Eric Bieniemy set to interview with Texans on Monday

Kansas City Chiefs v Miami Dolphins
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Perhaps there’s a chance the Texans can repair their relationship with Deshaun Watson.

Houston is set to virtually interview Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy on Monday, according to NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport. Because Kansas City is still in the postseason, the organization and NFL had to give permission so that the Texans didn’t have to wait.

“Due to the virtual nature of the interviews, and with club consent, the league made the decision to permit interviews with potential head coaching candidates still in the playoffs,” the NFL said in a statement to PFT.

Watson recommended interviewing Bieniemy and now-Jets head coach Robert Saleh to club leadership. But Houston didn’t request an interview with the Chiefs’ offensive coordinator until Jan. 12. The Texans never interviewed Saleh.

While ESPN reported there’s a “growing sense” that Watson has played his last snap for the Texans, hiring Bieniemy could help mend what’s broken between the two parties.

22 responses to “Eric Bieniemy set to interview with Texans on Monday

  1. do they want him or just watson…this guy keeps getting interviews and no job, maybe that should tell you something. It’s Reid’s offence anyway not Bieniemy’s…How did that Nagy fella that was running it before him pan out as a HC??

  2. Lol. Watson going to be mad when he isn’t hired. Not sure why all the hype for him. Everyone looks good around MVPs. His leadership skills are what? Coordinators aren’t always good coaches. What system will he run? Can he adapt to the QB already there? Will Watson just sulk and whine all year?

  3. It was genius when Eric Bieniemy ran the play that had Chad Henne hit Tyreek Hill for a short gain and a first down that ended the game.

  4. The Texans would be absolutely spineless if they hire Bieniemy to simply placate their diva QB. It would be absolutely pathetic & spineless.

  5. I think as bad a situation personnel-wise as O’Brien left them its not gonna make a huge difference who the HC is. Might was well hire EB and placate Watson if that what you want.

  6. Have been hearing over and over that the NFL does not allow coaches of teams still in the playoffs to interview for other positions, but this does not apply to Bieniemy or Todd Bowles? I do not understand how the NFL decides on who the rules apply to.

  7. Players shouldn’t have any say in personnel decisions, here is why.

    You have over 50 players on a team. Once you let one person give his input here is what can happen. Suppose JJ Watt says he thinks someone else should be interviewed. Now you have a problem. Players need to do their job, not get involved in personnel decisions.

    Is he going to pick the cheerleaders also?

  8. Heard an analyst talk about the Watson situation and the thing is, Watson holds all the cards. I dont understand how thee owners ever allowed (ya strike was threatened) a situtaion where they had zero control over the players.
    If Watson demands a trade, they have no choice. Ridiculous. All he wants to do is go to a team that make make the playoffs rather then stay and try and elevated his current team. He wants a dream team to go to.

  9. I wouldn’t even attend if I was Bieniemy. This is a knee-jerk interview that was set up for the sole reason of placating Watson. Bieniemy has an amazing thing going on in KC, be patient and better opportunities will eventually be available for you.

  10. Watson signed the contract and the last I looked that makes him an employee. Very few (if any) people have much influence at all on who their boss is so Watson can let his thoughts be known but realize he isn’t a decision maker. He is a HIGHLY paid employee.

  11. EB should avoid Watson at all costs. Unless he thinks he can be traded EB should absolutely not take that job.

  12. This isn’t the NBA. Watson is not a QB that raises all around him. This looks bad for all involved. I would trade him to Detroit for Stafford and some firsts. Let him rot with a real terrible owner.

  13. The Texans would be absolutely spineless if they hire Bieniemy to simply placate their diva QB. It would be absolutely pathetic & spineless.
    Given the Texans track record picking Head Coaches and front office personnel, how could listening to Watson possibly make it worse?

  14. who calls the plays in Kansas City?
    Andy Reid.
    OC’s usually get hired as an HC because of their play calling and scheme.
    we shall see

  15. Feels almost like the NFL is going to make the last team with an opening hire Bienemy.

  16. Seeing that Bieniemy has been passed over for three years, there might be something about him no one likes.

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