Sean McVay on Jared Goff: “He’s the quarterback right now”

Divisional Round - Los Angeles Rams v Green Bay Packers
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At the tail end of Rams coach Sean McVay’s press conference following a postseason loss to the Packers, McVay was asked a simple question about quarterback Jared Goff.

“If he your quarterback?”

Said McVay: “Yeah, he’s the quarterback right now.”

The session ended at that point, without the opportunity for anyone to further inquire regarding the two words McVay nonchalantly tacked onto the end of the response.

Right now.

Some have wondered whether McVay would have used John Wolford in Saturday’s game at Green Bay, if the neck injury Wolford suffered last weekend against the Seahawks would have allowed him to play. Some will now wonder whether Wolford, or someone else, will have an opportunity to compete against Goff next season.

Regardless of whether Goff starts in 2021, he won’t be going anywhere. His contract makes cutting him virtually impossible, given that his 2021 base salary of $25.325 million already is fully guaranteed, as is a 2021 roster bonus of $2.5 million and a 2022 roster bonus of $15.5 million. That’s $43.325 million in guarantees, with no offsets.

Throw in $22.2 million in cap charges for past bonuses paid to Goff, and the cap consequences associated with releasing him would exceed $65 million.

Trading him would result in a much lower cap charge ($22.2 million), but who would trade for Goff at this point?

Answer: No one.

So the Rams are stuck with Goff, at least through 2022. That doesn’t mean they have to play him, but it means that their best, and perhaps only, option will be to keep him on the roster.

31 responses to “Sean McVay on Jared Goff: “He’s the quarterback right now”

  1. There wondering if they should of Traded Goff and Got Brady.Can you imagine Rams with Brady Gronk and AB

  2. This implies the QB or the HC must be a major weakness; that or the GM is the weakness.

  3. Other than a few of the sacks, Goff did not play poorly. It was the D that let them down, though a lot of that had to do with Rodgers.

  4. The GM went all in and has come up short. Big contracts coming due and not a ton of success.

  5. Goff isn’t an elite quarterback, but to me is better then some starting qbs right now! Yeah his contract isn’t team friendly but that’s the Rams fault not Jared’s. Plus I give him credit he played those 2 playoff games with his thumb he got surgery on recently pretty good. I say the problem is that other then Aaron Donald they don’t have another pass rusher. So if he gets hurt and isn’t producing that pressure he’s known for then no one else is bringing that type of pressure he does. Rams offense impressed me, the defense not much today.

  6. Goff has issues, no doubt. But, he doesn’t play Defense. The Rams’ D was Ranked Number One in the NFL this season. They didn’t show up in Green Bay as the Packers marched up and down the field at will.
    I guess the Defense stayed in the warm California sun instead of travelling to the North

  7. McVay is just as much a part of the problem with the offense as Goff, but no cap hit to cut McVay. Why keep an inexperienced 30 year old who claims to be an offensive genious but put up 3 points in the superbowl and relies on the defensive coordinator or refs for any wins he gets?

  8. Say what you will about Goff, but I would waaaaaaaaay rather have him for 2021-22 at $43M guaranteed than Kirk Cousins at $76M guaranteed for the same period, which is where Minnesota is going to find itself on the third day of the coming league year.

  9. What a terrible contract they gave him. That language is an agent’s dream; who does the contract negotiations for the team? Is it Snead? Whoever it is, they need a refresher course.

  10. There are only a handful of QBs worth the money they get paid. Maybe around 5. The rest are cap killers who should be dumped every few years for a rookie. Cycle them and use the money elsewhere.

  11. McVay just doesn’t give any player untouchable status.Goff had his best game in months last night.if he played like that all season we would have atleast matched the Packers regular season record.

  12. Not sure why McVay would say that after yesterday’s loss and create an add’l story line. I thought Goff played pretty well. The Rams D not able to stop the better GB offense was the reason they lost.

  13. IF Rams gets trading Goff,Rams will not get super bowl.Mr.Goff should take 25 million /a year.Rams can take more stars(RB,TE and WR)

  14. If Goff is unmoveable that is on you! Learn how to manage your salary cap! I am not big on Goff but I don’t think he was their problem. Your defense got gashed, players were pointing at each other their mistakes ON THE FIELD and GB punished your offensive line when you tried to pass. Yes Donald was hurt/ineffective but that is what happens when you rely so much on one player.

  15. Goff played well.

    Def gave up way too many rushing yards.

    Packers are a good team for sure.

  16. The Rams are going to emphasize QB competition more than they have in the past. Goff will still be the team’s starter in 2021 but that position is not as secure as it has been in the past.

    Goff did better in the playoffs but that doesn’t render as negligible his regression over the second half of the season or penchant for making poor decisions.

    I think McVay wants an alternative at QB in case Goff struggles again next year.

  17. Goff needs to know he’s got work to do this offseason and come back stronger next year. Yes, he was better in the playoffs but in no way was he lights out.

  18. Goff always looks scared. He got lucky to get that contract. McVay should hire some offensive help. They need to figure out how to maximize Goff. He is not horrible. But the play calling doesn’t suit him. Bet he misses Gurley bailing him out on those time grinding runs.

  19. Seems to me if his first read isn’t there he becomes a basket-case in the pocket and the play crumbles, usually with him getting sacked at worst and throwing it away at best.

  20. Neither of the QBs taken 1 and 2 in 2016 are looking very good right now at exactly the point in their careers they should have really been putting everything together. And the Rams and Eagles are in tough spots because of it. The difference being, Goff still wants to be with his team.

  21. Another off-season, and another round of anti-Goff propoganda spinning up. Before we buy into the bs – let’s look at the stats for the QB nobody would want. Per the ESPN Next Gen QB stats routinely quoted….Goff had a BETTER season statistically than Tannehill, Mayfield, Big Ben, Lamar and Kyler Murray…..uh….and he went to the 2nd Round of the playoffs, and played well.

  22. Goff was a no.1 pick but he plays like he’s a 5th round pick. That doesn’t mean he’s bad but I don’t think you can win a super bowl without an elite qb anymore.

  23. Problem is the #1 defense couldn’t even sack a 37 year old QB in the twilight of his career.

    Packers are a team 2 years removed from being so bad, they fired a coach mid season whis is NOT typical for Green Bay. They then go on a 27-6 run with a new coach, 2 NFCCGs and zero additions to the offensive talent pool since the switch.

    That defense of LA’s – meh. Ramsey? Give me Alexander all day. If you’re a shut down CB, you’re on the #1wr EVERY snap. JR. Wasn’t and when he was – Adams caught everything thrown his way. 4/4 targets and a TD.

  24. Goff looked like an average starting QB last season which is actually not that bad. If he regresses though I could see how there could be problems.

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