Carson Wentz looms over the Eagles’ coaching search

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The Eagles got a late start on looking for a new coach. It’s unclear when they’ll finish the process. What is clear is that the new coach will need to have a clear plan in place for handling the quarterback position.

Per a source with knowledge of the dynamics of the search, there’s no specific timetable for making a hire — but it could end sooner than later, and quite possibly this week. Like every other team looking for a new coach, the Eagles want to get the right person for the job. Unlike every other team looking for a new coach (except for the Texans), the quarterback issue complicates things dramatically.

The Eagles started by interviewing coaches who were expected to receive offers with the teams who got their searches started a week, or more, before Philadelphia even had an opening. Then, the Eagles moved on to candidates not in line to be gobbled up elsewhere.

Common sense suggests that the job will go to a coach with an offensive background, given the importance of fixing fallen (for now) franchise quarterback Carson Wentz. But the Eagles haven’t ruled out a defensive specialist; indeed, maybe one fewer offensive cook will make it easier for Wentz to coexist in the kitchen.

The Wentz dynamic remains the most important aspect of the present and future of the team. From trading up to get him to choosing him over Nick Foles after the 2018 season to extending Wentz with a market-value (at the time) contract, the Eagles have made it clear that Wentz is their guy. The apparent fact that Doug Pederson disagrees could be the biggest reason he’s no longer there.

So the next coach likely will need to be someone who is fully on board with Wentz — and who has the best plan for fixing him. And for reaching him. Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer recently took a deep dive into the nooks and crannies of the dysfunctional relationship between front office, coaching staff, and quarterback who apparently has been hard to coach or control after he received the validation and security that comes from a major contract.

It won’t be an easy situation for the next coach. All parties need to be on the same page, or the situation quickly could go from awkward to awful. Throw in an aggressive media and a fan base that got a taste of confetti and now craves more of it, and it could take a six-year hazard-pay contract to close the deal.

Otherwise, the right person would have to be not in his right mind to take this job.

20 responses to “Carson Wentz looms over the Eagles’ coaching search

  1. How did Wentz get so bad?
    He was a lot better his prior years.
    His mechanics lapsed nd became awful, as did his judgment.
    Maybe he needs to work hard in the off season, and it would help to draft better.

    Will the Eagles draft a QB if one is available?

    In any case, Wentz acted like a baby and if I was a HC prospect I’d be worried.
    If they stay with Wentz and he has another bad year, and there is no good alternative (Hurts isn’t any good) then the HC could be gone in 2 years.

  2. To tell any HC candidate Wentz is a requirement, hope Eagle fan is ready to get some HC just happy to say he is an NFL HC. no way would I bank my NFL HC future on Carson Wentz

  3. Wentz regressed when Frank Reich left, as did the entire offense. I’m not really sure how he acted like a baby, he didn’t speak to the press after one game, but last time I checked, back up QBs who didn’t play, don’t speak to the media, ever. As far as Wentz being a deterrent, the new coach wouldn’t have to worry about Wentz’ poor play seeing as his contract will be up anyway in 2022.

  4. Eagles HC job is not an attractive one.

    QB drama, ownership and GM nonsense.

    Eagles cap situation is not great either.

    Giving Wentz a huge contract extension was a huge blunder. Who is accountable??

  5. Looking back, Eagles winning the SB with Foles was probably the worst thing that could have happened to Wentz mentally. Since then he has crumbled under the pressure. He’s probably playing with the mindset that must with the SB on his own, right now, in order to prove that he’s a franchise QB. And everything simply falls apart. His mental state needs a hard reset and that can only happen if he plays somewhere else. There’s just too much baggage with the Eagles.

  6. By firing Pederson and keeping Wentz, Laurie made it clear that he wants to stick with Wentz.

    That means that an new head coach will have to work with Wentz, even if he prefers Hurts or some other QB. I can’t see any great head coach prospects that will be willing to take the job with their hands tied like that.

    So Philly will now end up with a head coach that is willing to allow the owner to decide all personnel issues……with no input from the head coach.

    Philly will be in the cellar for a long time. Washington is improving with Riverboat Ron. Dallaswill befine onceDak returns and with a new DC. And the Giants are getting better every year.

  7. Requirement #1 for any head coaching candidate: Start Wentz at QB and take the fall if (when?) Wentz plays poorly. Not sure many people would like to sign up for that.

