Justin Fields declares for NFL Draft

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There wasn’t much mystery surrounding Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields’ plan for 2021 and the little bit that did exist was wiped away on Monday.

Fields announced that he will be leaving the Buckeyes and entering the NFL Draft. Fields began his college time at Georgia and transferred to Ohio State ahead of the 2019 season. He started 22 games over the last two seasons and Ohio State won 20 of them.

Fields threw for 5,373 yards, 63 touchdowns, and nine interceptions in those starts. He also ran for 867 yards and 15 touchdowns.

Trevor Lawrence has been the favorite to go first overall since his freshman year at Clemson. Fields and BYU’s Zack Wilson are generally predicted to be high picks in the first round as well, but the order varies and will ultimately be set by the scouts for teams in the market for a signal caller.

20 responses to “Justin Fields declares for NFL Draft

  1. If some comes with a ransom of picks and a good player pull the trigger on a trade. Kid has trouble throwing into tight windows. In the NFL all you have is tight windows to throw into.

  2. troy smith
    braxton miller
    terrelle pryor
    jt barrett
    cardale jones

    lol go ahead and draft this guy, just don’t wonder what went wrong when his name is added to the illustrious list above

  3. In Justin Fields defense, he was regarded as a way better recruit/prospect than any of those other Ohio State QBs listed. But I get the skepticism LOL they never seem to pan out for whatever reason.

    One last one note. He TECHNIACALLY isn’t an Ohio State QB.. He’s really a Georgia Bulldog QB!

  4. Bama was by far the best defense Fields faced this year and the majority of NFL defenses are tougher than Bama. GMs should take that into very serious consideration before putting him too high on their boards.

  5. Based of Ohio State track record of producing good QB in the NFL, I have my doubts about Fields. Nothing personal concerning Justin Fields. He appears to be a good young man.

  6. mid to late 2nd round pick (realistically). Practically, some early picking team will draft him way too high.

  7. It would be really interesting to know how Urban Meyer feels about him. Miami at 3 could offer quite a haul, and he would still be available.

  8. Great athlete, sub par thrower, who lacks consistency. I think he will have a short NFL career..another Ohio St QB who looks good in college

  9. The NFL eats up and spits out high hyped QBs who were the recipients of superior coaching and being surrounded by superior talent at the top schools. Many of their flaws are hidden by having all day to throw to wide open receivers

  10. This guy ain’t even as good as Mariota or Winston. Should be a late second rounder.

  11. I’m tired of the OSU QB trope. The list of Jeff Tedford QBs was once Trent Dilfer, David Carr, Akili Smith, AJ Feeley, Joey Harrington, and Kyle Boller. This history helped drop the next Tedford QB to #24 pick despite being in the discussion to be picked first. That guy was Aaron Rodgers. Judge Fields on his talents and what he’s shown, not the ignominious history of prior OSU QBs. He’ll probably bust because most QBs do. But it has nothing to do with being an OSU QB.

  12. OSU QBs overrated?? Of course they are. Fields isn’t even Haskins material. His team will down this reality.

  13. If Justin Fields is any good, he will be bucking a very long trend of horrible OSU QB’s in the NFL. The bar is pretty low. The best NFL QB’s that OSU has developed in the last 60 years are Mike Tomczak and Kent Graham. They both had a career rating of about 69.

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