Jason Peters plans to play in 2021, but not for Eagles

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Jason Peters and the Eagles appeared to be done with each other after the 2019 season, but guard Brandon Brooks‘ season-ending injury led to a reunion.

An injury to Andre Dillard meant that Peters wound up back at left tackle, but was limited to eight games during the 4-11-1 season because of his own injuries. Peters told Jeff Skversky of WPVI that fans deserve more than the Eagles gave them this season, but he doesn’t expect to be part of the effort to bring it to them.

“I’m going to play one more year and try to get me another ring,” Peters said. “It probably won’t be in Philly. Unfortunate, but try to choose a team and try to get another ring.”

Next season would be Peters’ 18th NFL season.

13 responses to “Jason Peters plans to play in 2021, but not for Eagles

  1. He’s just an emergency rental at this point for a contender with a serious mid-season need. Can’t count on him for more than a handful of games and he’s losing a step or two in pass protection. Not the stalwart he used to be, not by a longshot. Glad we had him as an Eagle for as long as we did.

  2. If he is willing to play for the league minimum I can see several teams that would be interested. One would only change the shade of green he wears now.

  3. Hard to blame the guy for wanting to play for a winner. The Eagles aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

  4. Could play for a team like the Packers who will likely need a LT until Bakhtiari comes back from injury, and then, if Peters can still play, he can move to an interior position where the Packers will need some veteran depth (assuming they don’t resign Taylor and/or Linsley). He’d have to be willing to sign for cheap though, maybe incentive laden, especially with the cap number to drop significantly next year.

  5. He’s got his ring and he’s made more money than anyone at his position. He needs to make a choice between playing for a contender that really needs him, or trying to break the bank. That may mean being a backup on a good team.

  6. Signing will not only be contingent on the team being in the hunt for a ring, but they will have to not really need him & he be used as depth. His experience & ability to enhance a defensive will be valuable if he accepts the depth roll.

  7. It was difficult watching him get beat so much last year at LT while remembering his days as a legitimate road grader laying pancakes all game. His days as the “ body guard “ are long gone.

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