Playoff crowds will range from 3,500 to 16,000

NFL: JAN 03 Chargers at Chiefs
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All four playoff games will have fans in the stands this weekend, all at much less than stadium capacity as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to make life very different than normal.

The smallest crowd will be in New Orleans, where the Saints will host 3,500 fans against the Buccaneers. The initial plan had been for 3,000 fans, but the Saints and the city agreed to a provision that will allow 500 vaccinated health care workers to attend the game for free.

The Packers will have 6,000 fans at Lambeau Field, by far the most they’ve had this season. During the regular season the stadium was almost entirely empty, with the exception of a few hundred employees and guests of the team, plus some health care workers given free tickets.

The Bills will have 6,700 fans for the second consecutive playoff game. After playing in an empty stadium all season, the Bills and the state of New York agreed to a pilot program that allows up to 6,700 fans, all of whom will first have tested negative for COVID-19.

The Chiefs will have the largest crowd, with 16,000 in attendance. That matches the number the Chiefs had throughout the regular season.

17 responses to “Playoff crowds will range from 3,500 to 16,000

  1. just curious since the chiefs have been having such large crowds were these super spreader events? I hear crickets……all stadiums should have same capacity what a joke

  2. I really see no reason why the outdoor venues couldn’t accommodate at least as many as KC. I’m no expert, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of evidence for outdoor transmission, especially with distancing and masks. It at least it’s something.

  3. Stadium attendance is dictated by the governor of the state. A team has no option but to follow what the governor says.

  4. The secondary ticket market is indicating that 1/2 the crowd in Kansas City will be Browns fans. Oh, and the Steelers are not playing this weekend.

  5. Completely stupid to be having gatherings of large amounts of people during a global pandemic. But hey money is more important to the nfl I guess

  6. The chiefs screening hasn’t led to any cases of corona being spread. So exactly how that’s irresponsible

  7. Chiefs will not have 16,000 fans. Most tickets have been cancelled for breaking pods up on Ticketmaster

  8. Attendance should match for all 32 teams if not for anything to remove even the perception of impropriety and team competitive advantage.

  9. Interesting that the governors of each state decides what his/her requirements are for attendance. Isn’t that basically the same approach that has been used to fight this pandemic and vacinate the citizens of the USA. The numbers show time to re-think this thinking.

  10. smarterthanmost says:
    January 16, 2021 at 9:33 am
    The secondary ticket market is indicating that 1/2 the crowd in Kansas City will be Browns fans. Oh, and the Steelers are not playing this weekend.
    Looks like the secondary market was wrong LOL…

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