  8. Ask Matt Nagy what it’s like being hired to “fix” a QB with a lot of flaws who you had no input in drafting.

  9. pedersonisbetterthanmcvay

    Jeff George without the talent????

    First 5 years both QB played in 68 games. Wentz has 49 more td, 14 less int, 3,526 more passing yards, 892 more rush yards, 6 more rush td. His teams have 14 more wins with him. Wentz at this point in his career after five seasons has just 41 less TD than Jeff George had in 12 seasons.

    Wentz (68 games, 35-32-1 team record)
    89.2 QB rating
    62.7 comp %
    16,811 yards
    1061 rush yards, 8td

    George (68 games, 21-44 team record)
    72.1 QB rating
    56.7 comp %
    13,285 yards
    169 rush yards, 2td

    Wentz in 2019 had over 4000 yards, over 25 td, single digit int…only 12 other QB in NFL history have done that. He became the first QB ever to have over 4000 yards and no WR over 500 yards. He was the first Eagle ever to have a 4000 yard season.

    Wentz in 2017 was the MVP frontrunner until his injury in week 13. Heading into week 17, his 33 td still led the entire NFL. Wilson passed him by 1 td but need 3 more games to do it.

    Wentz from 2017-2019 had 81td/21int…top 10 among QB

    Jeff George from 1990-2001 had 154td/113int. He never had over 29td in a season. He had double digit int six times. He never led the NFL in TD. Never set NFL records or franchise records for any team.

  10. While the Eagles offensive line was patch work, anyone who watched the games could see that half the sacks or more were because Wentz was holding the ball 3-4-5 seconds.

    The problem is Wentz was never pointed out as the issue. Wentz takes a sack because he held on to the ball to long it was either blamed on offensive line or receivers not getting open.

    It was hard to find anyone in the media or on the team who wanted to blame Wentz but to the average fan watching the game you would wonder why the wide open guy 5 yards away from the line of scrimmage was not targetted and he threw into double coverage down the field. or took the sack.

  11. They had lots of injuries. And still won games. If wentz under performs bench him. At least you have Hurts ready.

  12. If Wentz is part of the bargain then why in the world would anyone go there except for a payday? Come to think of it, Jason Garrett might be interested….he’s used to the owner and GM constantly interfering. It sounds like Wentz has turned into Ryan Leaf–he’s got his money so he doesn’t care….plus he got his feelings hurt when he was benched for being terrible. The sooner the Eagles get rid of him the better off they’ll be. That will likely be after the 2021 season. Still, if Wentz is going to be the starter next year how can anyone expect them to be any better? To say he has regressed is an understatement. He’ll be out of the league in two years. The only thing that might get his attention is realizing the last three years of his contract could be gone (and $73M) if they cut him. Maybe that’ll be motivation for him to play better. I doubt it. He seems happy with his big signing bonus and doesn’t care about winning anymore.

  13. I just wonder if the injuries have taken their toll on Wentz. I just can’t believe he just became a bad QB after he looked really good his first couple seasons. I’m willing to bet if he’s the starter next year that he wins comeback player of the year.

  14. Jeff McLane from the Philly Inquirer has a very poor reputation in the Philly area and is known for making up stories and being overly melodramatic. Take every scoop or hit piece that he writes with a grain of salt. Fun fact aside – McLane got beaten up by another Philly sportswriter – Les Bowen – who is at least 20 years his senior.

  15. The best coach for Carson Wentz and the best coach for the team are likely different people. I’m sure Norv Turner can fix Wentz but does that mean he’s best to coach a team. Everyone has a role and the ability to fix a QB/Offense doesnt have to be on the HC.

  16. The Eagles are smart not to give up on Wentz after one really bad year, which happened to occur after he suffered a major concussion the year before, and during a year which the Offensive Line was in shambles. They don’t gain anything by cutting him or giving him away for nothing (in fact, that would cause a bigger cap hit). Let a new coach work with him and see if he can get him straightened out. If not, you move on after next season, when the cap hit is not as bad. Hurts is only 22, so backing up for one more year is no big deal. It’s obvious that Wentz and Pederson weren’t on the same page. Give him a #1 WR and a coach who game plans to his strengths and see what happens. If he has another bad year, then you move on.

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