Report: Drew Brees will retire after postseason

Divisional Round - Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints
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Saints quarterback Drew Brees is reportedly playing in New Orleans for the last time tonight, and his last NFL game will either be tonight, the NFC Championship Game or the Super Bowl.

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports said during today’s pregame show that Brees will retire once the postseason is over.

“Drew Brees, tonight will be the last game he plays at the Superdome,” Glazer said. “And whenever his last game is, if they lose tonight, if they lose next week, that will be the last game he plays in the NFL. Drew Brees will be done. That’s it. Tom Brady will continue. Drew Brees, this will be his last game in the Superdome.”

Brees has not announced whether he will retire or not, and the Saints have said he’s welcome back if he wants to return. But it sounds like the decision has been made, and Brees is waiting only for the right time to make it public.

73 responses to “Report: Drew Brees will retire after postseason

  1. So he’s retiring after the game tonight? Will be a double blow for Saints fans who thought Brees would never retire.

  2. Well tyvm brees for the great memories and qb play. regardless of when the time comes enjoy retirement u earned it…..see u next year when u are broadcasting. 5 yrs from now youll be enshrined in canton

  3. Saints in trouble when he leaves. Is Payton a genius? Hill will be upset when he gets passed up for the starting job. You think Jackson is bad? Hill cant even be a gimmick let alone a whole season starter.

  4. Of course Brady will keep playing. Even if he looks old and feeble. He wouldn’t know how to handle himself not being in the spotlight. The guy has never had great running skills, but as soon as the rush gets near him he folds like a lawn chair.

  5. I’m glad he is retiring but his play and class will be sorely missed. Good luck Drew and family.

  6. Is it just me or are these spots in this game going in the favor for TB and hurting the Saints??

  7. hinglemccringleberry says:

    January 17, 2021 at 7:00 pm

    Of course Brady will keep playing. Even if he looks old and feeble… as soon as the rush gets near him he folds like a lawn chair.
    And that’s why he still playing at 43.

  8. Who had brees being top 2 all time for tds and passing yards after his 2005 shoulder surgery..raise your hand. What an amazing career! Give it one more shot and hang em up. Enjoy your retirement Drew, you certainly earned it!

  9. One ring. And he should thank Hank Baskett for that one. Hof no doubt. All those stats should have got him further.

  10. Glazer’s whole thing is getting chummy with players and gaining their confidence. They tell him stuff off the record and he goes and uses that info to get scoops & exclusive stories.

  11. canadiancardinalsfan says:

    Who had brees being top 2 all time for tds and passing yards after his…
    Deshaun Watson was like 4 years old and he still knew this and thought he was the best gm in the nfl.

  12. This just in: Saints will be terrible for years after 2020 season…Thomas and Kamara will demand trades next year.

  13. His contract is us after this season, so yes, he won’t be under contract. The way the media and Saints treated him, I’d bail too.

  14. Been one of the great QBs to watch play going back to Purdue. Hooking up with Payton took his game to another level that might not have happened had he landed in Miami like he wanted originally when leaving the Chargers.

  15. Good riddance, would’ve had twice the fans had he not folded like a cheap tent. I’m not one of the fans.

  16. if Glazer had any class, which he obviously doesnt, he would let drew himself announce this he has certainly earned that….

  17. His ridiculous woke apologies made him look like a fool. As far as I’m concerned he can’t be gone soon enough and I wish Brady and the Bucs the best of luck into sending him away tonight.

  18. Brady will be gone too after next year, Watson will be a Falcon, and Atlanta will be on top of the NFC South for a few years.

  19. He if he wants a stat for retirement and then to come back, Farve will own that for a while.

  20. I’m pretty sure that Glazer was just offering an off handed opinion during the opinion section of the pregame show. But sure, just report it as gospel. Hell with it.

  21. As fans we truly were spoiled having Brady, Brees, Manning, Rodgers, and Flacco (kidding) all dueling at the same time. There might never be a rotation of legends all playing at the same time.

  22. Brady, Brees, Manning Rodgers…. How about Mahomes, Allen, Hubert, Mayfield. They all still have to show/prove but there’s a lot of young guys with “potential”, and actual potential.

  23. #steveno9784, with Watson, Jackson, Mahomes, Allen, and Burrows around, I think the rotation of legends will continue.

