Chargers announce Brandon Staley as franchise’s 17th head coach

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The Chargers announced their agreement with Brandon Staley as the 17th head coach in franchise history.

Staley served as the defensive coordinator for the Rams in 2020 after three seasons as an outside linebackers coach for Chicago (2017-18) and Denver (2019).

The Chargers will introduce Staley at a news conference Thursday.

“It doesn’t matter if you’ve known Brandon for five minutes or five years, what quickly becomes apparent is the amount of energy and passion he approaches each and every moment with,” John Spanos, the Chargers’ president of football operations, said. “The consistency of that enthusiasm is unique and, most importantly, it drives his ability to connect with people. His coaching journey to this particular moment is inspiring; if not for the sheer perseverance and determination of it all, then certainly for the dramatic results it has produced for the teams and players he has coached. I know it’s cliché, but I know Brandon quite literally cannot wait to get to work. I also know we cannot be more excited to have him as the head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers.”

Staley has coached four Pro Bowlers in Khalil Mack in 2018, Von Miller in 2019 and Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey this season. Mack, Donald and Ramsey also earned All-Pro honors with Staley as their coach.

“It’s not just that Brandon possesses a tremendous football mind that makes him the ideal head coach to lead our team forward,” General Manager Tom Telesco said. “It’s that he excels in the ability to effectively tailor, apply and communicate his concepts to players. It’s clear that Brandon will not be out-worked. He’s the football equivalent of a gym rat, and that has earned him the universal respect of the players he has coached throughout his journey.”

Staley has had a meteoric rise from coaching at John Carroll University in 2016 to now one of 32 NFL head coaches.

He steps into perhaps the top job opening, too, with a franchise quarterback in Justin Herbert and star players such as Joey Bosa, Derwin James and Keenan Allen returning.

“It’s hard to put into words just how excited I am for the opportunity to be the Los Angeles Chargers’ head coach,” Staley said. “While this is certainly a dream come true, it’s also a dream that’s just beginning. There’s a reason this was probably the most sought after job out there — from ownership, to the fans, to the city, to the men in that locker room — it’s the total package. I can’t thank the Spanos family and Tom Telesco enough for placing their faith in us, and by the time everyone is reading this quote in a press release, we’ll already be hard at work developing a program Chargers fans everywhere can be proud of.”

15 responses to “Chargers announce Brandon Staley as franchise’s 17th head coach

  1. He coached for the Rams? Sounds like Spanos just didn’t want to pay for moving expenses.

  2. I know the tendency & the trend is to criticize Spanos, but nobody knew who Sean McDermott was and now he’s one game from a Super Bowl. This guy Staley just needs to hire the right O-coordinator.

  3. Staley served as the defensive coordinator for the Rams in 2020 after three seasons as an outside linebackers coach for Chicago (2017-18) and Denver (2019).

    So 3yrs as a linebackers coach and 1yr as a DC is all it take’s to be a HC in the NFL now days, I remember not long ago when if a coach didn’t have 15yrs in the NFL and at least 5yrs at OC or DC they wouldn’t even be considered for the position.

    OHHH wait, it actually doesn’t take any NFL experience at all!


    Imagine an electrican showing up at your house and saying “I don’t have any experience at this level but I’ll do your electric for you”, do you even think for a second about hiring them?

    What’s gotten into these owners and GM lately?

    To be honest for all the talent the Rams had on defense he sure didn’t coach them up very much if any and they gave the Jets, the lowly Jets their first win! I don’t think a lot of thought went into this hire.

  4. Did literally had one season as a dc and now gets a head coaching gig.
    Man the nfl is something else.

  5. One year as a Defensive Coordinator? Not sure I understand why this hire happened so quickly given the young QB they have? The Rams Defense was awesome except for a few times this season. (Most notably, against Packers in the playoffs.) Belichick & Carroll are examples of defensive coaches who did good with their young QBs, so it does work out, occasionally.

  6. I’m pretty sure Anthony Lynn said the same thing four years ago. And four years (or less) from now it’ll be someone else saying those words again. The more the Chargers change, the more they stay the same.

  7. Chargers, always ready to save a buck. Definitely the cheapest of the options out there! Staley maybe the real deal but there’s little doubt this is a financial decision.

  8. Did a great Job with the Rams, out of the assistants under McVay who went on to HC jobs in the NFL he’s been the most impressive. He’s like the defense version of McVay in many ways,unsure if he’ll be as impressive with stuff like talking to the media, be as animated on the sideline etc.. But as a game planner, play caller etc.. He is. Took over from a hall of fame DC and improved our D from top to bottom. Shame to see him go but good luck to him with the tenents.

  9. Chargers being Chargers. Making the dumbest decisions from top to bottom is why this franchise is known for its legendary futility. I just feel bad for Herbert, who looks like a talent. The kid should leave the moment his rookie contract is up. Don’t waste your career like Rivers did.

  10. Translating for Spanos: He was eager and came cheap. And cheap is what I’m all about.

  11. Just another cheap yes man. 12th coach under Spanos’. Steelers have had 3 in last 50 yrs.

  12. If you’re going to hire a rising young coordinator who still has a lot to prove, they should have went with Kellen Moore.

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