Ravens blame wind for Justin Tucker’s bad game

Divisional Round - Baltimore Ravens v Buffalo Bills
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Justin Tucker picked a bad day for the worst game of his career.

Tucker may be the best kicker in NFL history, but kickers are usually remembered less for their full bodies of work than for a few big kicks in big games. And Tucker had two big misses as the Ravens were eliminated from the playoffs on Saturday.

With misses from 41 yards and 46 yards, Saturday’s game was the first time in Tucker’s 155-game career that he had two misses on attempts shorter than 50 yards. Afterward, the Ravens rallied to Tucker’s defense, blaming the wind.

The wind was very impactful,” coach John Harbaugh said, via the Ravens’ website. “You could see it for both kickers. It was tough, really challenging out there.”

Said teammate Orlando Brown Jr., “The wind was crazy. Tuck’s the greatest kicker to ever play this game. I’ve got a lot of respect for him. His job isn’t easy. He’s done everything he’s needed to do over the last nine or 10 years, however long he’s been playing. He’s the best in the league at it.”

Added linebacker Matthew Judon, “We all have faith in Tucker. When he was going out there and kicking, the wind kicked up. We expect him to make those, but we’re all human. I missed some sacks today. Nobody went out there and played perfect. We’re not going to sit here and hang this loss on Tuck.”

17 responses to “Ravens blame wind for Justin Tucker’s bad game

  1. Yeah blame your kicker when Lamar throws pick 6 and no touchdowns scored! Playoff Lamar strikes again.

  2. Excuses are great…Football kicking legacy is about the big kicks… Scott Norwood was an excellent kicker, and unfortunately he missed the big kick.

  3. Tyler Bass is no Justin Tucker but he has had a very nice rookie year and also missed two kicks. The wind definitely affected kicking for both teams.

  4. I love the look of shock on Tucker’s face when he misses…like it’s NEVER supposed to happen to HIM,of all people.

  5. I’m not even sure why teams just weren’t going for it on 4th with the wind and the misses. Up until the 3rd Qtr it looked like whoever could make a FG was going to win the game.

  6. Absolutely NO ONE was blaming Tucker for those missed kicks. It was obvious to anyone watching the game what the wind condition was like.

  7. Typical Harbaugh. You lose 17-3 because your offense sucks and you blame the wind. Always an excuse for that whiner. Guess what, Buffalo’s kicker missed one too. Harbaugh is a tool.

  8. 4 missed FGs in the game – guessing they all would have been good under normal conditions – as a kicker all you can do is hit a solid ball and trust to the mechanics – missed FGs were not the story of this game – Bill’s D and the resulting Raven’s Offensive performance was the problem

  9. As a Bills fan, this article ommitted that Bills kicker Tyler Bass also missed 2 FGAs… after making 17 consecutive coming into the game. The wind was making even long snaps difficult.

  10. You see a kicker in purple missing kicks like that and everyone assumes it’s the Vikings.

  11. or maybe if you gave Dobbins the ball more instead of keeping him on the sidelines, instead of throwing your scatter armed QB you would have scored TDs and not had to settle for FGs in windy conditions. Dobbins only had 10 carries and averaged 4.2 yards per carry. Excuses are for losers

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