better system to help Lemar out they will always be competitive have a nice record and flame out in the playoffs when you need a total offence Pass and Run playing against the top teams. .

  13. Actually you can win in the playoffs with a QB you cannot throw, Denver won one in 2015. With that said it certainly does not give you the best chance of winning. Josh Allen didn’t look so hot either so he’ll need to improve in order for the Bills to have a good chance of advancing to the Super Bowl.

  14. Hopefully Lamar is okay.

    I have a co-worker that goes home early semi-regularly. More often than not it is after he messes something up. Within an hour he gets a migraine and leaves. Maybe the migraine is real and causes him to fail. Maybe the failure brings on a migraine. Maybe it’s all just an excuse.

    Concussions are scary. I wish Lamar a speedy recovery.

  15. Sorry, but that offense has been figured out. If someone told me that the Bills would only have 220 yards of offense, I’d figure they would be blown out.

  16. If this injury happened in the first quarter they might have had a better chance to win the game.

    I hope he is OK but Jackson is a joke at QB.

  17. What is with the Raven’s sudden difficulty in hiking it to the QB in shotgun? That was the second one hiked over his head. And, that was a nasty head bounce off the turf that he suffered — you saw him immediately grab both side of his head with both hands.

  18. The window is closed for the Ravens, I don’t think they will win it all now, not with Lamar and not with this lineup. The running qb is effective to a point and Lamar is historically good but not good enough.

  19. John Harbaugh is going down the same route his brother took and failed. Going all in on a Qb that only has legs as usable limbs.

  20. it was actually kind of a tie.
    both kickers kicked a fieldgoal
    both quarterbacks threw 1 touchdown.
    lamars just went the other way…

  21. When he was headed to the locker room I thought he had to go to the bathroom again, then I realized he did that in his pants ON the field.

  22. The guy playing center last night, Mekari, is a guard. The Ravens two other centers are on IR. Lamar did his best fighting off bad snaps all night.

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