Deshaun Watson has not yet asked for a trade

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Saturday’s excellent article that looked into a chaotic couple of weeks for the Texans reports, among other things, that quarterback Deshaun Watsonjust wants out.” He quite possibly does, but he has not officially asked for that to happen.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Watson has not specifically requested a trade, yet.

Although it’s moving in that direction, Watson realizes that using those words will take the situation past the point of no return. This means that, for now, it’s not past the point of no return.

But it won’t be easy to turn things around. The same organization that made the mess will now have to un-make it.

It hasn’t gone well so far. The Texans invited Watson to give input for both the G.M. hire and the head-coaching hire. He did, and the team disregarded his input. The Texans initially ignored his recommendation that Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy be interviewed for the head-coaching job. As reported last night, the Texans completely ignored Watson’s recommendation that former 49ers defensive coordinator (and now Jets head coach) Robert Saleh be interviewed for the job.

To those who point out that quarterbacks aren’t supposed to play that kind of a role in the management of a team, two points: (1) the Texans asked him to play that role; and (2) since quarterbacks are expected to be quasi-members of management, why shouldn’t they play that kind of a role in the management of a team?

Consider the specific dynamics in Houston. Texans owner Cal McNair and executive V.P. of football operations Jack Easterby made the decision to hire Nick Caserio to serve as the next G.M. How are McNair and Easterby more qualified than Watson to make that call?

McNair and Easterby have made three past General Manager decisions, none of which went well. First, they tried (and failed) to hire Caserio. Second, they decided to proceed without a G.M. Third, they decided to make former head coach Bill O’Brien the G.M., a decision that was undone after only four games in 2020.

As a result of those decisions, the Texans didn’t get enough for Jadeveon Clowney (and paid too much of his 2019 salary), the Texans gave up too much for Laremy Tunsil, and the Texans were snookered by the Cardinals for receiver DeAndre Hopkins.

So what can the Texans do at this point to avoid getting an official trade request from Watson? The only thing to do is to make the best head-coaching hire that they can, and to hope that the new coach can figure out how to get Watson to stop short of asking to be traded.

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  1. I’d love to see him traded to a dumpster fire team where he’ll have to compete for a starting job. The Cowboys, Jets, or Vikings should do nicely.

  2. Totally agree. Houston is in one big mess. Draft pick trouble, salary cap trouble, QB trouble, management trouble etc. I’d take Kaley Mcenany’s job before this one!

  3. How is asking for a trade the “point of no return”? The team and player can decide it is in the best interest of both for the player to stay with the team. What it would take for Watson to believe that is another matter entirely.

  4. Deshaun Watson come to where it all begin play in Carolina where you can be happy & have fun again

  5. How are Easterby and McNair more qualified to make decisions than Watson? I will ask the reverse. How is Watson more qualified to make decisions more than Easterby and McNair? Does he have some experience in his background that I am missing?

  6. Maybe petulant DeSean shouldnt have signed the 4 year, $156 million dollar deal last year.

  7. Unfortunately they need to do it. It is best for him and the organization. Imagine if they could get Tua and both of their first round picks? Watson, on the right team, is worth two or three 1st round picks IMO. With Miami’s D they could pull it off. They need an Allen Robinson and a Najee Harris in rnd 2 and they are looking pretty good.

  8. The way I see it a talent like Watson doesn’t come along very often at all. He’s put the team on his back. He put up with dysfunctional management and coaching throughout. Any self respecting individual performing their job on a level most of their peers, let alone the rest of the world, cannot achieve would absolutely leave for a different position within a better company. He’s being smart with his limited career window. This idea that players should just shut up and play and be grateful completely ignores both the sheer volume of work they’ve put in to perform at this level, as well as the very react that without players there is no product. If these owners could mass produce their football team they would in a heartbeat. That’s what makes the game and players special. Just because you own a team doesn’t mean you get to mess with a mans career.

  9. The ridiculous logic people will use to justify the selfish behavior of someone else. So now all QBs should be picking the General Manager and coach? – bc “who knows better than DeShawn?” So- should he also decide the entire offense? Maybe the defense game plan too? Maybe he gets to decide when they kick FGs!!!

  10. Just a friendly reminder that not too long ago on December 13th 2020, Mitchell Trubisky threw 3 touchdown passes to outplay Deshaun Watson in their first meeting since they entered the NFL when the Chicago Bears beat the Houston Texans 36-7. The Bears sacked Watson seven times.

  11. They asked for his input he gave it but they went with the guy they have coveted for a few years now.

  12. 1. He just signed a 4 year extension in September. He didn’t have to do that. And I’m pretty sure the infamous Jack Easterby was there in September.

    2. Giving your young QB input on the next head coach is how you end up with Freddie Kitchens.

  13. Maybe McNair and Easterby realized after paying Watson way too much they couldn’t afford to pay either Bienemy or Saleh and they had to look at second tier prospective coaches who wouldn’t break the bank.

  14. I am a Texans fan. I was happy with the trades of Brown, Clowney and Hopkins, but the Texans could/should have gotten more in each of the trades. All (3) were more about themselves than the team, IMHO, and that is why I was happy with the trades.

