Andrew Whitworth on returning for 16th season: There are a lot of things that have to align


Rams left tackle Andrew Whitworth has been with the team since Sean McVay took over as head coach in 2017.

Before suffering a torn MCL and PCL in 2020, he hadn’t missed a game due to injury in his time with Los Angeles. And even at the age of 39, Whitworth was playing at a high level.

He returned to play in the Rams’ two playoff games, taking every offensive snap on Saturday. But even though he said earlier this month he wasn’t planning to retire, Whitworth knows he still has some things to think about.

“I think with unfinished business, I think with what I’ve had to overcome this season, I would love to come back out here and compete with this football team again,” Whitworth said, via Emmanuel Morgan of the Los Angeles Times. “But there are a lot of things that have to align.”

Though Whitworth was able to safely play in Los Angeles’ playoff games, his knee wasn’t 100 percent.

“I knew coming back that I wasn’t going to be as healthy and as effective, maybe, as I had been in my past, but it was about more than just me,” Whitworth said. “I know what I mean to these guys and how important it is for me to be in that huddle with them. To me, making that decision … made me more invigorated to go out there with them again, and hopefully things work out.”

Whitworth is under contract for two more seasons. He’ll turn 40 next December.