While things could be better for the Bears, they could be (and have been) a lot worse

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While plenty of work needs to be done to get the Bears to where they want to be, they’ve managed to do more over the past three years than they’ve accomplished in a long time.

Since winning the Super Bowl 35 years ago, the Bears have had much more bad than good. Since 2018, the Bears have experienced three non-losing seasons and two playoff appearances. That hadn’t happened for the Bears since 1986 through 1988.

Again, that doesn’t mean things currently are perfect for the Bears. Relative to the prior 30 years, however, things are better than they’ve been.

Nationally, folks seem to realize that. Locally, Bears fans are dissatisfied that changes aren’t being made, with Ryan Pace returning at G.M. and Matt Nagy returning as head coach. That feeling surely traces to the decision to trade up and select quarterback Mitchell Trubisky when Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson were on the board in 2017. At some point, however, that page needs to be turned. Although Mahomes and the Chiefs could win a second Super Bowl, Watson hasn’t exactly made the Texans into a dominant team. (In 2020, Trubisky and the Bears beat Watson and the Texans.)

Here’s something else to consider, especially as the current round of musical chairs sees seats fill up with new coaches. Nagy joined the Bears as part of a seven-member class of new coaches in 2018. With a record of 28-20, he’s one game behind Titans coach Mike Vrabel (29-19) and tied with Colts coach Frank Reich for the best performance of those coaches. All three have two playoff berths; only Vrabel and Nagy have won a division title.

After Vrabel, Nagy, and Reich, the performance of the Class of 2018 drops dramatically. Raiders coach Jon Gruden has a record of 19-29, with no playoff appearances. Lions coach Matt Patricia went 13-29-1 before being fired during the 2020 season. Giants coach Pat Shurmur lasted two years with the Giants, going 9-23. The Cardinals fired Steve Wilks after a single 3-13 season.

In that same three-year window, the Bears are tied for 11th with total overall record, one win behind the Titans, Steelers, and Bills, two wins behind the Patriots, four wins behind the Rams and Packers, and five wins behind the Seahawks.

So, yes, things could better for the Bears. They also could be worse. A lot worse.

24 responses to “While things could be better for the Bears, they could be (and have been) a lot worse

  1. What you say is true but can’t help wondering how much better they could have been with a QB other then Trubisky . With the defense they put on the field thinking a competent QB might have made them a Super Bowl team .

  2. I’ve never seen a team more stubbornly dedicated to being aimless, mediocre, and without any kind of direction on what they want this team to be.

  3. Vic Fangio leaving, really hurt that defense. Not that Pagano is a terrible DC, but I would argue that Pagano is a better HC than he is a DC, and conversely, Fangio is a better DC than he is a HC.

  4. That’s a cute spin, but it doesn’t change the fact that neither Pace or Navy have done the jobs they were hired to do.

    Pace ,like any GM, was hired to identify 53 players you can win Super Bowls with. And the SINGLE most important position of the 53 is QB. Which Ryan Pace at this point is HISTORICALLY inept at identifying .

    Matt Nagy was hired to be the Bears version of Andy Reid: Play Caller Extradorinaire. In just his 3rd season a play-caller, he had to GIVE UP play calling. His play-calling and more importantly SCHEME sucks. And his ineptitude was evident over a year ago.

    Make no mistake. Vic Fangio was the PRIMARY reason for the majority of the Bears CONVINCING wins over the last 3 years. And he’s been gone for 3 seasons now.

  5. Nagy isn’t really the problem there. Coaches will get the brunt of the blame but the GM in Chicago is awful. Hasn’t had a single good draft since coming there. Not only that he was the guy that got the Saints into salary cap problems and they have been much better since he left there. As a Packer I loved the hire of Pace and love that he will be drafting for them again this year. Keep it up.

  6. The bears don’t
    hae any good players. So, they lose. Why?because they havent got any good players.

  7. Yes their record may reflect some good things clearly the team is on the decline with Mitch as the QB. He is not taking anyone to the Super Bowl unless he’s a cabdriver.

  8. George is full of it. Money and Bull crap…
    Boycott the Games…Send a message. It’s the only way. Fire Ted Phillips

  9. I don’t understand the people taking shots at Trubisky. This is the same QB that took the Bears to the playoffs with a 12-4 record. The D played their part, yes but Trubisky played well too. They still don’t have a losing record in the 3 seasons since Nagy came. For me, it all started with the ‘double doink’. Way too much attention was paid to that, and it was to the detriment of the team. The mad kicking competition, 10 TE’s on the squad at one point – what was all that about? I think the Bears played well down the stretch and I’m hopeful they can kick on from this.

  10. I’ve never seen a team more stubbornly dedicated to being aimless, mediocre, and without any kind of direction on what they want this team to be.


