Sean McVay on Jared Goff: Everything is being evaluated

Divisional Round - Los Angeles Rams v Green Bay Packers
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After the Rams lost to the Packers on Saturday afternoon, Rams head coach Sean McVay said that Jared Goff was the team’s starting quarterback “right now.”

McVay revisited the topic on Sunday and made it clear that he’s not writing Goff’s name into the starting lineup for 2021. McVay said that he thinks it is important to evaluate every position and that quarterback would not be excluded from that process this offseason.

“Everything is being evaluated,” McVay said, via Greg Beachem of the Associated Press. “I’m not ready to make any sort of statements with regards to any starting position or not. We’re going to have a level of competition in anything that we do.”

The importance of evaluating other options at the quarterback position has not been part of recent Rams offseasons, so this is a bit more significant than the usual end-of-season housekeeping. The terms of Goff’s contract makes it difficult to move on without him, but the door appears to be open for a major change in his role.

12 responses to “Sean McVay on Jared Goff: Everything is being evaluated

  1. Since the cap hit is part of the evaluation and also lack of viable alternative on the roster and lack of resources to acquire one, what is there to evaluate?

    Goff will be on the roster next year, there’s no way he is not because of the cap hit.

  2. Goff is average, middle of the pack, bot a top 10 QB.

    Having said that – how many teams have worse QBs? Guy who lose gams for you?
    If Goff was making 5MM/year less, say 30 or 28MM. Would he be ok then?
    Teams all the time give some guy a 12-18MM contract and its a bust. So overpaying Goff by 5MM and not having to spend 1st round picks on QBs is worth something.

    If the Rams can draft a QB then fine. Otherwise what doe sit mean “to move on”?
    Do you trade him, for what?
    Do you cut him?
    If he’s gone who is your QB?
    Do you sign a free agent and hope he works out?
    Jameis Winston?
    Markus Mariota?
    If they stink you get what you paid for, if they have a good year, they now want to get paid a lot.

  3. Nothing wrong with competition. Had to pay the guy who got us to the SB but now it’s clear he needs to be pushed. McVay’s offense with a competent QB is lethal. With Goff, it ranges from mediocre to elite but a lot more of the former. Let’s get a capable challenger in the building.

  4. ramsnation88 says:
    January 17, 2021 at 6:54 pm

    Nothing wrong with competition. Had to pay the guy who got us to the SB but now it’s clear he needs to be pushed. McVay’s offense with a competent QB is lethal. With Goff, it ranges from mediocre to elite but a lot more of the former.

    Seahawks fan and I agree. Rams would be deadly with an elite QB. As it is, they’re scary enough with Goff, but a true elite QB would make them absolutely scary. Lots of respect for McVay and the way he coaches up his team.

  5. Sounds like maybe they’ll use an early draft pick (round 2 or 3) on a QB to push Goff. Or maybe the Rams have simply begun sending out their annual off season smoke screens.

  6. Goff is fine IF the talent around him is good.
    Unfortunately, your roster is made up of young players who are mid to low round draft choices who are really roll players because you traded away so many draft choices. Your left tackle is 40 years old and Brockers who you let walk last year and then discovered you really needed due to your lack of experience is early thirties. Getting competition for Goff will not be easy since your do not have the salary cap space to pay the competitor. He should have said he is my quarterback and let it go at that. You now have a controvery going into the off-season.

  7. Even with Favre as his QB, Ron Wolf used to draft a quarterback almost every year. He had a few hits too. Examples include Matt Hasslebeck, Aaron Brooks, Mark Brunell, Ty Detmer, and Matt Flynn. Some went on to decent careers, albeit with other teams.

    But that was his M.O. and it worked out well for the Packers.

  8. The problem with the Rams offense isn’t all on Goff.

    As far as personnel, it has more to do with the OL pass blocking being middling at best these past two seasons, as well as the fact that they lack a burner or a big physical wide out to either stretch the field or to attract occasional double teams. Give Goff that option and watch everything open up.

    But because of this lack, McVay’s offense hasn’t been “lethal” in quite some time.
    (This is not to take away from the talented receivers they have, but the dependency on short passes, bubble screens, and YAC scratched out by Woods and Kupp has become tedious to watch, increasingly ineffective, and worse, predictable by defenses.)

    If these “hints” in McVay’s statements are being interpreted correctly as in this article, then I fear McVay, for all his smarts, is (still) a victim of his own myopia and ego.

  9. Maybe it’s McVay’s fault. Remember Goff versus Mahomes in 2018? Goff was amazing. McVay has reduced him to screen passes and short routes. Perhaps McVay has destroyed his confidence. Maybe, just maybe, Goff would blossom under a different coach.

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