Bills fans flood Lamar Jackson’s charity with donations

Divisional Round - Baltimore Ravens v Buffalo Bills
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The Bills Mafia behaves in the exact opposite way that the real mafia does.

Fans of the Buffalo football team show appreciation and respect in a very powerful way: With their wallets.

Since last night’s game against the Ravens, a Bills win that vaulted the team to the AFC Championship for the first time since 1993, fans have donated roughly $150,000 to Blessings in a Backpack, a charity supported by Baltimore quarterback Lamar Jackson.

“Can we talk about the Bills Mafia?” Nikki Grizzle, the group’s chief marketing officer, told USA Today. “This is amazing. You took a normal Sunday in January and turned it into one of the greatest days in Blessings history.”

The group provides food on the weekends for elementary school children who might otherwise go hungry. Jackson has worked with the group for the last three years.

“This amount of money is going to make a huge impact on our organization, especially in a time right now during this pandemic where there’s more children now than ever that need our program,” Grizzle said.

Jackson exited last night’s game with a concussion, after hitting his head on the field at Bills Stadium.

If you’re a member of the Bills Mafia who has yet to make a donation, or if you’d like to support the group simply because it’s a great cause, click here.

During the regular season, the Bills Mafia flooded Oishei Children’s Hospital with donations in memory of quarterback Josh Allen’s grandmother, Patricia. Three years ago, when the Bengals beat the Ravens to give the Bills their first playoff berth since 1999, the Bills Mafia coughed up plenty of cash for Cincinnati quarterback Andy Dalton‘s foundation.

37 responses to “Bills fans flood Lamar Jackson’s charity with donations

  1. Classy. Meanwhile, the Bills are about to make Josh Allen an offer he can’t refuse

  2. Kids in elementary school should never have to spend a day of their life going hungry.

  3. If Jackson had staged a comeback last night – which had about a 2% chance of happening, before he got rocked – that charity wouldn’t have seen a penny.

  4. Vikings fan here. Good on you Buffalo Fans! Hands down the classiest fans in the NFL. Much respect to the fans of my favorite AFCteam!

  5. Fair play, Bills Mafia! Lovely thing to do, as Andy Dalton will tell you. Great bunch of fans.

  6. Ravens fan here. What a classy act by a classy organization (Bills Mafia) and their fans. I am rooting hard for the Bills at this point. They outplayed and outcoached us. I’m happy for the fans and the city of Buffalo. Go Bills!!

  7. Like I’ve said before buffalo fans and all nfl fans are just good people. Nice job bills fans… and everyone who helps charity’s.

  8. I neither like nor dislike the Bills. However, the Bills fans have to be one of the clasiest fanbases anywhere. It seems every time you hear about them it’s for something like this. Bravo Bills Mafia.

  9. Codylaws, a little negative?
    You simply don’t get it, or understand western NY culture.
    We are genuine, eager to help others, and do it because we believe in positives and not negatives..

  10. “I wonder if they will do the same when they lose to the Champs Chiefs.”

    Didn’t you have them losing to the Colts and Ravens, also?

  11. Buffalo fans classy? What a lie that is. The week leading up to the Colts game they were flooding every Colts article online and were more obnoxious than patriots fans were. Hopefully anyone but then wins the AFC.

  12. This old Raiders fan says WELL DONE Bills Mafia! The world needs more good acts of kindness and generosity like this! 🙏🏻

  13. thermanmerman99 says:
    January 17, 2021 at 5:09 pm
    Buffalo fans classy? What a lie that is. The week leading up to the Colts game they were flooding every Colts article online and were more obnoxious than patriots fans were. Hopefully anyone but then wins the AFC.


    Are you suggesting those people represent this entire fan base? Because I’d be right there with you saying those people on the Colts boards are classless. But I’m not rooting against the Bills because of a handful of idiots. I hope you come to your senses and agree on that

  14. Bills’ fans. Tough when you need to be tough. Nice all the rest of the time. Take a good look America. We have a lot of fake tough guys out there who would be wise to steer clear of Buffalo.

  15. The Bills are a well run organization. Things like this start at the top with leadership.
    As a fan of another team in the AFCE from South Florida I have to say they are a class act.
    Bills all the way to the SB hopefully.

  16. Yes, great for you Bill’s fans. Now convince Philly fans to at least be tolerant to others.

  17. What came first the charity giving or the folding tables being destroyed for posterity? Doesn’t matter, class is class.

  18. Y’all are obsessed with the Eagles. The snowball thing was 40 years ago and he got pelted because he was visibly drunk. Anyway, was rooting Bills anyway this postseason, this only reinforces it.

  19. Yea but how long ago was it the fanbase made your city look like a COMPLETE disgrace when you hosted the nfc championship.. Youre organization will NEVER live it down and I’d be absolutely embarrassed to this day to treat people that way over a game.

  20. Football aside, I have worked on breakfast programs in schools in low income areas and it is needed and important work. No child should go without food I this country.

    Good for Lamar and good on the fans of our game. It is a great example of cutting through the BS narratives we live in these days.

  21. Some players talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk. Kudo’s to Lamar for taking action. And kudo’s to Bills Mafia for supporting a worthy cause.

  22. Thank you Bills Fans! Considering what’s going on in the rest of our country, your generosity, kindness and classiness is much appreciated. Will definately be rooting for the Bills – now go all the way and win the Super Bowl!

  23. Dolphins fan here. I have to give credit where it’s due. This is a class act. Well done to all involved. Actually being honest, this shouldn’t surprise me, the Bills fans were a class act when they visited London a few years back. Great to mingle with.

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