    What about the Lions? Same old thing year after year after year!!!

  11. What goes down must come up. What goes up must go down. The balance of the world: bears, lions, and Vikings are due for the up. Packers are due for a very very very long down.

  12. This was a losing season, they went 8-9. Besides, the goal isn’t to have a non losing season or to simply make the playoffs. This has not been a good team since Fangio left and if you watch the games instead of just looking at records you’ll see that Nagy is just not a good manager of the in game situations. Case in point, dropping Trubisky back on two consecutive plays when they should have been running out the clock vs the Lions, which led to a Trubisky fumble and the Lions taking the lead

  13. Total Horse doodoo:
    Free Agent Mike Glennon- strike 1
    Draft Mitch Trubisky- strike 2
    Trade Nick Foles- strike 3

    Wreck a top 10 defense into garbage.
    Wreck a #2 draft pick QB prospect
    Whiff on K for years including Santos who they won’t kick from 50+ early in games
    Long list of trash pile up only saved by easy schedules and injuries on other teams.

    Fire, trade, tank is only hope for fans to care in 2021 and beyond.

  14. Wrong BuckyBadger.
    I live in Chicago now, not WI. The Bears David Montgomery, Darnell Mooney, Cole Kmet, James Daniels, Roquon Smith, Eddie Jackson, Jaylon Johnson, Cody Whitehair, Bilal Nichols would play anywhere. His problem is not drafting DeShaun Watson. Very few other than the Chiefs would have bet on Mahomes anywhere near the top 10 in the draft.
    Look at the record – how many home runs did Ron Wolf hit in the 1st Round?

  15. While the comparisons are interesting, they are the equivalent of pissing in your wet suit, gives you a nice warm feeling all over but doesn’t really accomplish the objective.

    Bottom line, every NFL team has to address the most important question, Do you have a franchise QB on the roster? For those that do, then build out your team. For those that don’t, keep looking until you do. I am not the Bears GM but I have an opinion on whether Mitch is the answer.

  16. THANK YOU. This Bears fan has lived through a lot worse.

    Fact is, Ryan Pace is an average GM, just inconsistent. He has highs and lows. Some great draft picks and signings, some terrible ones (Trubisky). The fact that 8-8 and the playoffs is a disappointment is a testament to the team he’s built and the standards set. He took over an expansion level roster in 2015 and built it up.

    All this team needs is a QB. That’s it.

  17. Everything surrounds them picking the wrong QB. If they had a functional QB, who thinks they wouldn’t be competing in this conference? At least they didn’t pay $35 mil a year for Kirk Cousins, and they can just move on from Trubisky. Foles was a reach because he’s a backup, but his price isn’t crippling.

  18. Obscure win/loss stats will not make bears fans feel better

    The team does not pass the eye or smell test

  19. Finding a QB is key, but Pace’s additional problem is that when he holds an infrequent press conference, he sounds as naive as an 8th Grader.

  20. Not a big Trubiski fan, hate that stupid mustache,but in his defense, he’s had three different offensive schemes with 3-4 different OCs in his short career. By the time he began to get comfortable in one system, they switch up on him. Same thing happened to Tannehill in Miami.Not saying Trubiski will blossom like Tannehill but at least give him another year in the same system before throwing him to the curb.

  21. As long as the McCaskey’s own the team, it will continue to be this way.

    Pace and Nagy’s fates should have been sealed after that 6 game losing streak and that dumpster fire of a Lion’s game.

    I mean, if the owners truly wanted to turn it around, if they would have cared about the team as an institution and their fans, Pace and Nagy’s graves should have been sealed. Those two had a window, they took their big swings, and missed (and the Mack deal isn’t looking so great, as Mack is nowhere near as dominant as he was four or five seasons ago with the Raiders).

    But nope. He might have a lukewarm franchise, but George will always pretend everything is on track, as he hangs in the parking lot of Solider Field and fans lie to him just to be nice.

    I hope Mark Cuban buys us.

  22. The Bears can still flourish under a McCaskey ownership. They need to get CEO and President Ted Phillips, who has held that title since 1999, out of there for starters. He’s a finance and accounting guy, not a football person. Virginia McCaskey loves him. He’s been with the organization for 37 years and is essentially an extension of the McCaskey family. Until the Bears put someone in Phillips’ position who is a solid football executive, has autonomy, and is not entirely beholden to the McCaskey’s, nothing will change.

  23. As the games again yesterday highlighted nothing in today NFL beats great QB play. The Packers had it and the Ravens did not. That is why the Trubisky issue will kept hanging around Pace’s neck. There are many teams in worse places than the Bears but the Bears and lousy QBs seems like an honored team tradition. Until that shifts fans will have to be satisfied with dreams of ’85.

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