  24. Watching them have to substitute him to throw the ball deep is embarrassing. I think Brees has been really great all time, but it’s clear it’s time for him to retire. I was a bit shocked that he lost the pace to retire with the all time records. At least he had them at one point.

  25. My guys a legend says the Watson, Allen, Jackson, Mayfield, Burrow fan clubs… They haven’t done anything yet, but they’re still legends… of course they are says the everyone gets a trophy society…of course they are

  26. To all of the commenters who have made disparaging statements about Jay Glazer….I agree.

  27. Brees is still working with his receivers after the second int. he doesn’t look like this will be his last game.

  28. I really hope he changes his mind. I mean think about this, he has played in front of those fans for so long and he just can’t go out like that. It just doesn’t feel right for him to not be able to say thank you and the fans say thank you to him. One more time Drew.. One more time

  29. Brees obviously has some major problems throwing the ball. Nothing deep. Inaccurate and hesitant. As he walked off the field, it looked like it was his last time. Great career though.

  30. bondlake says:
    January 17, 2021 at 6:44 pm
    Jay Glazer is a loudmouth.

    If you watched that game you might realize Glazer might be on to something. Not a Saints fan and hate that the media (and commenters) will talk about Brady (who was bailed out by his Defense, again) ending Brees’ career but frankly he didn’t need help. Horrible performance and not just one game.

  31. He simply couldn’t drive the ball anymore. He couldn’t even attempt a deep pass during the game! Goodbye!

  32. He will wait until AFTER the draft and see if they get some O-Lineman to defend him. He may be long in the tooth but the man can still all and he knows it. He is NOT going out with his final loss being to Tom Brady. Hell to the no.

  33. everdieeasy says:
    January 17, 2021 at 7:20 pm

    One ring. And he should thank Hank Baskett for that one. Hof no doubt. All those stats should have got him further.

    Yeah, its a team sport. These QBs get too much credit. You don’t think Brees would have won more if he were on the Patriots’ teams?

  34. Still love thinking about the Dolphins back in 2006 thinking Brees wasn’t worth it, let New Orleans sign him, and then signed Daunte Culpepper. Hahahahahahaha!

  35. People talking about Brady and his defenses are funny. This is the fifth awful game Brees has had in his short playoff career. He threw three picks in this game. Let that sink in. Did Brady’s defense cause Chris Godwin to fail to hang onto the ball in the end zone at the end of the second quarter?

  36. springfield says:
    January 17, 2021 at 7:56 pm
    Brady, Brees, Manning Rodgers…. How about Mahomes, Allen, Hubert, Mayfield. They all still have to show/prove but there’s a lot of young guys with “potential”, and actual potential.

    Mahomes has already won a SB and season MVP. He’s well on his way.

  37. As he was leaving the field after the game,Brees was sending kisses up to his family,and then he kissed his helmet. A goodbye kiss?

  38. Drew Bree’s when all is said and done will have made himself the third best QB in history in my book.. Behind Brady but ahead of Manning.

    In his prime Drew Bree’s would make great defenses look foolish, In my opinion most of the playoff failures were due to the saints having subpar defenses most those years.

    That year he won the superbowl after Katrina i will never forget, Before the Pregame he would hype the team up playing Leonidis from 300.. Guy was an outstanding leader and even better Humanitarian. All this guy who led the charge that height is not the number one metric in a successful QB.. Wilson,Murray,Mayfield,Tua owe this guy more then they know

  39. I remember thinking all the good QBS were gone when Elway, Marino, Montana, and Kelly were gone… but then Aikman, Young, Favre, and maybe Bledsoe… the next ones are always there to put their own stamp on the game

  40. Class.
    Skilled leader.

    He brought the first two, achieved the third and earned the last.

  41. Love Brees, but it looks to be time. He doesn’t look to have the arm to get it done anymore…not that it’s likely the Saints’ll be better off, but the cracks are starting to show. Better to go out on your own terms than be forced out. Their time was a couple years ago when they got screwed against the Rams.

  42. All time great and total class act. While I won’t miss him running circles around my Panthers, the NFL was better with him playing. I wish him all the best.

  43. All these attacks on Glasier are over the top. Killing the messenger changes nothing. As to his relationship with players and staff, only an idiot doesn’t know he is a reporter out for a scoop. Most are trying to control the spin on a story that’s coming out anyway.

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