Deshaun Watson asks Texans fans to cancel Monday march to support him

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Texans fans aren’t happy with the situation involving quarterback Deshaun Watson, a situation which currently is teetering on the brink of Watson asking to be traded. Some fans plan to hold a march in Houston aimed at supporting Watson on Monday.

Watson has urged them to stop.

“I’m hearing there is a march planned on my behalf in Houston today,” Watson tweeted. “Although I am humbled I ask that whoever is organizing the march cancel for the sake of public safety. Covid is spreading at a high rate & I don’t want any fans to unnecessarily expose themselves to infection.”

Kudos to Watson for doing the right thing. It’s easy and simple to tell your supporters to stand down. (Far easier, apparently, than previously realized by others in positions of great influence.)

We’ll amplify Watson’s message: Cancel the march. At the end of the day, it won’t change anything. The relationship between team and player is frayed, and it’s for the team to figure out how to unfray it. Nothing fans say at this point will make a difference.

36 responses to “Deshaun Watson asks Texans fans to cancel Monday march to support him

  1. We as football fans in general don’t deserve this guy. He is too good for us. Great young man.

  2. I remember when Osi was riding the bike refusing to practice. Fans started yelling at him to play out his contract. Exact opposite here.

  3. There’s a march planned to support a professional athlete in his labor dispute with ownership. Seriously. What are we becoming as a society? Not every injustice in the world necessitates a march. Stop this noise. By protesting such minor issues, you put them on par with the greater social issues we face today that actually do deserve marches.

  4. The Texans are way more committed to going 5-11 every year than they are to Deshaun Watson, that’s for sure.

  5. Nice or is his agent saying, dont let them do this since your going to be asking for a trade and break there hearts.

  6. So Watson can make a public comment. His lack of addressing the issues that surround the Team & his poor relationship with them, speaks volumes.

  7. Watson thinks the only difference between him and
    Mahomes is an offensive coordinator!!!!! dream on!!!!

  8. If the man doesn’t want to be there they need to trade him. One of the teams in the top-ten in the draft, who need a QB (Jets, looking at you), should trade for him. I’d MUCH rather have Watson than any QB coming out this year. How old is he, anyway?

  9. egomaniac247 says:
    January 18, 2021 at 12:48 pm

    Quit on his teammates


    His owner quit on the entire organization, city and fan base.

  10. This is nuts. A march. For a football player. Im the middle of the worse pandemic/crisis of our lifetimes.

    Some people urgently need to reorder their priorities.

  11. You had fans that were going to march for something that’s so trivial?? How stupid, how incredibly stupid. Fans can be so infantile & so unrealistic. These fans that were going to do this march obviously have a lot of time on their. Pathetic!!

  12. What a joke, this guy take a couple hundred million then cries cause they’re 4-12, be better loser! You’re not a front office guy, QB is, you don’t get special treatment to be the 10th best QB in the league.

  13. I hope Sean Payton and Loomis are doing everything they can to acquire Watson. Idc what anyone says about him demanding a trade, the kid can ball and he’d do some work with Sean Payton and the Saints.

  14. There’s a team out there that needs Watson. If they have picks and players to help Houston rebuild, trade him! The drama just isn’t worth it!

  15. Just deal him. Does Houston really want a QB who doesn’t want to be there? A march will solve nothing,and worse,it will turn into a superspreader.

  16. There are a lot of things with marching for in today’s crazy state of things. An unhappy, multi-millionaire athlete is not one of them, however…

  17. Do a straight up trade to Baltimore for Lamar Jackson it would be a win win for both teams

  18. Didn’t realize Watson’s contract has him holding all the cards, until I read this. ‘ He has the right to not report, which would force Houston to find someone to take him. Yet he also has a no-trade clause, which allows Watson to effectively pick which team he wants to go to, limiting the Texans’ bargaining power.’

  19. Watson to the Jets for Darnold,number 2 number 23 and the Seahawks number one next year they wasted on the Jamaal Adams trade.

  20. I think Watson is a very fine young man, but I watch a lot of tape, and he’s not a good QB. Obviously, every starting QB and every backup QB in the NFL are great QB’s, but I’m comparing him to the top QB’s, and there isn’t any comparison. I’m talking about watching tape, not stats. I think Watson is the most over-rated player in the NFL, and Matt Ryan is a close second.

  21. Today Monday? MLK day Monday? They wanted to march… for … a guy who doesn’t like his boss? Not civil rights. Not social justice. We talkin ’bout a dude who can’t quit his job even tho it sucks. Join the club. Not a segregated diner. Not murder for whistling at a white woman. We talkin ’bout a dude that signed a 40m a year contract and doesn’t like it. Not sitting on a bus. Not getting blasted with fire houses and attacked by dogs. We talkin ’bout 1 percenter problems.

  22. Most likely some pimple faced kid on social media that started this lame so-called ‘march’. How incredibly effiing ridiculous.
    And the Watson fellow. Buck up, make your team better ! Stop crying, no team wants a whiner. You are paid handsomely.

  23. Perhaps he called it off because doesn’t want to flip the bird to his base as the door hits him on the way out.

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