    Almost every player who plays in the NFL for (3) seasons or longer will make at least (1) million dollars, plenty of money for the players family for a lifetime if budgeted correctly. Most players playing for (3) + seasons in the NFL will make more than a million dollars and should be set for life.

    So, IMHO, it should be about winning. When you win in the NFL, or any league, the doors open to promote products, radio and/or tv gigs, coaching, and other opportunities, which all will lead to even more money.

    Watson is fun to watch and I would like to see the Texans and Watson patch this up and work together to win a super bowl. However, Watson new two years ago they wanted Caserio and he is a legit pick, IMHO. I wonder if Caserio was black and coming from a multiple super bowl winning franchise, would Watson be ok with the GM selection? Please, can someone name a better pick for this opening of GM with the Texans? The answer is no!

    The only possible trade for Watson, IMHO, is with Jacksonville. I would trade Watson for Jacksonville’s (2) 1st round picks and their (2) 2nd round picks this year + James Robinson. The Texans would draft Lawrence, and OL & Defense with the additional pics. The Texans would have Lawrence on a (5) rookie contract, Robinson, a 1000 yd rusher, with (4) years left on his rookie contract. Plus the (3) other picks on rookie contracts. Caserio is too smart to trade a 25 year old franchise QB and not get a potential young franchise QB plus a lot of picks in return. No other trade would / should be an option.

    And then Watson would get to experience a true nightmare of a franchise!

    As for Bieniemy, just look at his police record on Wikipedia, and anyone with any common sense would know Bieniemy is not what the McNair family wants in the building.

  15. Let’s not forget that because of what they gave up for Tunsil and neglecting to get a contract extension worked out at that time, they had to make him the richest LT in history or let him walk for nothing.

  16. How about a straight up trade, Carson Wentz for Deshawn Watson. the Eagles would be monsters with Watson and HUrts in the fold, and Wentz would have a new fresh start, in a system where he doesn’t have to compete.

  17. People, fans and everyone have to be realistic about Watson going to Miami. The Miami Dolphins won 10 games with Tua 6 wins 3 losses as the starter in his rookie season. Tua did not have wide receivers who could create separation. They were mostly practice squad receivers other than Parker who was often injured and Lynn Bowden Jr. who joined the team at mid season. The Dolphins are not going to give up Tua and 2 first round picks for Watson. They need the top rated receiver they will get from the number 3 pick. They do not have to do anything as Tua and the team are good enough to make the playoffs and more with the Dolphins many great draft picks. Good NFL personnel people do not give up that many good picks for one player given the performance of the Miami team and quarterback in 2020. Houston has to find a suitable desperate buyer in the NFL. Good luck with that!

  18. Good QB’s can carry a team, and they do. Deshaun might be wise to look for a team that can carry him. Good luck with that.

  19. $156,000,000 with $73,000,000 guaranteed and he just now realizes that the organization sucks. Yea if you believe that I have some ocean front property in Arizona I’ll sell you!

  20. candlestickkid says:
    January 17, 2021 at 11:03 am
    49ers will take him if he restructures his contract.
    He seems like he is playing for free vs Jimmy G’s deal and production

  21. Houston should not trade him. Don’t let the players under contract demand trades.
    This is what separates the failing NBA from the NFL.
    Don’t let Deshaun become Lebron.
    Let him sit out and give up $millions if he wants.

  22. Texans should trade him, once the players start that all it does is destroy a team. If they speak for the team then that is a different situation. Just one upset person then move on.

  23. I will put forth that the Texans are not the train wreak the media is putting forth. Only a year ago they were 20 minutes from the conference finals. How many teams can say that. They lost 9 games this year by one score and all the other loses by more were all to teams that made the playoffs. They have 16M in cap money which puts them 14th in the league. That I argue is not a train wreak. So let the narrative go on and allow the media to fans the flames of disconnect or look at it like it really is. They are a team that needs to retool and reset itself. It is not a rebuild. So all the lemming that want to buy into the train wreak, but I would bet that the team will have a much better record next year, just because they should have had a better record this year. Losing the coach in the middle of the season can do that.

  24. One guy says Watson ‘put the team on his back’ another compares his production to jimmy g’s lack of. First, any back up in the league could’ve won 5 games this year with Texans. Second, do you mean garbage stats or playoff/soopbowl appearances?

  25. The fact that Watson hasn’t made any statements reaffirming his loyalty to Houston is very, VERY telling

  26. Everyone here must have missed the photo he shared wearing a #16 Joe Montana jersey. 49ers trade Garoppolo to TX for him and add some draft picks. Done deal.

  27. Cal and Bob McNair are really outdoing themselves. Watt and Watson both desperately want out, and no decent coach would want to walk into a dumpster fire like this. Why on earth does Easterby still have a job?

  28. It must be frustrating for the Texans to see the young elite QB’s coming of age and getting their teams to the playoffs. These youngsters come into the league, struggle for a coupe years, then they start to pick up the finer points of playing winning football, and they win. This hasn’t happened to Watson yet. His physical abilities are undeniable, but it takes more than that to lead your team, and he’s been in the league long enough. We’re seeing Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen stepping up into the elite class, but Watson lags behind. If Watson has the desire to move on from Houston, I bet the Texans will gladly work things out. There’s a big difference, when you study the tape, between Watson and these other young guns who are winning.

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